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  1. How about this: trade a second next year for Aiyuk and then trade up in the second this year for someone like Coleman or legette or another deep threat receiver in this draft to compliment him. That would be a grand slam. On top of lending someone like Newton who would be a terror with Oliver on 2nd and 3rd and lungs if they decided to play them at the same time.
  2. Nobody is giving San Fran anything close to that with a loaded WR class starting them right in the face. They either gotta pay him or take a deal somewhere on middle ground.
  3. No. It's a 2nd next year and some change or no for me.
  4. The big money won't kick in for a year or two and you just give a big signing bonus. Not that difficult really. Amateurs around here🤣😆😂
  5. Most definitely. The only way you target a player that many times is if he's Justin Jefferson or Megatron.
  6. This. We get the young WR hitting his prime again and then even draft the pretty substantial Gabe Davis upgrade at 28 or possible trade up in the second. Don't worry the Bills can still rotate TBD legend Shakir in for the rookie at times but let's be real here Shakir is a number 3. Sorry not sorry.
  7. We'd have one on the big contract and one on cost controlled. Totally doable and most of the other picks could be used towards defense.
  8. For sure. I only do it for a higher 2025 pick and maybe a couple late round pics thrown in.
  9. I'd even trade a 2025 second and a couple later pics to ensure the deal gets done, then you could still draft another receiver in the first or second round this year and the whole group would be extremely formidable. I'd even prefer to go best player available in the first round and then move up a good ways in the second round and get the receiver then. Landing Aiyuk would actually give us multiple options and not be forced into anything.
  10. I could if the compensation was like only a 2nd rounder next year and a couple scattered late round picks.
  11. While I do agree, I look at all the available defensive players in this draft and just don't see any players that I envision making those plays. The ways I see the stars aligning I think this is the year to reload the offense mainly.
  12. I'm afraid as far as pass rushers are concerned we're probably going to have to roll with what we got this year unless we get lucky with someone post June 1st. But the good news from the Diggs trade is that the money that's freed up from his contract next year we could go after one of the top free agent pass rushers with it.
  13. Totally agree. Sure we'd have to leave the defense a little depleted this year but we could finish that unit off next year. Build up the firepower this year and if the offense stays hot especially by the time the playoffs start we are still an absolute contender imo.
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