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  1. Okay I pretty much forgot about Dawkins, haha. Add him to the list. But I stand by my overall point. Most guys peak in their mid/late 20s. I don’t expect Spain, Morse, Feliciano, or Spencer Long to get significantly better at this point of their careers. Nsekhe can reasonably be expected to be getting worse. Williams is a bit of a special case because of injury & position, but even still it would be a big surprise if he ever has a better year than 2017. Ford, Bates, and maybe Dawkins are the only 3 that probably have their best football ahead of them. Not everyone automatically gets better every year, so it’s certainly possible Bates gets cut. But I think he’ll make the team unless a younger player beats him out.
  2. Great post. Only thing I disagree with is TE being a draft need. We already have 2 (IMO) promising young TEs on the roster. McD has been very open about his belief of having veterans at every position. Never say never, but I’d be really surprised if Lee Smith got cut for a rookie, and now that Kroft took a pay cut, I don’t expect him to go anywhere either. So that basically means a rookie would need to beat out Sweeney. Certainly not impossible but not to the point that I’d call TE a need in the draft. I think gains at TE need to come from Knox and/or Sweeney getting better. Agreed. Also, Bates and Ford are the only two young OL on the roster (I don’t count Boettger). Both of them should be getting better with age right now, whereas most of our other OL are getting worse or at best staying flat. I think Bates likely stays unless a rookie beats him out. Lastly, I love this signing! Give me a WR in round 2 or 3, a RB in round 4 or 5, and this will be a tremendous offseason.
  3. On the other hand, some teams (notably Jets, Vikings, and Eagles) signed basically no one despite having needs at WR. That could signal that they plan to draft 2 WRs in the first 3 rounds.
  4. I’m very high on Alton Robinson after his combine performance.
  5. I think it’s unlikely he’s cut unless they sign another vet or Daryl Johnston takes a big step and needs PT. You want 4 edge rushers to rotate on pass downs. I think Jefferson will be rushing from the interior in those formations, so if I’m right that leaves Hughes, Addison, Murphy, and Johnston. Johnston was getting exploited so badly at DE that he was benched after a couple games last year. If he doesn’t take a huge leap, you’re still 1 guy short. Im assuming they’ll draft a DE high, but even that only gets you to 4 DEs for passing downs not counting Johnston.
  6. From what I’ve read, Jefferson will mostly be a 3-tech DT for us, at least on passing downs (which is most downs). We only have 3 DEs in pass sets I think - Hughes, Murphy, and Addison - and none of them are young. If we don’t sign another true DE, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one picked at #54.
  7. Roughnecks isn’t bad. The rest are incredibly generic. Like, unlicensed 1987 video game generic.
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