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  1. 41-31 Bills! They are getting healthy and ready to make a statement. No way they want to go into their bye week off a loss. They know full well what that feels like.
  2. Gotta love it! Definitely agree, look out the Bills are coming!
  3. A lot of great memories there for me also. Thanks for posting. My Dad and I attended many, many games at the old Rockpile including the two AFL Championship games. We finally had season tickets for the last few years at the old stadium, but then my Dad got transferred to Rochester. A couple years after that I graduated from HS and was off to college. We’d make it to occasional games at Rich stadium, but to me there was nothing like those games in the 60’s! Every time I watch the movie “The Natural” and see the people walking up and down those ramps at the old War Memorial stadium it always stirs up the memories. I think I see another Championship Game coming soon. Go Bills!
  4. Just awesome! Definitely a tight knit group that truly love each other. All part of the process!
  5. Definitely loved seeing Cam sitting there crying after the fumble. During that last carry he was probably too concerned about what stupid TD celebration he was going to perform instead of making sure he was carrying the ball in the correct hand and securing the ball. Could also have been that imaginary hand sanitizer he was using after his first TD made his hands too slippery to hang onto the ball, lol!
  6. Completely agree with your assessment Shaw. Hopefully improvements will continue to be seen as more players get healthy and adjustments are made.
  7. Totally agree. Too many people on this board are just never satisfied. If we won the SB and played an ugly game doing it they wouldn’t be satisfied.
  8. Yeah, never count the Pats or BellyBoy out, but right now they look like only a shell of their former self. The defense starting the season shorthand’s did and Brady not there are key factors, but they still have BB. I’m sure he will bring a game plan to try to keep this game close. We need to counter that. Running the ball and stopping the run will be the keys to this game. No doubt they will try to control the ball with the run and keep Cam’s pass attempts to a minimum. The Bills need to defense the run like they did early in the season. On offense the bills need to pound the rock themselves. This Pats team can be run on. Start early and don’t let up. Then the play action pass game can take over. Go Bills!
  9. Excellent write-up as usual. Couldn’t agree more with most of your points. On offense the passing game is doing fine and can be left alone for the most part except for game by game planning due to defensive tendencies of the opponent. The running game is where they need to evolve more like you said. A lot more tinkering can made here and for gosh sakes they need to stop abandoning the run so frequently. The line play is improving ever so gradually and hopefully adding Feleciano soon should be a big boost. From what I saw yesterday in that late game the Bills should be able to run the ball rather successfully against the Pats especially to the outside. Defensively there were signs yesterday to have hope things are pointing up especially in the second half. They definitely need to bring extra pressure and blitz more. This should be effective against the Pats now that Brady isn’t back there to pick the secondary and linebackers apart when they do. Just can’t let Newton go running the ball too much. That rookie Dane Jackson seemed to show a lot of promise yesterday. He could be a diamond in the rough and hopefully a great find for a 7th rounder. Like you said beat the Pats next week, hopefully decisively and go 6-2 in total control of the division, then go from there. Go Bills!
  10. Big deal. These numbers don’t mean much. Every year and every team is different. Next week we beat NE and the division is all but ours! Last time I checked division winners make the playoffs every time.
  11. Definitely need to run the ball with conviction next week. Especially to the outside as the Pats look really bad at setting the edge. Go Bills!
  12. What a joke! This will surely show the rest of the league they better tighten up their COVID procedures, lol.
  13. 1962, I was ten years old. Born and raised in Buffalo. My Dad was a big fan and loved taking me to the Rock Pile where he worked as a young man.
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