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  1. Too bad he didnt see this coming and traded us Clowney for a 7th right before he got fired lol! Y
  2. Wow. Kinda unworthy of that contract imo. Dudes played what, a year and 3/4 of ball???😳
  3. Another Star myth is he constantly requires double teams. Shaq Mason from NE pretty much handles him one on one with ease all day. Im sure Mason isnt the only one as well. Id honestly say at least half the teams in the league feel more than comfortable putting just one guy on him.
  4. Man would be a great player for Oliver to learn from while simultaneously providing still pretty solid play. I'd def make a competitive offer.
  5. Thats my bottom line compensation as well. A 2nd and a 4thπŸ‘
  6. Id do it for a 2nd next year and a 4th the following, of course after a contract extension as well.
  7. Stop. The line went from crap to fart after he replaced Groy....
  8. I wouldn't worry about any suspensions. He has a solid natural physique. Rolle that is. I'm hoping Knox is a great find, he has very good ability
  9. Yep. I had Ferrell as a nice solid pick at 9. I'm still shocked we stood our ground and still landed Oliver so Im happy.
  10. Pretty much. Delusional is probably the softest way you can put it.....
  11. If you dislike the Oliver pick you are a metrosexual lol
  12. I'd be on this.......like a mofo lol!!!
  13. Why can't Williams be a Lane Johnson quality RT??? While not my first choice he's 3 or 4 of my realistically top 5 available at 9.....
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