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  1. He is a broken man.....literally. A shame though, I dig his game the short spurts he is healthy.
  2. LOL! Dude is the definition of QB who needs a loaded offense around him to succeed. Do it Queerboys, do it!!!
  3. Morse had core surgery this offseason as well which the Bills may be giving as much time as possible to heal fully before the long season ahead. Just another angle that could be possibly playing into this.
  4. Too bad he didnt see this coming and traded us Clowney for a 7th right before he got fired lol! Y
  5. Wow. Kinda unworthy of that contract imo. Dudes played what, a year and 3/4 of ball???😳
  6. Another Star myth is he constantly requires double teams. Shaq Mason from NE pretty much handles him one on one with ease all day. Im sure Mason isnt the only one as well. Id honestly say at least half the teams in the league feel more than comfortable putting just one guy on him.
  7. Man would be a great player for Oliver to learn from while simultaneously providing still pretty solid play. I'd def make a competitive offer.
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