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  1. Good grief...why do these have Patterson going so late? R5?
  2. If Patterson drops to us in the 4th round, I'll eat my Allen jersey, lol.
  3. I'd like to see Ed traded, but I don't know if we'd get a taker. A 3rd rounder would be awesome, but probably wishful thinking.
  4. LMAO we get Downs and Rice, not to mention Johnson in the 1st. We can dream. I'd never question Beane again if he could somehow pull that off.
  5. I don't think there's any possible way Hyatt falls to us at the end of the second. I've seen him rated as high as the #2 WR in the draft and most boards have him gone by later in the first. It would be incredible if he did though. If he was sitting there at 59, we'd better take him or Beane would have some 'splaining to do, lol.
  6. You really think Patterson would fall to the 4th round? I've seen some boards having him gone early second. That would be amazing though. Knowing this team, we'd pass and take a DE instead. And curious why we'd take an edge rusher in the first round when we have Groot and Von.
  7. Most mocks I've seen have Hyatt going late first round and some scouting reports have him as the #2 WR in the draft. Can't see him falling to the end of the second round. Would be nice if he did, but I don't see it. If we want one of the better WR prospects, it's going to have to be with our first round pick IMO.
  8. We need a true WR2, not another TE, IMO. We don't hardly throw to the one we have unless it's near the endzone. If Patterson falls that far in the second round, we'd better take him. We'd be stupid not to.
  9. That's the thing...none of them really have to be better than Josh. They just have to play better than Zach Wilson, Mike White, Skylar Thompson, and Teddy Bridgewater. The Jets and Fish played us tough with some pretty pedestrian QB play. I'd rather not see either of them get any future HOF'ers or someone as dynamic as Lamar.
  10. Based on his PFF grade this season (43.7), Saffold barely qualifies as a warm body at this point.
  11. Anyone wondering why Brady may be on the fish radar, here you go. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35539313/tua-tagovailoa-protocol-miss-pro-bowl-games-source-says The fish may say they aren't worried about Tua going forward, but they're full of it if they're actually considering making a push for Brady.
  12. Geez, we paid Saffold $6M to come in and stink up the joint. This is where we were last year. Better across the board. LT Dion Dawkins | 77.5 LG Ike Boettger | 59.8 C Mitch Morse | 63.8 RG Daryl Williams | 67.5 RT Spencer Brown | 62.5
  13. Jones is the easily the best interior lineman we have on this roster as a 4th round pick. It's pretty clear Ed has never and probably will never live up to his draft position. He's a liability against the run because he's undersized and often can't shed his blocks. Obvious passing downs are the only times I like seeing him in there.
  14. For an interior D-lineman, he's undersized. He's often unable to shed blockers and gets pushed around against the run. Obvious passing downs are the only place he's decently effective. I'm guessing we were hoping for more than just a situational player when we took him 9th overall.
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