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  1. The Fish make a splish-splash and get an early lead............... but the Bills end up blowing em out of the water............................., 169-5 BILLS
  2. I think Jordan Phillips will be even more pissed than usual and get another 3 with a fumble.
  3. Lorax is the spirit of the Bills D. He also gives one of the better player interviews. Goes 110% in everything. Inspiring really.
  4. might be better than beating whatever dumb nfc team in the superbowl tbh
  5. This team was built to last through winter. I think it’s certainly possible.
  6. Wide outs are a bit more difficult to get accilimated to an offense, especially in the middle of the season with a developing QB. Id like to have AJ Green as much as the next person, but I do not think its really worth it, unless you absolutely know he's 1. A good lockerroom dude. 2. Wants and will resign.
  7. hes a ***** goon dude. ***** that guy
  8. Whoever does it may not be in the NFL HOF... but they would definitely be in the Public HOF.
  9. The Redskins are also ran by complete imbeciles. Worst managed franchise in all of sports probably
  10. the shanahans know how to coordinate a run game better than anyone else.
  11. in my redstripe jamaican voice.. HURRAY BEANE
  12. This is the best defense the bills have EVER had.
  13. Duke plays tough. Hes like a bigger Robert Woods.
  14. LOL what the *****. How do you go to try another FG there. That is straight up the definition of INSANITY. Coach deserves to be fired along with the kicker.
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