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  1. I’m old enough. Great song back in the day.
  2. That comparison definitely came to mind for me watching the game from an instant impact point of view. I was at the Bills - Broncos game for Bennett’s debut. He was in the Denver backfield all afternoon reading havoc just like Miller was Thursday night. Just hope that similarity continues.
  3. Bet those all black helmets and uniforms will be pretty hot to play in for those early season games in NC. Best saving them for late season.
  4. Hey, took some guts to come out and say what he said, putting a lot of the blame onto himself. Easily could have stayed more tight lipped about it like everyone else. He surely wasn't the best CB we ever had, but gave it his all and despite several tries nobody beat him out for the job in four seasons.
  5. Excellent summary. Thanks for taking the time to do it and share with the board. Totally agree with all of you points and opinions. Barring some serious injuries to key players this team is definitely SB bound!
  6. I can’t agree with you there. Bernard was a captain and big time team leader at Baylor. Not all these kids can be those type of individuals. I had no problem with Cook’s interviews save for the one draft night, which was understandable given the distractions later explained. He seems like a good young man who has his head screwed on straight. Love his desire to come in and help the team win it all and not afraid to say that. No red flags there IMO.
  7. That organization definitely needs some serious house cleaning.
  8. Definitely seems like a great young man and a good fit for the organization. Shouldn’t really expect anything less from the Bill’s FO.
  9. Still only one problem Spags. Josh Allen craps bigger than your QB!
  10. Yeah, we’ll see I guess pretty soon enough. Personally I’m not sure why so much appeal for this guy. It’s not like he went up against the stiffest of competition playing for Cincinnati. I’d say Elam faced better WR’s playing in the SEC.
  11. CB is clearly a high priority need IMO given the uncertainty to Tre’s situation early in the season, but doesn’t need to be filled at #25 unless a real stud falls that far. Personally I think the need for more speed at RB or WR trumps CB for that first pick. Speed is such a lethal weapon and you can’t teach it. Lord knows our recent losses to KC are more than adequate evidence for Beane or any other FO personnel. I hope they go in that direction in Round 1 and address the CB situation on day two.
  12. Just awesome. Love the Mando quote with Darth Vader music in the background!
  13. Numbers look good. Shouldn’t be too hard of a sell in the state budget. Figured the Pegula’s would have to go in for approximately $400M to get the deal done.
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