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  1. Does he tweet this stupid crap during the season? Cmon man you’re a pro, stop posting high school *****
  2. Y’all think the niners are drafting Jones? They and the media are just hyping him up so the jets get confused and pick him instead of Wilson. Jets will always jet come draft time.
  3. I think one of the miami games will be a night game. The Bucs and Chiefs will definitely be night games.
  4. People shouldn’t be looking to a guy who throws a pigskin for a living for medical advice anyway
  5. Both of these dudes are awesome, yet the interview was a bit dull. It should have been a bit more fun. i will try that cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream combo tho They weren’t thought out, but I also don’t think what he said should be considered controversial. People will make a big deal outta anything nowadays.
  6. Also, next year is going to be a terrible QB draft, so when they will be stuck with zack until they trade him in year 3 for a 2nd, 4th, and 6th.
  7. They don’t have anything equally close to JA17 though.
  8. The Jets made a mistake trading him away. Yea he stinks, but he is still more talented than the kid from BYU. this trade doesn’t look bad if they draft fields. I hope they draft the BYU guy though, so we can count in 2 more BYE weeks.
  9. Love how Kong is a axe man. Funny how the way to his home is now a hole through Hong Kong. Digging a hole through China- literally.
  10. Easy. No one covers the Beatles better than oasis. If you want acoustic: And a psychedelic rocker:
  11. Fields is the second best QB in the draft. The rest have massive bust potential.
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