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  1. Yep, Josh is the first to admit he didn't have it that day, just like he does all the time. He owns his mistakes, but what QB would've been able to be successful under those circumstances? Josh has dazzled us so many times and done what seemed like the impossible, I think many people have placed unrealistic expectations on him. He can't do it alone.
  2. I don't know what people were expecting Josh to do. He was under almost instant pressure the entire game and it looked like the entire O-line had already checked out and their brains were sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tais in the offseason.
  3. What is the purpose of this statement? Is there any reason to think that something being manufactured by and sold directly from Amazon and uses official apps from the app store would be illegal? People side load apps that can allow these devices to access pirated streams for free. That's why I said that because that's how I interpreted what you said.
  4. The poster I was responding to said nothing about eyestream and that's not exclusive to the Amazon Fire TV. According to the website, that's not free either.
  5. The Amazon Fire TV is no different than an Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, etc. It's simply a platform that hosts all the various streaming services that are available. You must still sign up for them whether that's Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, etc. There is nothing that gives you all movies, sports, and all channels available for free that is legal.
  6. You can't compare Darden and Polamalu. They played in totally different eras. And I still don't know what basis you're keeping Greene out other than you don't like that he played 3 seasons out of 15 for the Steelers.
  7. Except Greene was already an established pass rusher before he even went to Pittsburgh and still was after he left there. He only played three seasons with the Steelers anyway. He still had 4 very productive years between SF and Carolina after he left Pitt. You want to keep out the guy 3rd all-time in sacks, who put up at least 10 sacks in 10 different seasons and at least 10 sacks in a season with 4 different teams, for playing three seasons of a 15-year career in Pittsburgh simply because you think the Steelers have too many? And as far as Polamalu, name me the players at his position who were better than he was and aren't in the HOF, and who were that good for that long.
  8. Agreed. Longevity is really the only argument against him. Only played seven seasons and only played a full season twice, but when he was healthy, he was a beast. Also agree Elway retires ringless without him.
  9. His prime and most of his career was played in the 80s, which is a different era of football than most of the receivers who played most of their career's post 1990. To determine how great a player was in his era, you have to compare him to his peers at the time and how many "firsts" he had. When you do that with Monk, he's at the top of the era in which he played. You're going to be hard pressed to build a long list of names that were better than he was at the time IMO. First player to record a touchdown reception in 15 consecutive seasons (1980-1994) Consecutive seasons with at least 35 receptions (15, 1980–1994) First player to record over 102+ receptions (106 in 1984 season) in a season before NFL rules changes prior to the 1990 season that ushered in the "pass happy era". Still, only three players in the next nine years collected 100 passes or more and only one (Sterling Sharpe in 1992 season) surpassed his total. First player to record over 100+ receptions in the Super Bowl era First player to record back-to-back seasons with 1,200 yards and 90 receptions (1984, 1985) First player to reach 820 receptions in a career First player to surpass 900 career receptions, finishing career with 940 (all-time record at the time) First player to record at least one reception in 180 consecutive games Always keeping in mind when the player played, you add his numbers, his "firsts", combined with the fact he won 3 rings, I really don't know how you leave him out.
  10. You're going to have to explain Art Monk to me. Until Jerry Rice broke them, he owned a number of receiving records. He held the record for receptions in a season until 1992. Set the all-time record (at the time) for receptions at 820, first player to reach 900, and pushed it to 940 for his career. Retired with most consecutive games with a catch (at the time 183). Won 3 Super Bowls, 3x Pro Bowl selection, 2x All-Pro and named to NFL 1980 All-Decade Team. One of the most dependable and consistent WR's in history. He's basically Andre Reed with 3 rings.
  11. He will command too much money. Beane already said any more vets we sign will be around $2M per. Dalvin will be much more than that.
  12. I don't disagree, not top 10, but #20? I just don't see it. Josh doesn't put the numbers up last year that he does with a bunch of bums and I think they've improved this season, even though not by a huge amount. If you add TEs to the equation, I think the Bills crack the top 10 or are right on the border.
  13. If Josh Allen just killed every play where it looked like there was nothing there, the Bills would've lost every close game they played. Part of Josh Allen's game is his mobility and it has been an integral part of his toolbox since he started playing QB. It looks like you want to have the Bills QB play like someone who is not on this team. As I said before, Steve Young is a HOF QB and SB Champion by being a mobile QB. The 49ers didn't force him to try and be something he wasn't and he played in an era where it was open season on QBs. You bringing up QBs who are/were not mobile QBs is completely irrelevant to this discussion and is an apples and oranges comparison. I can guarantee you if any of those guys could move like Josh moves, it would've been a part of their game.
  14. This is an unrealistic expectation of Josh. You want to take away one of the biggest things that makes Josh Allen, Josh Allen and shoehorn him into a Tom Brady type mold. Steve Young was a very successful QB in this league and didn't sit in the pocket all game either.
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