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  1. That’s your opinion and you you are certainly entitled to it. I would like to point out though that the ‘64 and ‘65 defenses shut down the powerful SD offense that was at that time somewhat comparable to the Bills’ K-Gun offense of the early 1990’s. Like I said previously it is difficult to compare teams from completely different eras and no one can really know how a matchup like that would turn out. Just fun to give your thoughts and opinions.
  2. I was. In fact I was at the Championship game when we beat SD. Then in ‘65 we beat SD out there. In ‘66 I was at the Bills’ third AFL Championship game in row when they lost to KC and a chance to go to SB I. I truly believe the ‘64 Bills team and maybe even the ‘65 club would have given GB a run for their money and definitely would have better represented the AFL than how KC did had they started the Super Bowls a year or two earlier. Now it’s really tough to compare the ‘64 team with the 1990 club given how different the game was played during those two time periods, but I will bet the defenses the ‘64 team and even more so the ‘65 team had would have made those games interesting. I doubt they would have been “hammered”. Just my opinion though for what it is worth.
  3. Awesome Shaw! Totally agree. I too am old enough to have witnessed all the good times and bad going all the way back to the early 1960’s and dearly want to see us win the big one while I am still on the planet. Count me in the cult as well.
  4. Totally agree with this. Way too high a cost IMO. If we were to throw in a player like Shaq who was a first rounder regardless of his production to date then the accompanying draft pick should be a third or fourth for a player with Clowney’s production to date or lack there of along with his injury history. Get him on a good deal for us or walk away. We aren’t desperate.
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