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  1. I hope these two don’t get a single prime time game next year, but the Steelers will probably get atleast 3
  2. I’m happy the ravens lost but how was that Marvin jones td catch considered legitimate?
  3. Idk if I should buy Gillette now or not since they also sponsor the stadium of the cheats
  4. tough to say. swelling should be gone after 3 or 4 days and at some point he will need surgery like a partial meniscectomy since hes a relatively young and a athlete. if he gets surgery now and starts rehab next week, then we should have him back by the playoffs. but i just learned about this ***** so it really goes on a case-by-case basis and the reality of the fact is we dont know his full health history or the extent of the damage in his knee. if its just the menisci like is being reported, then we are really lucky and there is a really good chance he should be back by the playoffs
  5. the bills beat themselves those three losses. they have been the best team on the field every week, they just keep making stupid mistakes that are costly.
  6. I love the post game locker room speeches.
  7. Why can’t the bills run running plays from under center. Everything is shotgun and drop back n throw. ***** terrible
  8. We won’t have a definitive dx till the MRI gets read. They can do some tests to test for knee stability, but I’ll have to look at the play again, and I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like an MCL injury.
  9. What in the ***** defense was that? Taron just letting a guy get wide open?
  10. Finished first part of echo 3. Can’t wait for part two
  11. im happy he was pissed off. someone has to be with the ***** that has been happening
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