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  1. If you want to base the entire season off one game,sure. Lots of football to be played, even though neither the Jets or Bills looked great tonight.
  2. Seemed to me he was good with taking the check downs early but got more frustrated with them as time went on. The INTs were all on him IMO.
  3. Agreed, but is it justified? Other than Brown being pushed back into the pocket, I didn't think the line played that bad on passing downs. Is it just being paranoid and impatient?
  4. Seems Josh is still playing hero ball despite what we've been told.
  5. So is it on the receivers not getting open, Josh not finding them, or poor play calling? Seems like we're reliving the same problems as last season.
  6. We got beat by Zach Wilson again. I'm tired of these excuses and I want to see improvement and accountability or this team isn't sniffing the playoffs.
  7. Unless there's some changes from Dorsey, this offense looks the same or worse as last season. Josh has made some poor decisions, but I've seen nothing from Dorsey to show me he's found the ability to adapt to what the defense gives him at all.
  8. We should be 1-up on them, but since we continue to be our own worst enemies AGAIN, we somehow lose to Zach Wilson again.
  9. If you throw 3 INTs to the same player, the issue is with you. PERIOD
  10. This team needed only to play smart football against Zach Wilson and they win.
  11. All I saw I Bernard getting wrecked at MLB. All I saw is Brown getting pushed back into the pocket. All I saw is poor play calling and poor decisions by Josh Allen. All against a situation that should've favored the Bills.
  12. Should we have to? That should've been a detriment to the Jets. We lost to Zach Wilson AGAIN.
  13. It's pretty clear between Dorsey and Josh, they aren't the tandem that can win a championship.
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