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  1. Interesting how she makes that claim a year after penn institutes a policy where degrees will be revoked if they were earned under false pretenses 🤔
  2. I always put my cart back. Well, I forcefully push it back from a distance. Kinda like I’m trying to score a goal, but with less care.
  3. Lol half a billion? Come on man! That’s almost half the worth of any franchise!
  4. no it isn’t. No nfl player has ever had a contract that’s a 3rd of a billion.
  5. The polls are wrong... Think about it, everyone on the left is hopeful that trump loses now, and they will be let down big time when he wins. The greater the disappointment, the greater the madness (Riots) that ensues
  6. Does every race in America have a national anthem? I’m curious b/c this is the first time I’ve heard of a black one.
  7. Dam that chick has lost her mind. She deserves a ‘would you?’ thread on off the wall. I wonder what the responses would be haha
  8. i wouldnt, but if i had to, i would. i would highly recommend against it though.
  9. hopefully cam takes them out of the QB sweepstakes in the upcoming draft
  10. That and I think McD knows how to defend cam after all those years in Carolina
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