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  1. Fitzgerald played the year after I left in 02, but I got to meet him my senior year when he was a senior at Valley Forge, he made multiple visits to Pitt. Good kid, humble, down-to-earth, and even though he struggled academically, he was a good student of the game... If Lawrence transferred to Pitt I would spontaneously combust like that Asian karate master in Big Trouble in Little China. 😄
  2. Well said. I think alot of my thought process was focused so much on "tradition", and leaving things as they are seeing as though I feel like if it ain't broke don't fix it. But I'll be dammed, if I stop and put myself in these kids shoes, I would want a say in where I went too. Excellent freaking post, wow. Breaking down how Archie went through a season leading the conference in attempts, completions AND yards and only finishing with TWO WINS?? Dammit if I wouldn't want to be on that team OR go to a team like that out of school. Very, very good points man...
  3. My senior year at Pitt in 2001, when I was about to graduate, I had narrowed my job choice to two options, Hewlett-Packard in Atlanta, or IBM in Charlotte. Literally ALL of my buddies chose to go to HP in ATL. Being from Northern VA, I chose the option closer to home, and went with IBM in Charlotte(for less money I might add). While multiple factors weighed in on my decision, I made an emotional choice rather than a logical one, and one that if I had to do over, I most certainly would've chosen differently. I have to admit you, amongst several others in this post, have made a valid point about making the best decision to secure a better/more stable for one's future. I can't blame them for wanting to do that, and I appreciate all of your perspectives. The only thing I hold onto is, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but I feel like the draft is a tradition that is as much a part of the league as, well, anything. It was created to promote competitiveness amongst the teams, to prevent the best teams from basically snagging all the talent away from everyone else, and by gosh I think it's working just fine. Seriously though, if we change things to allow college athletes to go wherever they want when they come out, where does that leave the bottom feeders year after year? Free agency is great, but by itself I do not think it's enough to balance the scales.
  4. I remember hearing something about that several years back but never dug it up and read any more about it. And i had NO idea whatsoever that Kelly did something like that, wow.....I mean he is my favorite player of all time. It's not the most shocking thing I've ever heard, but still definitely a surprise... But I still don't agree with it. For arguments sake, those of you who think that college players SHOULD be able to dictate where they go or don't go, what do you think should happen to/with the draft? How do teams remain competitive, especially in relation to superstars coming out of college?
  5. Again, count me in the minority, but that's just how I feel regarding the topic. Sure, when I graduated I did have a say in where I went, but it certainly wasn't the National Football League. And had it been, I would've been happy getting drafted by whatever team selected me. Like I said, I think I'm more of an old-fashioned spirit in the sense that I respect tradition. I get what you're saying. These kids are thinking about their future, and in the Not For Long league a single decision can be the difference between a 5 million dollar contract and a 500 million dollar one, a long, wonderful 15 year career or a 1 and done. I get that. All I'm saying is personally, I don't like the idea of turning the draft into an afterthought. If we start letting these college kids dictate where they end up going, how will teams remain competitive outside of free agency? I envision days of the only teams to have the big name stars being the Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, etc...kinda like the Yankees in MLB. Like I said, that's just my two cents... I totally understand that part of it. These kids are wise to seriously consider coming out early with respect to risking a career ending injury. If I was back in school and a junior and someone told me I was a guaranteed 1st rounder if I came out early, it would definitely be something I'd have to think about...
  6. Count me in the minority here, but I have a problem with these kids coming out of college and dictating where they will or won't go. It really rubs me the wrong way. I remember when Eli came out, and basically said he refused to go to the Chargers. They ended up swinging a trade with the Giants and got an extra 1st rounder, or two? I can't remember. But even back then, I thought to myself, "what a primadonna". And I don't have anything against Eli, but I'm old school. I'm of the belief that playing in the National Football League is a privilege that less than 1% of the population ever gets bestowed upon them, and to be selected in the NFL draft is an honor of the highest level. The NFL draft is a tradition that has gone on for as long as it has without a hitch, and was designed to promote competitiveness amongst teams. Now you got these kids coming out of college, with everyone in their ear, telling them how great they are, how their crap doesn't stink, and they can tell the NFL where THEY want to go....really? I'm sorry, I just don't think it should be that way. IMO, you go where you're drafted. If you have a problem with that, there's always the CFL, Arena football, the XFL, whatever. But no NFL for you. You had the chance, and you chose to make a statement "I'm bigger than the NFL." So godspeed young man. I know I may be alone in my thinking, but I feel like if we start (or continue) letting these kids dictate where they go when they're drafted, or say where they won't go, we're setting ourselves up for further chaos and audacious actions down the road. Furthermore, we're jeopardizing a tradition that has been a part of the league for damn near ever, and messing with the competitive spirit the game revolves around. Just my two cents..
  7. Am I the only one who has a problem with this statement from Frazier?? I get it, Edmunds is playing hurt. But this isn't the first time that Frazier has said that this year, and now it's starting to not only get redundant, but it just comes off like he's making excuses for him. And he's "not overly concerned?? REALLY?? If the shoulder injury is causing his play to be so sub-par, why is he still out there?? Is a 50% Edmunds SOO much better than the next option? And while I definitely acknowledge that our depth at LB is non-existent right now, putting an injured Edmunds out there is way more of a liability than an asset for us. Look at how he's playing...he looks LOST. I have no doubt that that shoulder is causing hesitation and even a lack of confidence, but right now he's hurting us out there a whole heckuva lot more than helping us. I pray Beane is doing his due diligence and desperately seeking a LB (or three) to bring in, because Edmunds is hurting us right now. If it's that bad Frazier then please sit him and find us a stopgap until he's back to 100%(or close to it).
  8. God I miss Rusty Jones.... Naw but seriously though, I don't know if it's due to the Covid induced weird unpredictable season, or something else, but for the life of me I cannot remember a year when we had this many injuries...EVER. Between players who are actually injured and those out there still playing at less than 100%, we are LETHALLY thin, and I don't know if it's a good thing (it's still early, we still have our bye coming up, and a chance for our players to get healthy), or a bad thing (our schedule only gets tougher from here on out). All I know is I am scared to death. Every play I watch I hold my breath, because think about the KEY players out there playing with an injury: Allen, Brown, Edmunds, White, Johnson, Moss, Oliver, Dodson, Phillips, and more I'm sure I've missed.. Something has gotta give.
  9. I would say ask me this question after the season is over. Right now, obviously no way. I think Beane has done some really good things for us, made some shrewd moves, and overall done a good job as GM.... HOWEVER, I 100% agree with GunnerBill in that I think alot of us, me included at times, have tended to overrate him and some of his moves as a GM, if anything because of what we had prior to his arrival... If come the end of this season, we finish anything below 10-6, or miss the playoffs altogether, then your question becomes much more valid. But right now, IMO, it comes off more as a knee jerk reaction. We lost two games, to the Super Bowl champions and the AFC championship game runner up, whose combined record this year is 10-1. Beane is wayy down the totem pole on the blame list at this point.
  10. I don't think I would go as far as to say that the coaching staff has no idea what they're doing, however, I agree with your statement that when it comes to big games, they seem to repeatedly end up looking outmatched. Thoroughly. Aside from last year's win over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, I'm struggling to find a "big game", or "meaningful" one where McDermott bested his rival. I'm not a statistics guy, but for the life of me I'm having a hard time pulling one up. I'm still smarting from last night's poop-fest, so I can admit I'm still a bit more emotional than I am logical, but I feel comfortable saying that these past two losses are just as much on McDermott as they are on the players, if not more so. He did not have our boys ready to play last night.
  11. Holy crap, excellent, excellent post. I was particularly bothered by the fact that we let a rookie RB playing behind an offensive line minus TWO starters, to run absolutely roughshod on us. They made Edwards-Helaire look like the love child of Jim Brown and Barry Sanders. At one point the announcers stated that the rookie was averaging 8 YPC. That's not just unacceptable, that's unforgivable. To me. I still believe Singletary is a solid back, and capable of being the guy. The one good thing to come out of Knox's injury is that Kroft has started to step up and be a more reliable target for Allen. If Knox can get back healthy, he and Kroft will make a nice 1-2 punch at TE. Maybe then we can execute the way the Chiefs did last night...great post again.
  12. I have to say i agree with several of your points, but I highlighted the ones that stood out to me, and especially because you backed them up with facts. I didn't realize McDermott doesn't really many signature wins, but you gotta count last year's Thanksgiving ass-kicking we gave the Cowboys. But you bring up a great point about the fake snap count. In watching the last three games, I noticed Allen's hard count ALMOST drawing a few defensive players Offside, but never all the way. Peyton Manning's film session about Allen, one of the things he mentioned was the position of Josh's hands when he was actually snapping the ball was completely different from when he was trying to draw the defense Offside, and Allen even mentioned that himself. In my opinion, Manning is the greatest QB at drawing defenses Offside with his hard count. Josh has a great cadence, and a loud, hard enough voice that if he can consistently learn to keep his hands in the same position whether he's fake snapping or not, I believe he can be one of the greats at drawing defenses Offside too. That was a great point you brought up...
  13. This 100%. I wouldn't at all be shocked to find out McDermott sat a few players that probably could've well played vs Tennessee but he, along with 97% of the population thought we would cruise past Tennessee with an easy W....Let me say I have no clue as to the extent of any of our players injuries, I was simply speculating. If they're healthy enough to go suit up. We need all hands on deck. I do think we'll win this, but no sense at all in sitting someone because its a game we THINK should be a W. "It's hard to win in the NFL."
  14. Gotta say I agree with you in that the Bills have at times played down to the level of their competition. Under McDermott I would say not so much, but yesterday's loss has stolen quite a bit of my confidence in this team away. I am and have always been a glass half-full guy, and I was one who predicted the Bills would smoke the Titans, and then comfortably beat the Chiefs. This crow doesn't taste good at all, mainly because of how we were beaten. Hardly anyone thought we would lose to the Titans, yet they not only beat us, they destroyed us. And then yesterday, a day that I thought the D would be angry, have some pride and come out fired up, they let a rookie RB, playing without TWO STARTERS on the offensive line, rush for 671 yards. And while you could make the argument that the D held Mahomes (relatively) in check, he didn’t need to sling it when they were at one point in the night averaging 8 YPC...8 YARDS PER CARRY?? ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME?? Please forgive the yelling and cursing.. We don't remotely deserve to be 12.5 point favorites. As bad as the Jets have been, this game by no means feels to me like a money-in-the-bank type W. And to be honest, I don't like the fact we might be facing Flacco. We've been famous in the past for making players who were way past their prime suddenly look like new, refreshed players. I'm praying that I'm wrong on all counts. I do expect us to win this game. But I don't know which team is going to show up.
  15. Gotta think at some point in the (very) near future McDermott takes control of the defensive play calling from Frazier...
  16. Yeah this is the most competitive AFC I've seen in a long while....I was just looking at the standings. This is one interesting year to say the least. Damn it feels good to have a 2 game lead in the DIVISION...
  17. I don't think so my friend. Aside from Tuesday's stinker, the Bills usually show up for prime time games, especially under McDermott, and ESPECIALLY Josh Allen. He lives for these games and he thrives in the spotlight. There may not be a crowd, but this is STILL a Monday night HOME game. Not only that, Buffalo will still have the nasty taste in their mouth from Tennessee. The D has been getting shredded in the press, and I bet a fire has been lit under their a$$es. How can it not?? They WILL show up. KC has one helluva offense, no denying that, but they're not unstoppable. And no way Allen comes out and plays like he did Tuesday. He'll be ready. Have faith my friend. You're gonna see a completely different team than the one you did Tuesday night. I have the Bills winning this one.
  18. I just threw up in my mouth reading that... Dear God I do not want to see him in any more super bowls. He had his fun. I just want him to ride off into the sunset and go away.
  19. Gotta go with this. Hoping we don't need any tiebreakers come the end of the regular season, but isn't one of them strength of common opponents?
  20. Agree 100%. I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I was pretty happy about the Klein signing...I really thought he would come in and contribute right away, like at least a 2 down linebacker, but he has been pretty terrible, to put it nicely. One of the (very)few swing and misses by Beane. Here's to hoping Beane wheels and deals and brings in a LB before the trade deadline, or FA next year, AND Edmunds and Milano heal up and get back to their old ways....
  21. Feels mighty good my friend, mighty good. I honestly don't know exactly HOW I feel, this is such new emotional territory for me. I just know it feels good 😊
  22. Normally, I'd say don't count your chickens before they hatch, never underestimate a team, division games are always tough no matter what the records are, but.... These aren't our father's Bills, and these Jets are just plain dookie. I wouldn't be surprised if Josh drops a 50 burger on em...
  23. You make a good point. Amidst my anger and frustration, I didn't even think about how Tennessee played. They played a solid game, Tannehill played smart, mostly error-free football. Plain and simple, they beat our ass. I do think however, you take away Allen's first int AND the majority of the stupid, stupid, stupid penalties we incurred and we're looking at a completely different ballgame and (maybe) outcome. I don't want to be cliche and say, "they didn't beat us, we beat ourselves", but...
  24. The SB loss to the Giants by far hurts the worst, but for me, the 2nd worse is the 89 playoff loss to the Browns, where Ronnie Harmon dropped the sure TD in the EZ, then a play or two later, Kelly throws the pick to Matthews....that sh*t still bothers me to this day.
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