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  1. I'd prefer to keep it around 12-13 per year, but that's not the world we live in. I would try and get him and Tre done asap, so we can keep this train rolling before the salaries get even more wack.
  2. If the Bills think Ford will work out at RT I am cool with Ruiz replacing Spain for a couple years then moving in for Morse. Dude is an impact player period.
  3. Williams is my 1b after Conklin. I know he didn't have a great year but I believe a lot of that is because of such a severe injury he had to come back from.
  4. Jack Conklin and the best DE possible. WR is a close third, possibly by trade if necessary.
  5. Ford would go to G if the Bills grab an OT in the 1st round (or free agency). I would actually like our line a lot but the rest is pretty disastrous!
  6. Right on. With DT being possibly being the deepest position in free agency, I think when the dust settles we'll find someone pretty good to handle that 33% 👍
  7. Also wouldn't 17 games make an odd number of home vs away games? Just doesn't sound right.
  8. Thomas would be a great pick (probably long gone though), but I hope a lot of the other moves are quite a bit different.
  9. Man I wish we had him instead of Star.....😞
  10. I would love one who was a serious threat as a receiver myself.
  11. Love it all but Id probably even double dip with WR in round 2.
  12. Johnson would add a pretty nice receiving option for Allen. His salary is tough to swallow though. In the end, the price/pick would have to be right.
  13. Bro, he's 2, maybe 3 times more disruptive than Hughes. Watch some freaking film man. Actually, you add him and he flushes 10-15 sacks for Hughes.
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