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  1. Sal just posted this... Jordan Poyer's deal with Bills: Signing bonus: $4M Base salaries: 2023: $2.240M (fully gtd) 2024: $4.740M (fully gtd 5th day of league yr) + $510K roster bonus ($30K/game) + $250K workout bonus each year Total guarantees: $4.5M This is about what I thought for him to come back....I am pretty surprised. Seems he likely had better offers...
  2. I feel I need to say that I would never text Dianna Russini to "Lose my Number" if she had my number and was texting me....its a personal thing... Just makes me once again question the sanity of the soon to be Jets QB. Loved this from 4 years ago...
  3. Love this. Poyer is this generations Darryl Talley -- the leader who fires the D up and gets them to focus. Glad he is back! My wishes are good health and a Lombardi!
  4. JoeF

    Yolo update

    Great news. Glad I didn't have to resort to this...
  5. He gave the Bills his heart, soul and body. As others have pointed out - his NFL career blossomed in Buffalo. It was a mutual benefit situation. Now, its time for both to move on...the only if in this situation is "if" the price dives below $5M a year it may be worth a look. That will never happen. Rosenhaus will bundle Poyer with another client to keep the floor from going that low.
  6. ...and really beaten to hell....God bless him. Love him. When I think about Jordan now, i think about this scene from Moneyball..
  7. Through a spiritual medium the Jets have contacted the ghosts of Paul Hornung and Max McGee...signings are imminent. Will be paid in Meadcoin which can be used for purchases in the afterlife. Rodgers said to be very impressed with the Jets effort here.
  8. https://www.buckys5thquarter.com/wisconsin-badgers-football/2023/2/22/23610781/former-wisconsin-badgers-dc-jim-leonhard-not-taking-philadelphia-eagles-dc-job-jonathan-gannon Jim Leonhard.... He's called Defensive signals on the field though...set the D on almost every team he played for...and I bet he had the right to adjust/audible
  9. https://m.facebook.com/Rockin-the-Rockpile-The-Buffalo-Bills-of-the-American-Football-League-249809411719000/videos/bengals-at-bills-1969/2103158919717364/?locale=ms_MY My first game in person with my dad (God rest his soul)..at the Rockpile...a couple of cool highlights in here.
  10. Rex is still on the market....if Vance Joseph can go back to Denver..why not Rex...😉
  11. Just got over one -- took 8 weeks to begin running again. You are good @HOUSE Still hope Yolo is taking a well earned break.
  12. Yolo would consistently win the TBD Oscar for best breaking news poster. Hope yolo is sipping an umbrella drink on a beach…
  13. Great to see him and hear him. A great message of thanks and hope.
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