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  1. I was at a 96 Olympics Security Planning Retreat on St. Simons Island, GA. 60 Chiefs/Commanders/Special Agents in Charge of agencies that would be involved in the Olympics. One of the FBI leads was from WNY---he and I ducked out when it became 35-24 and watched the rest of the game from the hotel bar. Slowly but surely other folks came out to "find" us -- by the OT field goal half the retreat attendees were watching the game. If there would have been a breach that caused the Olympic Park bombing (which there wasn't) you probably could have traced it to that day.....
  2. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25476184/former-ole-miss-coach-hugh-freeze-agrees-deal-liberty-head-coach The first ESPN headline was a bit unfortunate, given Freeze's calls to escort services while at Ole Miss: Sources: Freeze agrees to head job at Liberty...they have since changed it.....
  3. JoeF

    White trash: Missouri style

    OMG--nailed it CVM....Keep your eye on the Sparrow....
  4. Would they be favored over themselves?
  5. JoeF

    Is your memory getting worse with age?

    I don't share this kind of information with strangers. Who are you people? Why am I here? I vaguely remember something called a craft guild... Can't Remember A Friggin Thing
  6. McDermott's trim the fat comment after the Phins game was a pretty big hint that the KB move was possible. As you stated so well LA, I like the fact that McDermott and Beane were willing to absorb the Vic Carruci and others criticism and cut bait. This tells me that Team >> Their own egos. I like that trait because personnel mistakes are going to be inevitable. For every Taron Johnson there will be a KB.
  7. I can't remember the stadium being louder than the pick 6 that is depicted on the SI Cover and this video... http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/09000d5d8228b2d9/WK-3-Can-t-Miss-Play-Florence-pick-six
  8. JoeF

    McDermott or McCarthy?

    I think David Tepper (new owner of the Panthers) is going to try to get Beane and McDermott to come back to Carolina in the offseason. I don't think he will be successful but I do think agent calls will be made.
  9. JoeF

    Caption This: Clay and Daboll

    I keep forgetting that Daboll is a true Bills fan. He is every one of us.
  10. JoeF

    Packers fire McCarthy

    Heard Colin Powell is a lock.
  11. When McD talks about Kaizen with KB-- KB is thinking a nice, thick Kobe Beef steak with cheese fries.
  12. Exactly. Stop giving KB snaps. Its taking field time away from young, developing receivers. What's amazing to me is that the Bills opponents are still using a #1 corner on him. McDermott told Joe B after the game that on the interception that KB needed to "trim the fat" off the route. KB has a lot of fat trimming to do. I think he struggles to make a roster next year.
  13. JoeF

    Meet the newest member of bills mafia!

    I can see an "Air Jug" series in the making. Awesome!
  14. JoeF

    The First Play of the Sean Taylor Game.

    I attended the game. Was sitting in front of three obnoxious and drunk Skins fans. I wanted the Bills to kick the 'Skins ass that day. The three fans were jawing the whole game and then quietly sulked out of the Stadium. If I remember correctly, Lindell's FG before the penalty was good from 50+ but the refs blew the whistle for the timeout and threw the flag before he kicked it. I see your point about respect though...I was caught up in the moment.
  15. I forgot that Fewell is Jalen Ramsey's current position coach... 🙂 I just don't get why some of this amazingly football savvy community cannot understand that this year is about developing Josh Allen. After the ill-fated first game, this season became one that if Josh is healthy, he starts. There will be moments where we all want to look away; there will be moments where we will all be amazed by the athleticism and development. Hopefully the last 5 games being amazed moments >>>>>> look away moments.