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  1. He didn't check himself before he wrecked himself. Hes a broken man....literally. Still love the dude
  2. I'm on board with a trade up for ANY of those 5. Can't go wrong with any and all would totally elevate the unit they would join.
  3. I like both guys a lot but I cannot pay EITHER that deal.
  4. Then we could really load up the offense this draft! Gonna be a fun year man!
  5. I think cause the league has evolved a bit from the 80s and 90s. But imo a great RB is still very nice to have.
  6. Agreed. Plus I dont see Hall making it past the top 5-10 picks of the 2nd round. While nowhere near my top choice, I would be cool with Hall at 25 if the first 24 picks went disastrously for the Bills wish list.
  7. Just let him focus on outside corner too. Him and White would be a great pair imo..... but Booth and White would still be pretty darn good too!
  8. Nice! I still believe if he cleans up his footwork and technique sky's the limit. Plus his frame has room for serious growth!
  9. You must not pound the table, but jump through it.....
  10. Slow down freak show lol....no you're right not the worst idea but Bradberry struggles vs the type of WR in our division. The small blazers get him but he is definitely good vs bigger WR. So I'm kinda 50/50 on him.
  11. Love it. Then trade up for a WR they really like if need be. Winning lol
  12. You'd have to trade UP actually. I see only 4 worth pick 25 or higher.
  13. It's true I seen Baker at Tempo😢....must be a done deal😆
  14. I expect top of the line memes from all of you for this craziness.....20fn million???
  15. Just bring Williams back as a stopgap for RG. Draft a developmental type this year or go higher next year. We gotta get faster in this draft imo.
  16. The upside of Wiliams is too tempting by a mile. Easy choice : Williams
  17. I hear that but I think the Colts game really gave them a huge reality check. The Dline needed a pretty good makeover.
  18. That would be the dream but I just cant see Dotson make it past early 2nd round.
  19. Still a job well done Bill! With Moses (yeah big school, so bigger name), you gotta wonder what happened there.
  20. Woulda been nice, but I think Haden or Peterson would be good 1 year stop gaps.
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