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  1. JackKemp

    What's the most trouble you got in as a kid?

    For beating up a kid who posted non-Bills stuff on a Bills message board. They were paper, cork board and pins back in the day.
  2. Did they hire a receivers coach? Or just not worried about that I guess.
  3. That Bleacher Report video makes me he think he can be a “process” guy.
  4. JackKemp

    Nathan Peterman Again!

    Dan Darragh was horrible. Dennis Shaw was not far behind him.
  5. JackKemp

    Josh Allen is all that matters

    My thoughts as well.
  6. JackKemp

    Peterman actually played quite well!

    Every interception was a poorly thrown ball to a receiver that was well covered. He made poor decisions all game and hung onto the ball too long. I will certainly give him the throw to KB that should have been caught for a TD.
  7. It means Josh Allen will bring Tacos to the next game.