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  1. I'll buy that for a dollar!!! Good news. But if he adds even an average running game next year to compliment the passing game he'll get a HC gig for sure.
  2. Yes. But a 3rd safety in "big nickle" packages. Would also provide a lift filling run lanes.
  3. His bone structure is way to small for that kinda transformation. jmo
  4. Agreed. They just gotta identify them. Could be at any level of the D but I hope they find a way to shore up the middle.
  5. The most glaring thing that concerns me is how for the love of God are the Bills so lousy at running the ball???? It is absolutely maddening! They even make it look ugly vs the worst run defense time after time....
  6. Man it's tough to project but I hope they find a way to keep both of em'. I would guess minimum 6M per year for Feliciano and 7M per for Williams.
  7. John Brown must be effective for this train to run smoothly....he hasn't been right for a while let's hope it's an injury he can heal from soon.
  8. Our poor safeties will have lost 2-3 years off their careers from having to do this all year long 😞
  9. It goes way beyond a busted shoulder. Edmunds should actually be playing OLB/hybrid type role.
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