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  1. I preordered the Xbox series X. I play call of duty often, it’s my favorite game, so I want to get the best possible performance for the new Cold War game.
  2. I think 4 all together. I’ve been pulled over 6 times in the past two years. CHP doesn’t ***** around
  3. We have similar wide outs. I have woods, golladay, and jones jr too. Im starting woods and golladay as my 2 wide outs and flexing diontae johnson
  4. he’s got that shady mccoy swag. I ❤️ Diggs
  5. Would anyone trust joe in a house alone with functioning appliances for more then let’s say..10 hrs? He’d probably burn down the house with a goddamn toaster
  6. Atleast half of these ‘3 million votes’ were done by the deceased, illegals, dogs, and cats.
  7. 1) best micd up in quite some time 2) murph has always sucked
  8. athe jets and fish D dared Josh and the Bills to throw it. They wanted to stop the run. The running game will start opening up here slowly, but surely
  9. Rams are a very interestingly solid team. Bills should win since the rams are doing back to back east coast trips, but who knows. I expect a score like today’s.
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