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  1. Coach is leaning on the culture he built and the individuals who make-up the "team" including players, coaches, front office, Lorax, Marlon Kerner, Len Vanden Bos and others to create an environment where Jake can personally develop. This whole "be your best self" thing in Buffalo. As a fan, we can either accept that the Bills have moved forward with Fromm as part of the team or not. For the vast majority that's a pretty easy decision. For a few, it may not be. Respecting how each other respond to this is part of life and part of why there is a 52 page thread on this. This thread reflects how TBD became and continues to be an awesome place.
  2. LAW and ORDER = Laverne and Shirley Hope this man recovers quickly...
  3. Joining the Panthers front office as a pro scout https://www.panthers.com/news/luke-kuechly-joins-front-office-pro-scout
  4. @MatthewFairburn 11m Bills statement on Jake Fromm: (1/2) “Earlier today, we became aware of comments made in a text message conversation involving Jake Fromm in 2019. He was wrong and he admitted it to us. We don’t condone what he said. Jake was honest and forthcoming to us about the text exchange. @MatthewFairburn 10m Bills statement part two: “He asked for an opportunity to address and apologize to his teammates and coaches today in a team meeting, which he did. We will continue to work with Jake on the responsibilities of being a Buffalo Bill on and off the field.”
  5. You always seem to express an opinion that brings threads like this together. You are a true unifying force, my Bills brother!!! And if he doesn't have them--CUT him IMMEDIATELY...
  6. Thanks for you guidance on this issue. I feel like I need another shower...
  7. And how do you know this until you look into it? So you think the Bills should just drop it now and not investigate further? Doesn't sit well with me.
  8. I understand its a private text, but is it a reflection of a pattern of behavior? I think the Bills should at least investigate that aspect of this if they haven't as part of their due diligence on him. If its a pattern; if there are other incidents (and that's a big if) it would be hard to keep him.
  9. Old man hearing....damn -- all these years
  10. Favorite Line of the Movie... "What say there fuzzy britches?"
  11. Gets a hall pass to go play catch with the boys...
  12. "Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king and a king ain't satisfied 'til he rules everything"....Badlands, Bruce Springsteen..
  13. Tiger to Brady: "That's in the fairway over on 7...." Unfortunately they were on hole 3 Brady is human...he plays golf like me..
  14. End of last season quotes in Denver... But would he be willing to stick around as a backup to Drew Lock? That's half of the question. “Like I said, I’m probably a little bit more worried about other things at this point," Flacco said on Monday as the Broncos cleared out their lockers. "If that’s what it has to be, then—I want to play football. If that’s what it has to be, whether it’s here or wherever, if that’s what it’s going to take for me to get back in and start playing again, then yeah. I’ll go that route, but you never know what’s going to happen in the next couple of months.” Sounds like he would have tried to "Kevin Kolb slippery mat" Drew Lock at every chance.....watch your back Sam Darnold..
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