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  1. Pancho is blessed to be our brother and we are blest to have him. I think about him in the middle of Cowboy country cheering for the Bills with heart and passion. He still has the fight and drive to give Cancer an ass-kicking. Brandon, Coach and the Pegulas get what it means to be a Bills fan. It's more than just a team, it's a passion, it's a culture, it's a family. This leadership gets us and is building a team to reflect this. One of Coach's comments last night is that during Ed Oliver's pro day he could smell his passion for the game like smelling the Cheerios from the General Mills plant off the 190. Well, I smell the fire of this leadership team like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  2. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  3. Whaley’s gone. Someone tell the Jets
  4. 9: R1P9 DL QUINNEN WILLIAMS ALABAMA 21: R1P21 OT ANDRE DILLARD WASHINGTON STATE 147: R5P9 LB BOBBY OKEREKE STANFORD 158: R5P20 TE JOSH OLIVER SAN JOSE STATE 181: R6P8 CB JORDAN BROWN SOUTH DAKOTA STATE 225: R7P11 EDGE JORDAN BRAILFORD OKLAHOMA STATE 228: R7P14 WR TRAVIS FULGHAM OLD DOMINON Traded 2nd-8; 3rd-10; 4th-10 and 4th-29 to get Seattle 1-21 when Dillard started to fall....an 11 point premium (811 for 800) on the draftek draft value chart.
  5. πŸ˜ͺCancer Sucks....Love to Pancho and family..
  6. Dexter is one of my stepson's friends from HS (Wake Forest, NC)...he fits the McBeane culture. The success at Clemson has only made him hungrier to do well in the NFL. He is willing to do the dirty work of taking on double and triple teams for the good of the defense. He is a rather large and very quick human being and a wonderful young man.
  7. Good job BB....would be ecstatic if both Sweat and Dexter were Bills...
  8. Its the Cardinals....and I would guess NE would then pick 2nd on Friday night...others have pointed out-- I bet they would lose the benefit of a first-round pick - the fifth year option.
  9. If this were the scenario, It would make more sense to trade back in the first and recoup the second.
  10. Pop understands human beings, not just players. McD has the same gene. That's why I am brimming with optimism about the Bills.
  11. Fanspeak.com for me. Here is my latest. I would be really happy with this. I used the Fanspeak Brad board. No way Savage and Hurd are where they are picked but I can dream. Both Abram and Savage can play in dime and play big nickel. Coach McD and Coach Frazier would be really happy with this. The key to this draft is unlocking Gary's potential. 24: R1P24 DL CHRISTIAN WILKINS CLEMSON 27: R1P27 EDGE RASHAN GARY MICHIGAN 42: R2P10 TE IRV SMITH ALABAMA 57: R2P25 S JOHNATHAN ABRAM MISSISSIPPI STATE 112: R4P10 LB VOSEAN JOSEPH FLORIDA 128: R4P26 RB MILES SANDERS PENN STATE 147: R5P9 LB JAHLANI TAVAI HAWAII 165: R5P27 S DARNELL SAVAGE MARYLAND 181: R6P8 WR JALEN HURD BAYLOR 183: R6P10 CB COREY BALLENTINE WASHBURN
  12. Cleat stability is the key with him...
  13. And he's not very accurate...if folks complain about Josh so much...Jones is worse. Jones is Peterman with better wheels and better size...
  14. I feel bad, but I am cheating on the Sabres with the Hurricanes during the playoffs.... yes, those Hurricanes, the Bunch of Jerks
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