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  1. Yep. I missed it. Sorry I double posted...
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/tom-brady-has-a-massage-parlor-cameo-in-a-netflix-comedy-series-and-no-were-not-making-this-up-050659840.html Brady did a video for an upcoming comedy series on Netflix -- but apparently this was filmed before the Kraft incident. Brady gave it the go ahead to distribute anyway. BTW, Terry and Kim Pegula look like they should be canonized compared to the rest of the AFC East owners.. Kraft The Johnsons Stephen Ross Bills win the AFC east ownership competition hands down.
  3. The Johnsons can add this settlement to the $4 Billion opioid settlement they've offered...
  4. Cam is one tough son of a B word and a great competitor. I could care less that he dresses like a Russian babushka 😀...but yes he might be done.
  5. https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/831-hits-counting-toll-cam-newtons-punishing-playing/story?id=42831795 Three more years of hits after this article. I don't care how good you are -- this takes a toll mentally and physically.
  6. Well, Coach has achieved a four win season and he's still here....
  7. I'd hate to see them lose Tua in Fitz's beard....
  8. So we see Fitzy next week. John Murphy is still mad from the dig Fitzy gave him at the Fred Jackson roast...."Murph, Thank you- I always wondered what Shrek looked like in human form." Its a revenge game for Murph.
  9. Riot Act >>>>Coach Marrone...good use of obviously
  10. I love that he is on an opposing team....so I pretty much agree with your assessment....😁
  11. I love Baker...... on an opposing team. Glad Cleveland is losing 2/3rds of their games right now...they have the talent to be a Wild Card threat if they ever put it together.
  12. I am so ***** sick of hearing about the Patriots....it reminds me of this scene from Miracle. Just ***** beat the ***** in NE at the end of the season and rip the AFC East from their grasp and then kick their ass again in the playoffs. Put an end to this ***** 20 year show...
  13. Yes. In the situation, I actually should have been fired about 4 years earlier in the role I was in, but the entity would have cratered so the board overlooked it. Eventually, I was insubordinate to a board member in a board finance committee meeting and then negotiated a severance with the chairman. We were working on a contract extension at the time that I really didn't want. Not one of the prouder times for me.
  14. Its a long way off with the Bills one game at a time outlook, but I have this one marked on the calendar as a gauge for how far the Bills have really progressed. Meanwhile the Cowboys have bigger issues this week...trying to get to the bottom of this...
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