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  1. Jones was miss but all teams miss on 4th rounders so will not hold that against them.
  2. Unless they think he is a hot mess, then they may give him away. After a season of seeing him, Flores should know how to defend Rosen.
  3. Maybe the future Surgeon General wants to be the power behind the throne?
  4. To me the sweet spot is 11 personnel. With Diggs they will be dangerous and can dictate to the D.
  5. She has a lot of hair. When Joe needs a sniff fix, AOC could be his go to source.
  6. ...or if might not. He has no facts of expertise to make that statement. No one knows what the outcome will be. If the mass of media thinks the worst, then bet against them.
  7. I would argue taking a lower rated player because he is higher rated in a position group is a bad strategy. Take the highest ranked player within a tier at a position of need. Seems simple vs drafting by highest ranked player within a position group.
  8. So by this logic you take the best kicker over the second best QB. Take the BPA at a position of need within the tier when picking. If TE, not opposed but doubt it.
  9. I would rather have a RB than TE. Reality is that is that there will be players grouped as BPA and in that group TE will be a low priority.
  10. You are wrong but would like to understand why you think so.
  11. Does anybody believe this is remotely possible? I guess a good message board topic but that is as far as it goes.
  12. Give up a second and pay $20 million per year for an old, maybe injury prone OT? No thanks.
  13. The trend to taller slot receivers impacts his value. Surprised a bit he was signed. I was a fan when he was with the Bills.
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