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  1. I know. It sucks doesn't it.😠 Oh well, let's just load up on offense and put score em lol
  2. Only one I disagree with: Barmore would absolutely be BPA over edge most likely. He and Oliver could be pretty killer duo....👍
  3. While my first approach pretty much mirrors Paul Costas, I really do like McNeil. Maybe a scenario of using one of our 5ths, 6th, and 7th to move up in the 2nd round to get him?
  4. I want to drink beer in your world.👍 I am thinking the exact same strategy.
  5. Ya know, we would have a great shot at one of the 1st tier CB's or even a pass rusher so many crave for if we could pull it off. Dark horse #1 WR potential as well. I like the sound of 2 #1 WR or 2 #1 CB under contract for the next 4 years.
  6. Creed Humphrey could be a darkhorse man.....he could realistically beat out Mongo or Ford and slide into center in 2022.
  7. It'd be pretty sweet if Terrence Marshall was there at 30. I think he would round out the WR group very nicely.
  8. Yep. The right guy could make this the greatest show in the snow!
  9. If we gotta take him there, I'm not against it. Our 3rd is basically a 4th anyways.
  10. I like a lot of 1techs in the 4th and we don't have a 4th. This is what is most painful in this draft.😠
  11. If we had the cash him and Oliver would be a devastating rotation at 3tech. I'd cut or trade both Zimmer and Harry and draft a 1tech in the 5th if it was possible and my call.
  12. True story bro👍. Unfortunately it's a weak draft on the Dline and we pick late.👎 Now I'm sad.
  13. He's a bad mammer jammer, but probably not process material.
  14. Man I liked Hurst coming out......if only we didn't have 17 3techs on the roster.....
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