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  1. Help me out - why is he better than the top 3 RBs already on the roster?
  2. He was injured working out away from the Broncos facilities. I believe this means the Broncos don't have to pay him. If so, players should practice where they are protected.
  3. Was obvious before the draft and more so post draft.
  4. I am not an expert on these two - can you compare and contrast why Williams is because better?
  5. This looks like a modern NFL draft. The priority is to pass the ball, protect the passer and rush the passer. You also need to build cheap depth at expensive positions. Pass rusher and pass defenders get paid. So the first 4 picks setup the team in the future. I would have liked a CB earlier but the value was not there. Beane made good moves that will pay dividends in the future. There is no reason to believe the draft was a failure. Rating it low because the team did it differently than you thought is not a good reason. Pick a QB high or pick an injure
  6. Since you don't know what was offered, how do you know trading back was the best move?
  7. Seems like Jones and Cam will run different types of offenses - will the Pats have an identity?
  8. I am in the CB/Edge camp but if WR/RB is the BPA, I trust Beane to make the best decision. No one hits 100% so the misses will happen.
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