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  1. Don’t like the idea of taking Green. A little too late in his career and far too often injured. This is the draft to get multiple WR’s if there ever was one.
  2. No way we go backwards like the Bears did. Josh is already better than Tribusky and will only get better with his work ethic. We’ve already seen the best of MT and he has nowhere To go, but down.
  3. Also the Browns game. Chubb was fumbling all over the place in the early part of that game! Killed any chances for the Brownies and the Pats capitalized.
  4. Gotta love that letter! Always liked Dion. Really happy the way he bounced back this year after a less than stellar 2018 season. He acknowledged his failures and vowed to be a different player this year and accomplished that. Bills need to keep him in the fold for sure. Really loved his comments about Josh. Hearing more and more similar thoughts from a number of players, both young and old. Boy if that isn’t a positive sign for the future I don’t know what is. I’ve been a Bills fan for over 57 years now so my seat on the bandwagon is quite worn and comfortable now and I really don’t care how many more jump on, but if you are going to jump it has to be real!
  5. Personally I have no idea in what direction they will go in Round 1. So tough to say with confidence at any point really, but prior to FA it is really a crapshoot. I like the idea of a quality WR and Higgins or Jefferson would be awesome IMO, but not really sure McBean would go WR at 22. Gonna be a fun time leading up to the draft for sure though.
  6. Agree that Hopkins got the better of Tre in the second half, but still not a ton of yards and no TD’s in nearly three quarters of play after halftime. Hopkins is one of the top two or three WR’s in the league without question so no real shame there IMO. At least Tre didn’t get twisted around and smoked for a long TD like Brown did to that supposed best CB in the league in NE a couple weeks ago!😂
  7. Whole heartedly agree with all your points. Excellent end of season summary.
  8. Just imagine what it could have been with real announcers for the game instead of that abc/ESPN crew. Booger McFarland is the worst and he just never shuts up!
  9. Excellent overview Shaw as usual. I couldn’t agree more, especially about the second half opening kickoff. That referee needed to stick to his guns and let his original call stand because it was the right call per the rules. The receiver never made any fair catch signal, nor did he take a knee which he should do if they ball does not go out of the end zone. I’m certain there have been more than one similar situations during the regular season where this action was ignored and treated like a touchback, but it’s not correct and this would have been the right place to set this act straight. With all the changes the League has made to pretty much take the kick return out of the game they need to enforce the proper procedures for the decision to not return the kick, period! The other point no one seems to be talking about was the Texans coach’s decision to not kick the field goal late in the fourth quarter which would have given them a six point lead and forced the Bills to score a touchdown to tie or win the game. This decision ultimately gave the Bills the chance to tie the game. I thought we were very fortunate there for that brain fart despite what that blabber mouth Booger said about being the correct decision to go for the first down.
  10. Yes, I loved that Edelman play as well. All I could think of when he was lying there on the ground was that seen from A Christmas Story where in that altercation in the alley the younger brother is just lying on the ground and they say “ he just laid there on the ground like a slug, it was his only defense”, LOL😂
  11. The defense lost this game, period. No way that Pat’s offense should put 24 points on the board, especially when the offense didn’t turn the ball over and give them any seriously short fields. Poor tackling was a big factor for sure. The defense has always told the offense get us 17points and we will do the rest. Well, not today. Still all in all a really good playoff type game. surely nothing to hang their heads about.
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