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  1. TheBeaneBandit

    For the trade down club.....

    Be pretty nice to have one of those killer pass rushers coming out right about now eh???
  2. TheBeaneBandit

    Noah Fant in round 1

    Exactly. Only if we traded down, like even twice maybe. This guy just hasnt really lit anything up.
  3. TheBeaneBandit

    Anthony Johnson

    Agreed, but hope to be wrong as well
  4. TheBeaneBandit

    My FA targets

  5. TheBeaneBandit

    Lorax - should he be extended?

    If he wants to play hell yeah
  6. TheBeaneBandit

    OLine - offseason

    Unfortunately i totally agree. Gonna have to throw around some of that cash Peghomie.
  7. TheBeaneBandit

    Bills sign DE Mike Love and CB Denzel Rice off of PS

    Youre a jackass man
  8. TheBeaneBandit

    Brandon Beane Gives Blueprint to Critical 2019 Offseason

    Great post and I approve this message lol
  9. TheBeaneBandit

    Trent Murphy Cap Hit

    Yes, very common with that injury
  10. TheBeaneBandit

    Trent Murphy Cap Hit

    Perfectly said
  11. TheBeaneBandit

    Trent Murphy Cap Hit

    He's battled injuries, but a solid player when healthy. OP is just a whine just to whine type.
  12. Yeah he's been aa good one too. But i'd be pretty happy with one of the other 3 top guys.
  13. Kalil had stated this is final season for him. But other posters here like Easton, Moorse, and Paradis. Im on board with a veteran center if possible
  14. TheBeaneBandit

    New Draft Order

    Cool I'll look into him. I already like his age. We'd be getting him in his prime years which would be great.