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  1. Offense was out of sync no doubt... Between the terrible pass protection, pass catching, and play calling. It was bad. Oh well onto the next one. Pittsburgh has a good front too so Daboll, figure it out you baffoon.
  2. couldnt over come ***** officiating this game unfortunately. offense couldnt over come themselves either.
  3. Bad drops cost half the drives, bad play calling cost the other half.
  4. drive thru was fast, but they didnt put the goddamn ***** straw in my bag.
  5. yea you can tell right from the first bite. it has a much better bun, and the chicken has a consistent crunch and taste through out.
  6. Just had the Popeyes sandwich for the first time... it is better than Chik filas
  7. Bills are going to come out pissed and ready to kick some ass. Home field will be huge. Dont play too tight, don’t play too loose, just play right. we will be fine. but goddamnit Scuba Steve, you better be perfect.
  8. talk about a monster. no one else really comes close in terms of players who had an impact like he did in a single game. his play softened the pain of the drought for me. his play was also inspiring for the time and still is. atleast for me.
  9. For me, personally, it would have to be one of my all-time heroes: Fred Jackson. Fred 'Action' Jackson. The offense went as he went. Fred gave it his all every play. You could tell that by the way he ran. He didnt run effortlessly, but no one ran with more purpose than him. He never went down without a fight. Refused to go out of bounds. And punished defenders at the end his of runs. He would run into linemen and bounce off for a huge gain... Pull defenders another several yards.. He would even do a smooth spin move when you didnt know he had it in him. Hell, he even had great hands! Anyways, here is a link to some of his highlights. My favorite highlight is at 2:16 against the dirt bag patriots. GO BILLS BABY!
  10. Keep signing linemen. On both sides of the ball, and get Derrick Henry plz.
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