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  1. You guys do realize his contract really isn't very high for a DE. Edge players get PAID people.
  2. I'd definitely explore it if he has been playing well. I haven't seen him at all to form an opinion right now though.
  3. It never did make sense from a Jets perspective, but like John Lennon, I'm a dreamer lol
  4. It's happened to me before too, but I couldn't resist lol. Btw, I agree with you too👍
  5. I believe that is the road that should be taken....but these guys are stiffs when it comes to making moves.
  6. Are you gonna get the papers get the papers?
  7. I'd take Davis in a second and send Edmunds over to Alexander/Kleins spot. Huge multi position upgrade!!!
  8. Not with this stiff coaching staff. I'm all for it, but these guys are lame.
  9. That sounds good. Throw it their way if they bite before the deadline great. Can't hurt to try.
  10. Pretty nice audition if you ask me. He would absolutely add some much needed stoutness to this weak a** D. I'm in favor of this move that will never happen because well, it's the Bills.
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