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  1. I was wondering who was going to replace the "I love you Josh Allen" Cole Beasley would let out every pre-game. Keenum's "Josh, Josh, Josh" scream is perfect.....
  2. He uses the "f" word like i use the "f' word - every part of speech....and I thought I couldn't love him any more than I do...how wrong I was.
  3. Thoughts and prayers for additional pain and inflammation prior to and on September 8th.....😉
  4. They opened up a Beer Hall...Quite Nice....been once since we moved here. https://surlybrewing.com/destination-brewery/ In many ways MSP reminds me of WNY...great people, strong work-ethic, generational families, gritty, etc. Particularly Saint Paul. Where are you going today? I am headed to the big bedpan.....It kind of goes with Highmark
  5. This is the soccer stadium in Saint Paul (about two miles away from my house)...
  6. The view from my seats at the new stadium..... I will pay the PSL but it means I likely can't afford my meds -- fair warning to everyone. I see Robert Redford at the plate...
  7. Thanks, Tipster. God bless you and your family, particularly your son.
  8. We are headed the wrong direction. We moved from NC to Saint Paul, MN by choice two years ago. Stepson is good at hockey and wanted to play in HS, we have our own consulting business with clients around the country so just need a good airport. Its fun to give a kid an opportunity like this even if his hockey playing days end at High School. This is my second stint in the Twin Cities and I enjoy it. It's gotten me back to being cold weather tough. We are thinking about two centers for retirement...near kids and grandkids so back in NC (likely in the Sandhills area --- Pinehurst) and maybe a little place in a certain town with a football team we both enjoy...
  9. Its a Cleveland tradition dating back to 1989.... https://y.yarn.co/b2265971-9663-4fd7-a737-155a79fc87a0.mp4
  10. Speak the name every day....I know you do my brother.
  11. For anyone, like me, who has lost a child its must see TV. The part about Colby starts at the 7 minute mark. It rivals Jim Kelly's tribute to Hunter upon his induction.
  12. Face it, Joe Schoen was an anchor on this Front Office. So much better without him. This "outstanding in training camp" draft is evidence of that....
  13. Prayers and condolences to his family and his ex-girlfriend.
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