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  1. There used to be a Dr. Stopp who did vasectomies in Danville NY hospital.
  2. You can spend a day in the park. Starting from the Portage end...... The train bridge is stop 1. The old wooden bridge was better as you could go onto the bridge. Upper falls is nearby. Keep going and turn tight. This will take you to middle and upper falls. Park at each end or in the middle and walk. IMO the middle falls is the best. Head up the hill and turn left. This will take you to The Glen Iris Inn and the museum. I believe the food quality has gone down at the Glen Iris but may be worth a stop. Go back up the hill and take left. Here is the Mary Jemison area. Some buildings and statues. Go back and turn left. Take road to Lower Falls. This has a long walk for the best view. The walk has been repaired recently so no terrible. Head back and towards Perry Entrance. There are many turn offs and the wolf creek area to check out. Explore and head towards Mt. Morris to see the damn. If just looking, the turn offs are fine. If going to tour the damn, you need to exit and reenter between MT Morris and Nunda. If driving at night watch for deer. I have not done rafting or ballons but all are highly recommended
  3. Outside the park there are not alot of good restaurants and attractions. In nearby Nunda is the Whistling Farmer Pub. In full disclosure, while I have not ate there but many have spoke well. For some great Amish donuts, bread and baked goods head towards Nunda but take the side road towards Short Track. Go thru town and up hill - the place is on the right. Delish and cheap. In Perry is the Silver Lake Drive-in. It has ice cream, pizza and road food including average beef on wick. Then stay for a movie double header of new movies for $10. Someone covered Mt. Morris and Geneseo so I will skip.
  4. A stop in hammondsport may be worth it. There is a museum there dedicated to Curtis motorbikes and aircraft. Some nearby restaurants and wineries - Dr. Frank is both.
  5. It is in Columbus Tx. Go into the restrooms and there is his Bills jersey and maybe a helmet. His brothers also have their own restrooms.
  6. he plays gunner on ST....cut Jones, use Benford as gunner.
  7. This may be the year Taiwan does not make it. Stevenson also has an uphill battle - he needs to show improvement.
  8. Agree - many thought that they can coach up a low round pick but can't coach up better tackling technique. You can teach tackling, can't teach speed.
  9. Do the Giants have cap space? No they do not. If they would clear cap space, if he is so bad why would they want him?
  10. When you think you are the smartest person you can rationalize all your moves.
  11. Except all the mock draft "experts" who were projecting RB.
  12. I would hope for more than 3.9 ypc.
  13. The WR run begins............
  14. Needs: Yes….every position. QB would even be a consideration given Wilson’s poor rookie results. An Edge was taken earlier so that is off the table. With the 10th pick, the Jets want to give Wilson some support. Douglass has been reading the TBD message board and is tempted to take Breece Hall but ultimately decided on a WR. Wilson and Williams are 1A and 1B. Both can be the difference maker for the Jets if utilized properly. Wilson has more of a resume vs one year for Williams and that tipped the scale in his favor. With the 10th pick in the 2022 draft, the NY Jets select Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State. The Washington Commanders and @CNYfan are on the clock.
  15. Needs: Yes….every position. QB would even be a consideration given Wilson’s poor rookie results. This pick was a toss-up between Edge and CB (Gardner). Saleh’s D needs good line play so the coin flip fell to Edge. The Jets did not expect 2 of the 3 top rated edge players to be available. Walker has one year starting and his production is not as high as desired for a top 5 pick. But, he was also on the top D so the plays were split over many talented players. Thibodeaux is naturally gifted and has a high ceiling. Recent reports have called out his “love of the game” and that he takes plays off. So both picks have an element of risk but Saleh thinks he can motivate and get consistent, high end performance out of Thibodeaux . With the 4th selection, the NY Jets select Kayvon Thibodeaux, Edge, Oregon. The Giants and @Doc Brown are on the clock.
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