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  1. JoeF

    Charles Clay Released

    Watch him come back to haunt the Bills.....said no one ever... The Browns were willing to offer him more???? OMG... Buffalo >>>>>>> Cleveland
  2. I would say it's a really informed opinion. I would be excited to see TD mentor Milano and Edmunds, but they have Alexander.
  3. And the good news is Marshall's availability likely lowers Davis's asking price a bit.
  4. JoeF


    You are a pioneer in my book.....who says the offseason needs to be boring...
  5. JoeF


    Kettles? https://www.yelp.com/biz/kettles-orchard-park I think we should begin to recognize the Radom Offseason Topic of the Day - the daily ROT'D (Rotted) award...
  6. JoeF

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    I would imagine it is both...
  7. JoeF

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Was it witchery or was it the Browns, Doc?
  8. JoeF

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Boater-- Beane had to pay for his own gas, they didn't evem give him the Noco card ....Cheap, Cheap, Cheap... I can remember Mr. Wilson saying it cost him one of his Monet's to sign a pending unrestricted free agent (Can't remember which one). Terry and Kim appear to be very generous and do everything with class. I loved Mr. Wilson's loyalty to Buffalo, but I love Terry and Kim's loyalty, vision and willingness to invest even more.
  9. JoeF

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Terry and Kim are cheap. šŸ˜‰ Beane got a free weeks use of the Taurus for this little maneuver.
  10. JoeF

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    If the race to the Lombardi is fueled by collecting recycled QBs, Denver is kicking ass baby.
  11. Nice screen capture--not sure either...
  12. JoeF

    Kyle Williams as analyst at scouting combine

    Work out the D-lineman while mic'd up? That would be cool.
  13. Looked like it to me--stage left from Josh and Darnold -- wearing a black t-shirt and a crucifix medal.
  14. JoeF

    GM for a minute.

    Chose to invest heavily on the OL Darryl Williams $5 (If you go by how much the Panthers missed him - it was a lot) Roger Saffold - $4 (Veteran Leader this line sorely lacked last year) Cole Beasly - $2 (We don't have a "get open quick" guy) -- We will also spend a high draft pick on a WR Trey Flowers - $4 (I know I am cheating but we need another rush the passer guy) This leaves the Bills drafting where the draft has some depth- TE, Interior DL, Interior OL, WR and RB
  15. JoeF

    Jachai Polite - your new edge?

    Or "Im"