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  1. They don't believe it but have no issues pushing it as "truth".
  2. He is top 3 for sure. The difference is he has sustained his excellence longer.
  3. Don't forget the cancer fake news. Romney is why people like Trump - for all his faults he fights back when attacked by the libs. Mitt just says "thank you, may I have another".
  4. Bills 27 Phins 24 Bass kicks the game winning filed goal after an outstanding drive by Allen.
  5. Do you grant this authority? Why are your morals better? Please elaborate why you are of high moral character.
  6. Thank you and this is where I am. If all parties worked to the same set of rules, I might say delay the nomination. However, look at what the libs will do to get and hold power. Was the Kavanaugh character assassination required or legit? The fake impeachment? The reps lying to the public when the testimony they took shows the opposite? A coup by the FBI/CIA on a candidate/President? Quietly backing riots and calling them peaceful protests? The list is longer than I care to write. Trump should push this through and not wait.
  7. If Watkins got $16 million then maybe........ Once they gave Kupp his contract they had to do something for Woods.
  8. I see Milano moving up the charts with a combo of hurt too much and not worth what the Bills will need to pay to keep him. I disagree but think he will be in the whipping conversation.
  9. I get the local Texas paper electronically while I am in WNY for the summer. it is filled with help wanted ads. The local papers here, not so much. Leadership by a Governor makes a difference. Texas also protected the nursing homes, NY moved sick people into them. While a Texas resident, I am thinking of selling the WNY place so I don't have to deal with the poor NYS leadership.
  10. I understand the Dems have a manbearpig ready to be unleashed if Biden loses.
  11. I get it but I think Buffalo can get the W against Miami easier. Yes, any given Sunday but I would take the odds.
  12. Watch it.....seemed like good to me. Of course, you will see it otherwise.
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