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  1. I have been hit by the injury bug.....CMC, Golladay, Jones have been out alot so happy to be at 5-4. Good news, picked up Diggs in 6th - best pick I made. I have my team setup for the play-offs and based on the schedule a good chance to make it to top 6. Then I think I can win if injuries settle down.
  2. Spicy mustard and chopped onions. Never ketchup.
  3. Norman was on IR so really no reason for him to be so close to teammates.
  4. I feel dirty after watching the Murray slobbering.
  5. What happens when Buffalo and Pittsburgh play? Can they both be lucky?
  6. I think many of the negative voices in national are failed QBs who wanted to be Josh but were not Josh. They were great and deserved to be a Pro QB. The fact that Josh is that QB rubs them raw so they put him down to feel better about themselves. Bruce G on NFL network is one of these guys.
  7. I guess I do not see Tasker as a backup as he was such a key player. So I would go Davis as the Offense did not lose much when he came into the game. Reich was great but did not play enough IMO.
  8. This is a trend......Bennett. He made a large impact and was the missing piece for the D.
  9. Josh has "it" in spades. What Josh has is leadership and is a good guy. His team mates would walk through fire for him because he lays it on the line. Darnold and Rosen do not have "it". I am not sure their team mates would yell watch out if they were going to step in front of a bus. Nice guys most likely but not leaders. People think Mayfield has "it" but it is mistaken for being obnoxious and self absorbed. I think his team would not come to his house other than that is where they play. Mayfield is not a leader or nice guy it seems from afar.
  10. It is so blatant it calls into question any of the players they selected. It must have been their advanced metric where Diggs cuts left in a route by .03 seconds slower than to the right when the CB is left handed and the grass is cut to 1.38 inches.
  11. Many bad takes this thread............
  12. He heard that Josh was not accurate and would never improve.
  13. Next week please start a thread on trading Edmunds for a Kolache, a sausage and a bag of chips.
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