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  1. Excellent read, thanks for sharing OP. Brings back a lot of childhood memories as a young fan back then. My Dad was a member of the Lancaster - Depew Quarterback Club back in the day. I often got to go with him to the weekly meetings during the season. There was always a Bills player there who would talk and then do autographs after the meeting. Have a lot of old 8x10 B&W glossies signed by many of the players from back then. Thanks for spurring some great memories.
  2. No, I would not be satisfied with 3-2. Not with this defense. Now I wouldn’t be throwing in the towel at 3-2 mind you, but 4-1 is where we should be at the bye and they damn well better get there with or without JA.😀 Go Bills!
  3. I believe we get 7 more wins to go 10-6 and get a WC berth. If we can somehow eek one out against NE then we go 11-5.
  4. Great read. Thanks. Just another example of how the arrow is pointing straight up for this organization. Just can’t help but believe with this kind of leadership and selflessness at the top the Bills will get it right this time and finally bring an NFL title to Buffalo. Go Bills!!
  5. I’m just hoping for a solid, sound football game by all three units. Few if any stupid penalties. Make the Jets beat us, don’t beat ourselves. If we can accomplish that I am confident we will be the better team and leave with a W. Now with that said a total butt whooping would really be nice and make the beers taste better! Go Bills!!!
  6. I agree. IMO Gore will be a better mentor for Devin than Shady. He is as consistent a competitor as you will find in the sport. Team guy all the way whereas Shady was a bit more concerned about individual stats.
  7. Great post as usual Shaw. Been waiting some time to hear from you again. Like many it’s been some time since I have been this excited about the start of the regular season. I agree we are still in the final stages of the “growth mode”, but with any kind of luck this season could be special before we should be a consistent contender starting in 2020. Here’s to a special season this year! Go Bills!!!
  8. That’s your opinion and you you are certainly entitled to it. I would like to point out though that the ‘64 and ‘65 defenses shut down the powerful SD offense that was at that time somewhat comparable to the Bills’ K-Gun offense of the early 1990’s. Like I said previously it is difficult to compare teams from completely different eras and no one can really know how a matchup like that would turn out. Just fun to give your thoughts and opinions.
  9. I was. In fact I was at the Championship game when we beat SD. Then in ‘65 we beat SD out there. In ‘66 I was at the Bills’ third AFL Championship game in row when they lost to KC and a chance to go to SB I. I truly believe the ‘64 Bills team and maybe even the ‘65 club would have given GB a run for their money and definitely would have better represented the AFL than how KC did had they started the Super Bowls a year or two earlier. Now it’s really tough to compare the ‘64 team with the 1990 club given how different the game was played during those two time periods, but I will bet the defenses the ‘64 team and even more so the ‘65 team had would have made those games interesting. I doubt they would have been “hammered”. Just my opinion though for what it is worth.
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