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  1. I'm wondering if the Bills are waiting for a surprise cut to pounce on.....
  2. That's my main concern. Is the dude really anymore than a tiny step up from Wallace or Jackson? That ain't worth no 8+M per year for me.
  3. What a dork. Is Nelson really anything that good or Just Another Guy that was never exposed on a top defence?
  4. Having a QB on the actual team here on this board is going to pay huge dividends during the gameday threads! I'm excited!!!😆
  5. Possibly, but I see a similar player to Boettger: a guy with good pass protection technique, but someone who just gets in the way in the run game. Both lack power. But Lamp is a little more athletic giving him the edge in pass pro.
  6. What's better than one guy who line up in the slot and get you first downs? TWO! More options are a good thing peeps, and this would also open up more deep opportunities for Diggs, which is exciting. Whether it happens or not, Ertz would help this team.
  7. I'd need a 3rd to move Jerry, but nobody gonna offer that, so he stays. Addison I'd take a 7th. Just freeing up money would be worth it, and then that even might give us enough cash for a trade, so even better.
  8. Good thing Rousseau is 21 and has plenty of time to fill out. I believe he will be a complete and very good end within 2 years.
  9. I hate for the player but this weakens the Steelers blocking even more for that first game. I hope we put Rapelesburger in the fkn coffin.
  10. Yep. Went to a game there, the opener during Mannings 2nd year. Flutie got Thurman knocked out on a swing pass 1st play of the game. But yeah, that place totally sucks.
  11. 110% behind Beasley man! This country needs about 50 million more like him!
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