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  1. Not to change the subject but a move like this could also mean it is lowering his cap hit substantially for this year which could allow another move, Hopkins/pass rusher, to take place. I'm 50/50 on this extension. Could backfire or could reach potential, idk.
  2. To be fair Simmons was projected to basically have a redshirt rookie year because of injury.
  3. You are just making yourself look more stupid post after post. Harris had had more than a few long runs in his career while has Singletary, well, has he ever had a long run? Seriously time to sit your ass in time out and shut up.
  4. .....and Davis can give both Hopkins and Diggs breathers allowing the offense to just keep rolling.
  5. It used to be the prototype , but the game has changed. It would be invaluable if some teams ever went old-school with a power running game though.
  6. The only guy who has a chance to be a solid starter imo is Ika and he may be only a 2 down type. Williams def has the highest upside. Let Williams eventually play around 235ish and focus on rebuilding the DT room with more size. Ford is a nice start to that let's hope he stays more than one year.
  7. Yes. Then sign another free agent DT left on the market. We'll be fine.
  8. This would also allow Miller to ease back slowly and be at full strength for the stretch run. Ok, I'll stop making sense now.
  9. Already too late for that. The film is already out that he's not a difference maker as a receiver out of the backfield, which was supposed to be his best quality. Add to that, the guy can get tackled by one arm 90% of the time. Don't worry, someone will bring up his impressive yards per carry average, but that's a classic case of change of pace back false hope.
  10. When Vons ready to come back maybe trade Basham or Epenesa...whoever's the least productive of the two. Same deal at DT.
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