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  1. I'm not necessarily against getting rid of the preseason, but doesn't this actually make the opposite point? Teller was so good in preseason that the Browns were willing to trade 2 picks for him and give him a shot at a starting job in Cleveland. The Browns might not have been willing to do that if he hadn't shown so well in preseason.
  2. I'd say it's worth about 1/16th of the whole season.
  3. Not an expert, but I actually think teams wouldn't really want that. Two reasons: 1.) Starting C is a high injury risk, so you have to pay serious attention to your backups. Starting LS is not, and most teams don't have much in the way of a backup LS. Having one guy fill both roles means that you now need a decent backup LS, which kind of defeats the purpose of combining the roles. 2.) Punters are always FG holders now because it lets the FG battery of LS/K/holder practice on their own, and none of those 3 are needed for most regular drills/practices. So if you make the LS and C the same guy, he has to split his time between practicing with the offense and with the kicker/punter. And you'll probably still need to practice kicks & punts while the offense is practicing, so you need your backup LS to fill in there. And again, if the backup is spending all the practice time with the K, why bother swapping in your starting C during the games? Seems counterproductive.
  4. Like I said in the Teller thread, it's very encouraging that we have players who aren't good enough to make the 53-man roster, but are good enough to have trade value.
  5. He looks like Keith Hernandez! And to be honest, I think he’s pulling the look off pretty well!
  6. Wade playing extensively would be the only thing worth watching tonight. 😀
  7. Nice! Best wishes to Teller, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't making the team anyway, and it's not a bad return for an unproven player. A 5th and a 6th next year for Teller and a 2021 7th. It's also very encouraging from a team talent standpoint that we actually have guys with trade value who aren't good enough to make the team. EDIT: Teams usually keep 8 or 9 O-linemen. These are locks: Dawkins Spain Morse Ford Nsekhe Feliciano Long That leaves 1 or 2 spots, and one of those pretty much has to be a guy who can play OT, which Teller doesn't. So I'd have been surprised but not shocked if he made the final cut.
  8. Cash

    CBS week 1

    My guess would be Eyein' Eagle and Dan Fouts. Also, I'm in on Beth Mowins - I think she's pretty good - and way in on Kevin Harlan. Best play-by-play for a while now in both football and basketball. Unlike Gus Johnson, he's never turned into self-parody IMO.
  9. You mean if the coverage wasn’t blown, then it would’ve been a good throw? Yeah, I think that’s probably right. But the coverage was blown, and thus it was a bad pass. Allen had a few of those types of plays last year as well, where it seemed like maybe he threw the route as drawn up, whereas the WR went where the defense wasn’t. In terms of this play tonight, he either missed the throw physically, but kept it catchable, or didn’t react in time to the defense. Looking at the replay, he held the ball about half a beat longer than he ideally should have, so it’s disappointing that that didn’t result in a better throw. Still, not a bad drive all in all. If this is as good as Allen gets, we’re screwed, but I don’t think anyone thinks he’s a finished product right now.
  10. I didn’t see either team’s first drive, but here’s my partial review of the 1st half: -Defense looks great! -Mixed bag from Allen. 23yd completion to Zay was a bad throw - led him so far wide that Zay barely got his feet in bounds. A good throw would’ve gotten at least 5-10 more yards, maybe way more if Zay makes a guy miss. -On the other hand, his bullet to Zay that got Zay knocked out was a really good throw. I don’t fault him for leading Zay into the safety - there are no 100% safe plays in football. -Also some nice short throws to stationary targets, taking what the defense gave him. -Still feel alright about Barkley as our backup. Started with a beautiful slant to Foster, then a bunch of meh, then some nice checkdowns leading to a pretty TD throw. I think we’ve done a lot worse at backup QB in recent years. -You can definitely see the potential in Singletary. He has that ability to make guys miss. Just need to see it against real NFL players in addition to these scrubs. Only negative was that run where EJ Speed caught him. Singletary made a great cut to give himself tons of daylight, but wasn’t fast enough to turn the corner. Definitely a player to keep watching this preseason. -I think I’m in love with Daryl Johnson. Every year I have an irrational football crush on some late or undrafted prospect, and I think he’s the one this year. Sometimes I’m right (Darick Holmes and Jay Riemersma come to mind - I’m getting old), sometimes I’m way off. (Big Mike Jasper!) -Was that Bodine on the jailbreak snap? I would be surprised if Bodine makes the team at this point. -As for olinemen who are likely to make the team, I didn’t really notice them, which is a great sign. -Not a fan of the Yeldon signing when it happened. My mind isn’t changed yet.
  11. But isn't that just basically the nickel D we ran in passing situations alot last year? Edmunds and Milano as LBs, Hughes and Murphy as DEs, and Oliver and Alexander as DTs? I know we played Alexander at DT in pass rush situations a lot last year. Not sure why Sal C was so blown away to see it again.
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