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  1. Oliver, Burns, Williams, Taylor, and Metcalf are my top stay at 9 realistic possibilities. 3 for a tradedown are Wilkins, Hock, and Lawrence.
  2. Both Philips are second wave guys and Star is barely average, that's why.
  3. I was thinking after this year, If at all.
  4. Me too! It's absolutely one of the moves I would make and would easily make Star L. expendable sooner rather than later. Not that money is currently an issue just sayin.
  5. I wonder if our 3rd and our 2nd picks in round 4 and 5 would do it.........
  6. Yeah or swap 2nds this year and throw in a 2nd next year. Next year we have a boatload of cash for free agency so I can love with less picks next year, not this year.
  7. Complaining that he was killing every drill?.....
  8. I'm guessing he still has a tramp stamp.......
  9. Burns/White for me. If it's White I think they play him outside possibility at first, then possibly flip him and Edmunds the following year.
  10. It didn't affect Hurst whatsoever, so he's still on my board.
  11. His coach should of been kicked in the d*** and kneecapped, so there's that too.....
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