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  1. dak is the best garbage time qb in the league. he sucks
  2. dude the fish suck. their fans are delusional af. Half of our team was on IR or exhausted with cramps. I mean the sun was kicking our ass more than the fish were. They won bc they literally had shade all game.
  3. defensive back offensive linemen are the new meta bruh
  4. Don’t worry, the bengals are going to rip the fish a new one on prime time.
  5. We had one too many injuries. If Mitch is still in, we wouldn’t have those rotten snaps. That guy needs to be off the team
  6. The guy is probably up 18-20 hours a day planning and coordinating game plans for the week away from home while making adjustments from prior games as well as for long term goals. Putting that much time into something and not getting a good result would be maddening. Especially if you’re super competitive
  7. That fumble drive is on Dorsey. Two shotgun runs for hardly any gain to get into a third and long that’s an obvious passing down? Stupid
  8. did anyone see deadmau5 in buffalo last week? apparently he got a lot of noise complaints haha
  9. terribly upsetting to hear this news. I love watching Micah play. His instincts for the game are second to none and he’s a bit of a old school player. Gonna miss him like heck
  10. hes gotta work on his acting a little bit, but its the first of many so ill let it slide. gilette can go ***** itself though
  11. JA17 is the ***** man. The way he plays on the field and carries himself. The man lives, breathes, and is football.
  12. dude levi wallace sucks. theres a reason why beane didnt retain him. theres a reason steelers signed him for cheap. i appreciate his hardwork here and putting his body on the line, but he got beat too many times to be resigned.
  13. i sure hope he is ok. i love seeing him out there. something about him being in a Bills uni makes him an absolute menace.
  14. Tua's ball takes atleast a second longer to get to its intended target than Mahomes does. That gives our defenders a second more to make a play on the ball, and thats plenty.
  15. lets all just have a gentlemens agreements and everyone just kneels it. lets spare health here.
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