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  1. That is a good question, the nfl draft network group as a whole have some odd takes. I keep leaning in a little more towards PFF for my draft takes, i just think they have a better group to breakdown prospects.
  2. I'm watching pff and you're right, it's crazy lol
  3. Throw in luke Wypler as well, think beach chairs would love him👍
  4. Knecapping Dan Campbell happened along😆
  5. Injured late no testing, likely would have tested really well
  6. Damn it all that was my guy!!! Damn Jets
  7. Wow with the bears, we have people here smarter than some NFL GM's jeez
  8. Wow just a horrible pick for the Bears
  9. 27. Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State 59. Julius Brents CB Kansas State 91. Nathaniel Dell WR Houston 118. Emil Ekiyor Jr. OG Alabama 130. Henry To'o To'o LB Alabama 205. Josh Whyle TE Cincinnati
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