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  1. didnt they recently sign him to a big deal? ravens must be offering a good amt of picks
  2. lol ***** it dude. you step out into the wild when you go to football games. embrace it, pay no mind, or just watch tv if it bothers you.
  3. packers play a boring and troll game. after they witnessed the greatness of allen, they thought 'ok lets just play the pass' and thats what they did. all they could do was run, and thats what they dared us to do. made dull second half. they were just dying a slow death
  4. second half was a snooze fest. GB is a troll team, time for that organization to fade into the abyss for a while
  5. i know brady isnt known for his intelligence. but what an idiot and #######. if he gets a major injury, will his divorce be worth it? i dont think gisele is even pretty- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but dude you just threw away over a decade with a person you have a family with. football isnt worth it anymore dude, what are going to play till your 70? give me a break
  6. this dude is no one near tyreeks skill. give me a break.
  7. zeppelin - how the west was won. massive af:
  8. i will always want the patriots to fall into the abyss and suck forever, but for me, we exorcised all those demons last year on wildcard round weekend. that was the turning of the final page, and closing of the book. they are officially old news, and its time we move on and enjoy what we have to the utmost.
  9. It is in a sense that it’s insulting to everyone. 40 would just add insult to injury for pats fans
  10. Peyton is 10000% correct. If you have a chance to put 40 in foxboro, you put 40 on the board
  11. None of those reads were even bad. He just didn’t know how to control the cannon on his arm, and he was rushing a lil bit. Now you can tell he has found touch and how the game has slowed down
  12. Bill burr needs to be a weekly guest. Love his rants and humor. One of a kind dude
  13. JA17 & The Bills are so freaking good, that the rest of football is kinda boring.
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