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  1. I meant Roman Wilson from Michigan, and to be clear i don't think we double down in round 2. But if we do😁
  2. Wouldn't bother me a bit if we double down in the 2nd, guys like Polk, Rice, Corley and Wilson really intrigue me. Chance they could all be there. Throw Worthy in there too.
  3. Being an overaged prospect may be a blessing for us, otherwise i think he goes earlier.
  4. We can't pass on Metcalf again can we😉
  5. Just gonna leave this here, Smith can be a douche sometimes, but i do listen when he talks wide receivers.
  6. You have to come to the wrong place to complain about drops, been near the top for a while🙄
  7. On one play they lined up Bosa on him and he got rocked, loved the idea.
  8. Then it's time to move on, Josh needs a room where he is the unquestioned alpha no more deferring to a petulant child/man in Diggs. Sometimes addition by subtraction is necessary, i have been in many fields in my life and seen it time and time again. Timing is right best WR draft in years, cap hit be damned figure it out Beane.
  9. At least with the Mob you as a normal citizen could mostly avoid it, the latter not so much🤑
  10. Pretty sure the knock on Tee coming out was he didn't separate, something to keep in mind moving forward.
  11. Ricky Pearsall is a DUDE! as well has the size as well not just a slot.
  12. Brother this draft will be littered with future WR1's, maybe even some in the mid-rounds. Whoever we get has that #17 advantage as well. Exciting times ahead i believe😊
  13. Loved the pick, but keep in my mind i was a huge Rob Johnson guy😅
  14. It's when he started using his legs that my eyes opened up, he will have to use it all against this chiefs defense for them to have a chance.
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