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  1. 😍😍😍 Wonder how Rex handled on-boarding? Everyone can benefit from knowing the expectations they must meet or exceed. Kudos to this head coach for making that crystal clear to the Rookies. Wonder if the free agents got some similar education on Bills specific culture versus the team they came from?
  2. Matthew Fairburn‏Verified account @MatthewFairburn 13s13 seconds ago Robert Foster is going through ladder drills at Bills practice. Probably a good sign his foot injury isn’t too serious.
  3. I agree Tipster. These kid interaction things can go horribly wrong. Case in point...
  4. I was slow in changing the title of the original thread to reflect the update. Thanks for finding and posting the link to the 911 call, StHustle. Now go back to debating if he should be cut immediately or brought to training camp (letting more of due process run its course) and cut during camp....
  5. Gaine had a 5-year deal according to Houston Chronicle Texans and NFL beat writer John McClain (Not of Die Hard Fame)...gets paid for 3 and a half more years.
  6. Y'all are way too forgiving...it took three days. God bless you all for your tolerance.
  7. Yeah but he's a great locker room guy...he picks up towels and wipes down sinks...
  8. JK-I threw an interception once and broke the defensive back's leg on the return. JA-Daboll said you had bad footwork on the play. JK-***** that fat ass JA-That's what he said you would say...
  9. Jim learned concepts of the run and shoot and KGun directly from the inventors -- Mouse Davis, the co-inventor June Jones and the refiner (Ted Marchibroda). If Daboll had this kind of foundational knowledge at his disposal and didn't use it, I would question why not. It's like having Watson from Alexander Graham Bell's lab in your neighborhood and not using him. Josh has an intellect and athleticism that maybe even surpasses Jim's -- why not give some of these concepts a shot? Its a nice click-bait story -- but its not really news...
  10. Wait, was there anyone else but Kay in the video???? The rest was just noise......
  11. Could not agree with you more. The last franchise quarterback the Bills had cared immensely about winning in everything that he did. Whether it was a game or euchre on the team plane, he wanted to win every time. Josh is always passionate in competition. I love it!!!
  12. It's difficult for me to imagine that this constitutes downtime for Poyer...seems like this would be more up time...
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