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  1. If the weather during the game dictates sloppy football, then this is absolutely the way to go. Forcing Cook to be the main back in a sloppy weather football game would just keep putting the Bills in a hole. You got to adjust personal accordingly.
  2. Yes. I never seen him cause any pressure unless he shot a gap clean and untouched. Small 205 running backs would basically stonewall him. It's why I would laugh when people suggested the Bills play him at edge.
  3. Any word if he will be able to practice this week? Gotta limit pressure up the middle, esp against the Jets (Q Williams).
  4. No team in the league has a surplus of quality offensive lineman, it's in offensive lineman needy League.
  5. Gotta keep all our CBs for teams like the Bengals and Chiefs imo
  6. Yes they did need to move up because Dallas was on Kincaid like white on rice.
  7. It's like the guy refuses to get better 😆
  8. Most definitely. I'll also add that if this is Morse last year that competition will be brought in for Bates next year in the form of a draft pick or free agent.
  9. Yeah but now they're going to run Jonathan Taylor into the ground this year and other teams or the colts are not going to pay him knowing he just got 5 years knocked off of his life.
  10. I'm pretty excited about the run blocking potential of a Torrance/Brown right side. Brown becomes consistent in pass pro=hell yeah!
  11. He already mostly kills it as a run blocker, he just needs to clean up his technique in pass pro and get out of his stance on time.
  12. You are not allowed to smash the wife of the fellow player showing you hospitality???
  13. Very well said.👍 I've always thought he could be competent but as you just stated he must become smarter and sound in his assignments.
  14. He's fine to play on obvious passing downs but he's never been even a mediocre run defender. Keep him fresh for the elite passing teams would be my play.
  15. I thought it was one of the best moves in a long time that the bills just went and drafted a pure guard not these utility guys that could play all five spots but just barely adequately if even that.
  16. That's when I actually expect him to take the job and leave everyone else well behind.
  17. We would probably have to send Dallas a pick due to Diggs age and Lamb's upside.
  18. Back when 100% Columbian really meant something.
  19. Burrow is hands down a better pure passer and it's not even close. He drops it in the basket extremely consistent while Allen is once in a while when it comes to those throws.
  20. Almost like the Giants Nascar defense that stopped the Patriots undefeated season.
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