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  1. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/depth-chart
  2. When do they put on pads and start hitting?
  3. I disagree, you're missing the variable of receiving yardage. What if they both get 50 receptions and one gets 250 yards and the other back gets 400 yards? In the modern NFL this is a huge differentiating factor among the really elite dudes and regular backs. Having a playmaker in the backfield that can break big plays whenever they catch the ball is a major upside and adds a dimension. Also, don't forget to track rushing attempts. Two 750 yard rushers doesn't mean the RB committee backfield is "dangerous" when it takes one guy 150 snaps to get 750 yards vs your second running back 200 snaps to get 750 yards. And there are other factors like when they are accumulating yardage. Ex. versus starters or vs second team D-Lines or important moments vs garbage time snaps. Teams respect the run based on effectiveness. Teams fear backs who can go for 75 yard touchdowns off a screen pass AND run efficient. Those guys are usually expensive though so most teams settle for 2 lesser backs who just run efficient or a bunch of backs with different skills. But that surely broadcasts the intentions of the offense based on personnel if the other team does their homework. I'm excited to see what happens in training camp. Singletary looks strong AF! Go Bills!
  4. I agree with this perspective. Unfortunately many will say it's the o-line and it wouldn't matter who was rushing until that is addressed.
  5. I hear you, yet he's still on the roster you know? And these threads + hot takes age like spoilt milk, so it's kind of funny. Will Hodgin's be able to prove he's the better upgrade despite his durability issues? Hodgin's Oregon State film is awesome, I feel like he can prove himself, I just wanted some reassurance.
  6. Yeah, they did reconcile though! Jerry hughes tweeted: "U my boy no matter what. I’m not telling u what’s right/wrong. And I’m not the one making the rules, I’m just following them so I can play ball & finish what we started last year with the mafia cheering us on. Fun debate bro" It's probably all good.
  7. Who is his competition (if there is anyone) for him to make the roster?
  8. I'm thinking a 3rd, Addison and one of OL that we would end up cutting anyways.
  9. I feel like Hodgins is about to make him obsolete.
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