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  1. Tennessee? Really? Ryan Tannehil will never win a Super Bowl.
  2. houston would really cement themselves as the worst organization if they traded watson to this fish.
  3. Darnold or Wentz is among one of the worst debates on here. Both have been ruined by their organizations and both won’t ever fulfill whatever predraft expectations they had. Besides, how many failed QBs have actually turned it around with an another organization after being traded? I can’t think of any.
  4. I’d only vote in Rage. Killing in the name of is an anthem. Iron Maiden is the a band I’d take a second look at, but I can’t think of a single record or single by them.
  5. this team is such a mess. where do you even start to fix this turd
  6. He would certainly help with rush defense
  7. Allen is the best QB in the league so obviously him and Watson is about 5th.
  8. The foo fighters? I can see Dave getting in as a drummer but not his band. idk what’s worse, the HoF or the Grammys
  9. Give me 3 through 6 and switch to the 3-4. cut edwards, edmunds, and the dudes we picked up last year. Then draft some big ol NT. Too bad it won’t ever happen.
  10. I still think iceberg is a Jets fan trolling all of us
  11. Nope, only tommy had a chance. No one else would get those flags to give them second and third chances. No one benefits from the officials like him- especially in crucial moments.
  12. i dont want brown to leave. who else can fill in the #2 and possibly be the emergency #1 at that price? it would not be wise to cut him. better safe than sorry.
  13. He needs to get better at reading the play pre-snap. When he does that, he will be able to trust his instincts and use his physicality to dominate. right now you can see there is some confusion after the snap. It’s really blatant during play action when teams get him to commit to the LoS and throw around him over the middle. His timing on run plays needs to get better too. He’s either too patient or commits too soon which allows for those bigger gains. he needs to see the gap sorta like a RB does and hit it like a RB would.
  14. Jim Leonhard should win the Nobel peace prize for his contributions to football. Just an all-time great human being. God how I miss him suiting up in the Bills uni on game days.
  15. Ill watch almost anything with denzel in it, but he was only going through the motions in this film. the movie dragged on to nowhere, almost literally.
  16. Neither. Top half woman couldn’t do anything asides from just lie on the beach and annoy me while I’d try to start a fire, but if I had to I would pick her so I could just throw her in the water with the hope she would just swim away. And you couldn’t find a bag large enough to cover the top half of the bottom half human so that situation is definitely a no.
  17. Go to rehab and actually work on the running game. I think the Bills were so excited and addicted with the development of JA17 that they said screw the run. They were like a bunch of crack addicts, where JA passes was the crack. They loved what they were seeing, doing, and ultimately couldn’t put down the pipe. The Bills organization hadn’t felt this way in years so they rode it out as far as they could before OD-ing. I don’t blame them. Hell, we were all riding the JA white lightning. But it’s time we all go back to rehab and learn that the key to life and
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