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  1. Small sample size for Bates though. I need to see him over 4 complete games or so to make a true honest assesment.
  2. The guy got soft after the payday. I remember him getting tossed all over in the Thursday night game vs the Jets. Def a hard pass. I want more Feliciano types on the line.
  3. Even if Ford only ends up being an excellent guard, I'm personally totally good with that. I have no problem whatsoever using a 2nd round pick on a potentially great guard. But let's see what happens first......
  4. Sweeney has high football IQ, but just isn't that class in ability. I like him still though.👍
  5. I actually had a sick fantasy that we landed Oliver then traded up for Dexter Lawrence and been set up the middle on D for a decade. The Giants took Lawrence a bit earlier than I expected. Still liked the Ford pick a lot and believe he'll end up rock solid be it at RT or one of the G spots.
  6. Really? Id totally climb aboard that train for the right compensation!
  7. Man, our secondary would be pretty badass but I don't see Miami trading in division, no matter how weird things look down there. I think the guy fits our D really well though.....
  8. Me too. Kind of a sub par evaluation situation......unless Bills already have their minds set.
  9. No specifics, but I see a depth type trade or two, nothing big. Maybe OL or DB.
  10. He is a broken man.....literally. A shame though, I dig his game the short spurts he is healthy.
  11. LOL! Dude is the definition of QB who needs a loaded offense around him to succeed. Do it Queerboys, do it!!!
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