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  1. Spot on. He has shown nothing in the NFL to date but will be good in Buffalo - not likely.
  2. Can you link those analytics - interested to see the data.
  3. Offer the Milano contract. He takes it or let him try the FA market where he will most likely find a better deal. Then draft his replacement - a LB should be available at 31 (no dolphins pick) since MLB has been devalued to some extent.
  4. What is your definition of great? I do not see it.
  5. Other than being fast, has he shown much as a receiver?
  6. Yes but Dibellas is the better sub. Better bread and more add ons. The last Wegman's sub I had she was being short on the onions and condiments.
  7. I was in a Sam's club last year in Katy TX and saw Mayer cider. I was surprised but had to get a taste of home.
  8. Smoked Chicken wings w/buffalo sauce. Pizza logs at half time. Woodford Reserve as the adult beverage.
  9. Top notch reporting here.......
  10. The Bills got him for a 7th - no team was willing to part with a 4th at that time. What has changed?
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