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  1. Zach Moss will never be as good as he is right now. He’s a below average RB who blocks well, that’s it.
  2. There is a chance he makes a reasonable jump this year. Anyone who is writing the Dolphins off are naive. Are they the class of the AFC? No, but they will be vastly improved and will strongly compete for a playoff spot.
  3. What about the play where he tipped a pass on 4th down and completely changed the momentum of that game?
  4. I am in the group who wants him gone for a second round pick, but with all the pieces we’ve acquired what would be the point? He can still play a vital role on this defense and why lose that when you also have a full set of picks in the draft.
  5. He sucked, yes I understand he plugged holes for the run defense but in todays NFL you need big time playmakers.
  6. Hasn't Miller not missed a game in his career?
  7. Don’t even care at this point
  8. Agreed, it isn’t just 6 years 120 straight up, there will be nuances with the contract.
  9. I remember wanting to draft him but we had to settle for Dareus
  10. Can’t wait to see another year where McKenzie can’t even break 300 yards.
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