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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27428652/carli-lloyd-drills-55-yard-fg-eagles-practice Nice....good snap, good hold, monster kick.
  2. Gisele....pissed we haven't adopted the TB12 method
  3. Writer must hate clapping....
  4. "Allen’s stats were opposite Murray’s, but so were some other things. He was in an advantageous position all game, with many short-yardage down situations, a short field, and a strong run game. Allen also took almost every snap out of shotgun and made a lot of quick, safe, short passes. He completed five passes to Cole Beasley just past the line of scrimmage and a couple more to LeSean McCoy. These are the equivalent of run plays in 2019. Any NFL quarterback can catch the snap in shotgun and make a five-yard pass to his first read." There was no run game when Allen was in the game... The first drive was 3 rushes for 3 yards The second drive was 2 rushes for 4 yards 7 yards rushing in 108 gained (10 yard penalty) -- and penalties, sacks and 3/4 third down conversions...I am all for good analysis and this ain't it
  5. Could be a nice pick up for a guy who would not have made the team...
  6. The second team OL impressed me more last night, even with the injuries, than the #1OL last year. Barkley had a clean pocket, Yeldon had holes...it was nice to see. The Bills have more talent but Bobby Johnson is just a better damn coach than Juan Castillo. The Original Post was comparing how Bills fans are normally trying to create optimism from ***** preseason performances at this time for most of the last 20 years and now, this season we are trying to create a pessimistic view from some pretty good performances. We were row 4 about the 20 yard line last night on the Bills side. On both offense and defense I counted about 6 plays of about 120 run where a player was out of position or made a key mental error. Two of these were Tyree Jackson - the awful INT and the fade to Sills after the Wade catch and run Abraham Wallace was very slow to react to an easy read on the Panthers 4th Quarter TD Pass Murphy lost edge contain on a QB run in the First Quarter but made up for it later with a sack Lawson knew he would get flagged for roughing the passer -- ran through it anyway.... This team, from top to bottom, has been well schooled on technique and is playing with instinct rather than thought. I agree with the negatives -- in game coaching decisions; its the preseason, Bills have faced teams that held out their stars, etc. But I really, really liked what I saw last night. We were listening to the Panthers post-game on the way home last night -- ex Panther S Eugene Robinson is one of the panelists--Eugene's comments reflected that it was a total domination. The positives they came up with were the Jackson INT and the 4th quarter TD drive; both fairly meaningless plays-- in every other way they were dominated by a team (yes the Bills) that was executing very well.
  7. Agree with you....it was a "splash hire" led by a marketing guy and a weak GM...bad advice all around. I still found the foot humor pretty damn funny though.
  8. Totally agree....even this joke isn't worth the $15 Million Terry and Kim paid him to go away and the two years of wasting a pretty talented team.
  9. My respect for his sense of humor grew infinitely this AM....
  10. I still think the Clowney for Risto deal has legs....
  11. Greggo throwing complex blitz schemes and the Falcons are failing in every way possible. Losing both the strength and the communication game. Falcons need to get Ryan out of the game.
  12. I think Aaron makes enough to subsidize maybe a couple bucks off the first 10000 beers for each game.... 🙂
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