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  1. Thanks for another excellent post. I so enjoy reading your eloquent writing. You are the best! Hope we have a lot more good games and exciting times for you to continue to expound on. Thanks again.
  2. Gonna flip between Brown/Steelers and Ravens/49’ers at I, then Chargers/Broncos at 4 (fantasy league interest) and finally root for the Texans to vanquish the Patsies!
  3. 4-0 baby, no doubt about it! Just need a little help from Houston or KC and we win the division 😀. Either that or we are a 13-3 WC which would be a damn shame.
  4. Excellent post as usual Shaw. 10 days to prepare and get psyched for the Ravens coming to town 😀. If they all keep getting better every day/week as they preach they are going to be a very tough out the rest of the way. Go Bills!!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels to all those on the road this weekend! God Bless and Go Bills.
  6. Boy, I really hope not, but you are correct about one thing. It sure seems like every time the Patriots play a decent team in a pivotal game their opponent always seems to self destruct. They beat us on a blocked punt for a TD and yesterday against the Cowboys again they blocked a punt that led to their only scoring drive, a whole 12 yards worth which was the only TD by either team. They sure seem to have won a number of games this year by not really doing much themselves just sitting back and waiting for the other team to beat themselves.
  7. Truly excellent post. Nearly brought a tear to my eyes. We really do have a lot to be thankful for as citizens of this great country defended over the years and to date by so many brave and proud men and women. Truly blessed we are and now for the icing on the cake or pie we have a young up and coming football team that should give us all many good memories to talk about at the Holidays and other family gatherings for years to come. GO BILLS !
  8. One can only hope!😀 Sure would make 2020 pretty special.
  9. Sure would be great if this scenario would play out, but like the OP acknowledges highly unlikely. Everyone keeps commenting that the Browns game really hurt us and I can’t really disagree, but it could also have been a blessing in disguise. Following that dismal effort McD came out with the need to play “fearless” edict and the results last Sunday were very encouraging. I know everyone can say you need to consider the opponent, but the change in overall team intensity both on offense and defense (let’s forget about ST for now) was undeniable. Hopefully this can be carried forward from here and lead to some wins in games most have been considering sure losses for some time now. If we had eeked out a win over the Browns maybe this new philosophy would not have come to be and the team would have continued with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality”. This most likely would have led to the Bills losing more games than winning down the stretch. One can only hope anyways!
  10. Great points Shaw as usual. I could almost agree with your wife’s opinion noted in #7. Been to the Harp several times as my daughters live in the Boston area. Always had a great time there!
  11. I can’t read the full article w/o the BN subscription which I refuse to pay for. From the parts you provided it sounds like a decent description of some of the game action. As for the disappointed fans I am not sure there were the numbers they would like you to believe. This seems more of a national press opinion. To say a substantial number of the Bills Mafia are not pleased with the 6-2 record is a bit of a stretch IMO anyways. Basically sounds like more of the same that has been hashed and rehashed on this board adnausium.
  12. 9-7 , really? So you figure they only win 3 of their remaining 8? That’s pretty pessimistic. Seems like too much being made of the Bills not beating these losing record teams by enough points. Not being dominant enough. No win in the NFL is easy and can be taken for granted. The Bills have done what was needed to win six of eight games so far along with a near miss against the almighty Patriots. They should continue to slowly improve and hopefully will be playing their best ball in December. No way I see them getting less than ten wins and I believe 11-5 is very achievable.
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