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  1. Holy ***** I need this...
  2. He was testing it on the sidelines right after the half. He was putting full weight on it and moving laterally but was wincing a bit. He wanted back in. Talked to Morse on the sideline but the trainer appeared not to clear him. We were about 30 rows up and all this was happening in front of us. Other than that he was in a great mood. Even when the momentum clearly swung against the Bills with the Miller injury, the Dawkins injury, the crowd, etc. the sideline was always dialed-in and loose. They found a way to win even down a ton of players. Ed Oliver had an Aaron Donald game.
  3. Detroit and Windsor will soon (2024) be connected by the Gordie Howe Bridge...in MSP our Minny to Saint Paul bridges are curiously, not named after Hockey legends. I could go for crossing the Herb Brooks bridge every day.
  4. He'll be wearing a wire.........part of the Bills surveillance strategy.
  5. Section 125 with my KU Jayhawk Son. Our third Thanksgiving in four with the Bills. He's flying in from Lawrence/KC, I am in the air from MSP. Its been his Christmas Gift every year and of course he needs to include dad! See you at the game Bills sisters and brothers.
  6. "Josh Allen kicks his own ass after breaking his recent red zone interception curse"
  7. I am personally saddened but this individual seems pleased. RIP oh sledgehammer slinging funny man!
  8. He has been disappointing. I don't know if the move bringing Marlowe back would have been made if he was even meeting expectations. Beane loves draft picks.
  9. Just don't come between Dorsey and his tablet....that could be season ending...
  10. Linebacker......with a Poyer like brace on the elbow
  11. OMFG......that is so accurate.... Its the conclusion of the tb12 method.....
  12. I truly believe Josh will be standing on the sidelines with an earbud on Sunday. The Bills won't risk anything worse happening to the elbow. They have higher aspirations than beating the Vikings in a regular season game. If sitting out for a game or two or three heals him, then do it. Dorsey will have to adapt on first and second down in particular. The goal will be not to get in too many third and longs because you won't have Josh's legs and arm to get you out of the jam. We have a "stable of backs" who are multiple (pass and run). Keenum is smart and can get the ball out quickly and accurately. Gives me confidence the Bills can win with him. Just keep matriculating the ball down the field particularly the two quarters when the Vikings have the wind at their back. Take as much time on drives as possible those two quarters. The Vikes are full of weapons on Offense...the D needs to play with more discipline and urgency. Bills have been losing gap control the last couple of weeks and not tackling well. Need to clean that up or James Cook's big brother will have 200 yards. Make no mistake, the Vike's are a really talent laden team but playing in a moderate to strong wind outdoors will challenge them.
  13. Hi Bills brothers and sisters, My favorite cousin decided to join our group of 12 on Sunday. I need a spare ticket for him. Will buy a pair if necessary. DM if you have one or a pair to spare. Thanks for your kind consideration. Go Bills!!! JoeF
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