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  1. i was about to peace out like drogon and say the hell with this ***** im outta here.. but i decided to stay and become more disappointed instead. jon made a MISTAKE killing khaleesi.
  2. da *****? im alex jones pissed now after reading that bs
  3. Its like they are trolling the fans just because they can. They are asshats
  4. RIP Pancho. Loved and admired your spirit brother
  5. The bills lose whenever Steve tasker does their games on CBS. Plus, he tries too hard to NOT be a homer on the CBS broadcasts. That’s what grinds my gears
  6. agreed. she sacrificed her armies and dragons for snow and really, all of man kind. and then all of the sudden, people start trying to dethrone her, when she isnt even queen yet? i dont blame her either. i wouldnt even mind if she went to torch sansas ass. no one gave her a chance, but she has given out plenty. like samuel jackson said: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"
  7. Khaleesi could have charged Kings landing with just three dragons and taken the city. drogon wrecked the whole entire place himself.
  8. Can’t hate on Khaleesi. She almost lost her entire army and dragons to the night king. She sacrificed a helluva lot. She deserves the throne at this juncture imo. She saved all off Westeros (granted Arya, who I absolutely love, killed the night king, but Khaleesi bought them so much time to get to that point. It’s like she did all the heavy lifting and Arya was the field goal kicker who kicked the GW FG.)
  9. What is the size of Khaleesi’s army now? It seems so small. I don’t know how they stand a chance against Cersei. Obviously, the characters fates are determined by the writers, but boy did Khaleesi make a mistake. She should have taken her army straight to kings landing before helping the north.
  10. that was fun to watch! beane is an awesome GM and joe schoen gives the loudest high fives I’ve ever heard.
  11. those cfl highlights are sweet. he's amazing at locating and fighting for the ball.
  12. TJ would have caught that TD in the final seconds against Miami. Plz draft him.
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