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  1. If Beane did this he would go down a notch IMO. Don't sign old, injury prone receivers.
  2. People's palates are different. That the chef knows better is not a good business plan. I tend to avoid restaurants where they pair all the food and eliminate the choice for me. Maybe I don't want squash but it has been determined that it is better that way so eat your squash.
  3. I think it is a bad strategy to draft based on preventing the next team from drafting a certain player.
  4. I guess I am in the minority - I thought he was average at best, more below average. Maybe he will continue to improve but this is an area to upgrade in the draft.
  5. Darnold is on year 4 of his contract. So a team trading for him gives up a #1 for 1 year, 2 if they pick up the option? Not convinced this happens unless the think he really is a franchise guy.
  6. Not saying you are wrong but add some links to back up your statement that analytics proves a certain strategy.
  7. The GM should be fired for signing Gift and then fired again for trading Goff.
  8. I don't have sources but I think yes. I purchased a 90-91 championship ring at an auction that was presented to one of their finance staff.
  9. I will be watching the 1993 Chiefs-Bills game to warm up.
  10. Is Houston racist - maybe. Is Houston incompetent - yes.
  11. Taylor has worked out well. Many times.people can move too quick.at the expense of the long term. It sometimes works but more often not.
  12. Assuming he clears protocol, does this change the strategy if he has a toe issue and may be gun shy? Do you blitz more and make him hurry if he can not escape as well? Most pundits seem to think replicate the week 6 game plan but I suspect Fraser will change it up.
  13. If he was not then the award would have been a farce. Well deserved.
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