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  1. i hate the man, but if he brings a championship to buffalo with JA17, then so be it. i think JA17 would love to play for Bill bc of how much he loves brady. on second though, id probably feel nauseous and vomiting everywhere like this if we hired him
  2. Chicago would have to offer their first rounds picks for the next millennium and I still wouldn’t do it. i love the guy too much
  3. they are both crummy old pos. they should just get married already and adopt ball deflator.
  4. Aaron Rodgers is the football version of Kanye, and for some reason, I respect the madness haha
  5. It has a classic Easter egg in it: ‘if you hear this you’re dying’ from Linda McCartney
  6. he doesnt leave any stone unturned and takes calculated shots/gambles. hes the best GM in bills history and i hope we never lose him. he has what it takes. hes one of the few surgeons of a GM in the league.
  7. Honestly, the bills would have kept diggs if they got to or won a Super Bowl. They got him out with the rest of the old guard mainly bc they lost 3x to the chiefs in the playoffs. Couldn’t get it done. An opportunity presented itself and beane made the most of it given what has happened as a team and organization the past couple of years. I think the drama is a little bit over blown, but it was just enough to be like ***** it, let’s rip this thing down to the studs (aka JA17). I think folks are taking the wrong angle on this.
  8. C. I will miss him, and he did disappear in the second half and playoffs. I think maybe he could have gotten something better, but the old guard wasn’t getting it done and I’m ok with the roster purge.
  9. I’d trade this years first and second, as well as next years to get him. But I also don’t know anything
  10. Is tee Higgins at all possible to get
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