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  1. If I give you a dollar will you buy an IQ...
  2. Hope Nate suffers a very minor, game-ending injury early. The Pegulas then rush to the field and turn to the Colts sideline...Ray Ray strips off his number 14 and gives it to the Colts head coach, who comes in to lead the Bills to victory.
  3. This is actually better than I thought. I thought the Bills passing offense was pre-Rockne...
  4. JoeF

    Raiders Cut LB Derrick Johnson

    The answer to all three questions is likely: "Better than the current occupants of these roles". I would add throw an out route without a pick.....
  5. The Jills would be back. Horsefaces galore...
  6. She has ins with QVC....Bills could do an IPO on QVC...I like it. Or they could sell the ability to call an offensive play on QVC. It might turn out better than what we are seeing.
  7. JoeF

    Raiders Cut LB Derrick Johnson

    The Panthers could cut a ball boy or the traveling secretary and Beane would be on the phone....
  8. Sell the Bills to Mark Cuban.....😉
  9. JoeF

    Raiders Cut LB Derrick Johnson

    He is on D....and we need more Offensive playmakers...so according to logic...Bring him in!!!!
  10. Leading tackler in Chiefs history. Old and lost a step. Please don't even consider signing him....😀
  11. No offense, but I could really give a ***** what Jon Gruden says about a chuckle on the sidelines with your teammate when your team is down 18. ESPN and Gruden made this "controversy" -- and sharing a laugh on the sideline in a game you are losing happens all the time. The series before the OL may have missed a block and gotten Anderson killed and he came to apologize. Anderson smiled and said no worries. To me this has no bearing on whether Derek Anderson cares about the game or his competitive nature. Just my opinion.
  12. I mostly agree with the OP. I still would like to see Josh get a couple of games in once the Bills are eliminated. Watching Anderson prepare as a starter will help Josh greatly. Watching Anderson interact with Daboll during games will be even more instructive. Josh is in no position to provide in-game feedback to Daboll right now. Anderson will do that from play one - even with limited knowledge of the playbook. Josh is stuck with every play he gets from the headset and does very little adjustment. Every play right now where the Bills line up correctly is a triumph for Josh. Execution and adaptation suffer because its hard enough to get in and out of the huddle and get everyone aligned. Josh is still at this phase. Josh will get to see how a knowledgeable veteran and a coach interact during the week and in the heat of game day. He will see how Anderson scans the field pre-snap and what he calls in certain situations. He will see that the basics of alignment and line calls has to happen with 15 seconds still left on the play clock and that after that the adjustments are on him to make. Anderson will be a great mentor in this area. This is a game of nuance and quick thinking. Josh isn't there yet. He needs to see a veteran do this and he is bright enough to learn it. I still think Josh will be a franchise QB but he needs this education.
  13. JoeF

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Augie with a youth football >>>>>>>>>> Nate
  14. JoeF

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Start Augie and throw telegraphed out routes all game. I can almost guarantee the results would be better than Nate...
  15. 15 and 4 baby! Leave Belichick and company a false game plan on the field in pre-game!