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  1. I think reasonable people can agree that the prior system was broke. I also think reasonable people can see that the over correction is causing different issues and maybe worse issues. This is what happens when politicians with agenda (yes most) do not think through and create a holistic solution. Do a root cause analysis, develop potential solutions and test those solutions vs real world use cases to understand what a good law would look like. Fixing a bad law by creating a new bad law does not make it right.
  2. Why are we using data when the eyeball test clearly show the Bills are terrible? Good find, thanks.
  3. Now they know not to test the US, I am sure Europe will be a more inviting target.
  4. I agree he would be a good pick but your analysis does not help your point.
  5. This shows the improvement the Bills have made. Rather than asking if a college team can beat the Bills, it is being asked if a college position group is better. WR seems to be the hardest to project success from college to NFL. High picks flame out, UDFA flourish. While the LSU receivers look good, history would indicate 1 or 2 will not make it.
  6. Too much core cutting is reducing the ESPN revenue. So put events people want to see on the pay channel. The last team with the ball may win tonight. LSU 41 Clemson 38.
  7. I am agnostic on keeping him. If you can improve, then do it. If you want to focus on higher impact areas, he provides average production if healthy.
  8. I usually find these types of comparisons intellectually weak and this is not an exception.
  9. Nobel peace prize for sure. Nobel peace prize for sure.
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