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  1. The perfect veteran backup running back is available to backstop Singletary. He already knows the system and could probably be obtained cheap - that man - LeSean McCoy. He wants to play 2 more years, he meets McDermott's work ethic standards and still has enough gas in the tank to be called on when needed. He liked playing here and the only reason he was cut was for salary cap purposes. Fast forward one year and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the quality back up that we are all craving.
  2. If you look at the current roster situation, excluding the draft - we are only getting better... Offense (10 returning starters) QB - Allen - better with Age RB - Singletary - better with Age WR1 - Diggs (new) - massive upgrade vs platoon WR2 - Brown - same as last year WR3 - Beasley - same as last year TE - Knox - better with Age LT - Dawkins - same as last year LG - Spain - same as last year C - Morse - same as last year RG - Feliciano - same as last year RT - Ford/Nsekhe - better with Age/same as last year O-line as a whole should improve due to year over year cohesiveness Defense (9/10 returning starters - pending the package) DE - Hughes - may lose a step this year DT - Oliver - better with Age (will also be returning Harrison Philips who should also be better being healthy and older) DT - Lotulelei - same as last year DE - Addison - Should be a slight upgrade/wash vs. Lawson/Murphy LB - Edwards - Better with Age LB - Milano - Better with Age LB - Klein - wash vs. Alexander (won't be on the field more than 50% of the snaps) CB - White - Entering Prime CB - Wallace/Norman - Better with Age/Potential upgrade NCB - Johnson/Neal - Both better with Age S - Poyer - same as last year S - Hyde - same as last year All and all - we are only getting better and more mature. Our depth is also a lot deeper. We are getting to the point where we are pretty solid all around and can make a deep run. ... and we still have the draft to go.
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