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  1. Smoking some baby back ribs, salt potatoes and a veggie to be named later.
  2. Shaw - Always look forward to your posts. Please keep them coming. I want to be optimistic but have touched the stove numerous times. So I will enjoy the progress but be prepared for disappointment.
  3. This should be said about any QB drafted last year, not just Allen. None of them have proved they are a franchise QB today. That said, Allen showed enough to provide evidence he can develop into that player. I would rather have him at this point than Rosen or Jackson. He is about where Darnold is while Mayfield would be the leader. Year 2 will provide additional evidence for all these players as they continue to develop.
  4. Voted no......as many others had said he was very good. If he had a SB, then that might carry the day. No SB, no HOF.
  5. Please stop using facts, it confuses the people who just read headlines.
  6. I use my BGE and it is great for pizza. A few hard won lessons: 1. The dough recipe matters. Use 00 flour and use a recipe where it rises. No short cuts. 2. Target the temp to 550 - 600. I have done as high as 700 but then the toppings do not cook well. 3. Don't overwork the dough. Use a pizza roller to put holes in the dough to prevent bubbles. 4. Use the plate setter and the pizza stone. Set the pizza stone off the plate setter to allow air to circulate. On my BGE I use the feet. On my other ceramic smoker, I purchased kiln blocks. 5. Don't overload the pizza with toppings. 6. Use lots of corn meal to avoid sticking. In the North I can get a good course meal. In the south too fine, it burns quick at the high temps. 7. Make extra - good cold. 8. I use a fruit wood with the lump for flavor. Good luck, once you get it how you like it you will make it a regular event.
  7. How to play an inside technique better? How to use your hands without getting PI called? I am not saying these are what he needs but examples of what could have been said if he had studied Tre's film and found areas of improvement. It is obvious he did not and thus had to generalize.
  8. In reality you want: sacks + pressure = total QB stress. However it is the total D stat that matters. If you can not cover or stop the run, the QB stress does not matter. The sum is greater than the parts with a great D.
  9. Outdoors in April in Cleveland is no better than Buffalo so there is hope for Buffalo in the future.
  10. Nope, not close to dominating. Maybe not best on his team.
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