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  1. I think Zay has been less than mediocre. Duke is able to jump up and get the ball has the body type to block. Duke is the perfect complement to John Brown. We need McKenzie for gadget plays.
  2. my 6 wideouts that make the team.. Brown, Beasley, McKenzie, Roberts, Duke, and Foster. I like Zay's moon walk get up thing, but he doesnt have big play ability which is what allen needs
  3. duke comes up with the pass over the middle last week that zay got injured on too
  4. i want duke and mckenzie to make the squad.
  5. the bills zone coverage is awesome to watch from the birds eye POV.
  6. wrolstads crew is the worst. how is that not a td
  7. roberts was a jet right? why didnt they resign him lmao
  8. gannon always sounds depressed during the boradcast. maybe its just bills games
  9. if we are talking pure singing; Barry gibb
  10. James. Not alotta people can hold it down on rhythm like he does.
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