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  1. In Livingston county until end of October. Still waiting for the new stadium near Letchworth For winter in Texas surrounded by Houston and Dallas fans.
  2. Agree. Watched some baseball with a camera on the facemask. Too jerky to watch for long.
  3. Plenty to disagree with here. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/07/17/nfl-schedule-2019-team-record-predictions He has the Bills going 6-10 but had one scenario where they win 10 games. Sounds like the first round did not align to his world view/bias so he had to find games to change. In grand scheme, means nothing but a time killer while waiting for camp to open.
  4. A one + inch thick ribeye is the best choice for its marbling. 1. Bring to room temperature. 2. Season with salt, pepper and garlic. Do not be shy. 3. Put on Big Green Egg @ 225 degrees. Use some hickory chunks for flavor. 4. Remove when a bit less than medium rare. 5. Bring temp up on grill to 400+. 6. Wear to desired temperature. 7. Rest
  5. I flip between cashews and dry roasted peanuts. Both must be salted.
  6. Is the implied point being made that the Bills should not have been in the playoffs? If so, don't care.
  7. I am glad Josh is doing poorly. It means he is not wasting time on golf but summer football prep.
  8. The real question is what is the overall talent level? Would you rather have 5 very good receivers or 1 great/4 average receivers? Would you rather have good RBs and TEs with good receivers or 2 great receivers with no supporting cast. IMO it is about balance. Any one person can be schemed away (yes some tougher than others) so have many good/above average is better than 1 great player trying to carry the load.
  9. This seems to be over thought in the discussion. My POV is: Extend: Make the play-offs Fire: 5 wins or less unless decimated by injuries Stay the course: In between the two above
  10. Park across the street at one of the houses, pay $15. Costs more but much more pleasant experience.
  11. We agree! Thick, crispy and peppered is the best option. I also like to put BBQ rub on thick cut - outstanding.
  12. It is a slow time of the year.
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