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  1. dude cmon give him credit. he played well out there. props to him. hope to see more of it
  2. lets be real. who else can convert that two point conversion against the chiefs? JA17 to SD14. How many times have they disappointed? Ill tell you how many times. 0.
  3. If I was a defender, the QB I would look forward playing the most would be Tua. He is so terrible haha
  4. forgive me if this starts a tremaine tangent, but has tremaine ever scored a TD? Bernard just did in his first preseason game.
  5. Foles career path is one of the most interesting in football
  6. He’s not a good wide out. He dropped an easy in the ez in NE
  7. all our starters better sit these games.
  8. Obj is a playmaker and shines on the biggest stages. Davis has proven he’s capable of it too (and diggs too ofc). It only helps to have more high-end talent. Hell yea I’d want him for a Super Bowl run.
  9. macorkle jones sucks. their receivers suck. that one rb isnt bad and they overpaid on overrated tight ends. tbh, i rather have a thad lewis w/ marrone than whatever crap they have over there.
  10. private torment is a nice way of saying cocaine
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