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  1. arent you guys happy we have diggs on the bills? it makes me very happy.
  2. Tbh this is the calmest I’ve seen this place after a loss. Stupid thread title
  3. Who would we rather have rn: daboll or Roman?
  4. We beat ourselves but the refs made sure of it. the Steelers didn’t do much of anything asides from the blocked punt and be the beneficiaries of reffing
  5. Bucs lost week one last year. But the refs made terrible calls against the Bills. the holding penalty against Morse early in the game, tre whites PI, and Wallace’s PI.
  6. He didn’t call the RZ pass to singletary or the 4&1 Breida pass
  7. Coaches let us down today guys! Hopefully this is a wake up call. Pick your chins up
  8. Patriots lost week one with Brady multiple times. It didn’t stop them
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