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  1. What they need are new ideas and strong leadership, a revolution in Chicago public policy. They need to have liberal democrats run this to their plan for the entire country. Wait, what? Dems have been in charge for decades? Now what?
  2. You missed the racist, slave owning elk in Portland.
  3. Involved is not listening and learning. Involved is making game day decisions. IMO the more an owner knows the better. I agree they should not be making game day decisions but knowing more is always good.
  4. I heard this when Cruz lost.......oh wait.
  5. This is a strong and deep line-up to put before the voters. Much better than what the Dems rolled out in 2020.
  6. For this combination of reasons, he belongs in the HOF.
  7. You are hilarious - evidence? If there was evidence it would have been produced and a real impeachment held. All the talking heads with paid gigs said they had evidence until under oath - then they could not produce.
  8. I can see them trying to "home alone" the area to protect themselves when they get moved out.
  9. Once again the real intentions are covered up by a false narrative. This is not about removing statues from an era that does not exist today in the name of correcting the evils of the past. It is about breaking down the history and culture of the country to be replaced by the far left's new normal. They are pushing now to see how far they can go before they receive push back. That will then be the starting point for the next wave as they break down the country.
  10. Nice try but I doubt you will change the mind of someone who decided on a narrative without looking at the actual facts.
  11. So we can establish for the Bills: 1. No worry on oil prices as they cashed out. 2. No worry on Bills financials as they paid cash. 3. As the cost of the stadium is low, they have a protection many teams that financed stadiums do not have. Teams that leveraged to build will be hurt the worst. 4. The cap is in good shape so if it drops in future years, the Bills will be positioned to take advantage of the market inefficiencies. In terms of the Sabres, I suspect that as business people they want them tp stand on their own. They may not need them to be profitable but to al least break even. With the Bills and other local assets, a break even hockey team still contributes to their overall portfolio.
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