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  1. It sends a bad message - we are not sure you are the QB of the future so when we cut you we want the offset clause to minimize the impact.
  2. Ok I'll bite.......what do you expect to receive from the Rams?
  3. The Bills LBs got a lot of love on NFL Network Moving the Chains show. Did not hear the other teams but all LBs were well thought of by Pat and Jim.
  4. YouTube TV will not allow you to get Buffalo stations out of the Buffalo market.
  5. I used youtube TV a few years ago when I went south for the winter. Two issues: 1. They want to work to your home market. When you sign up they set that market. If you moved out of the market, you could access the original market for 3 months. So you need to be in Buffalo/Rochester when you sign up. 2. You can not watch live. As soon as the game is over, it is available but never live except for the market you are in currently - those are live. I got around these by setting the home market as Rochester and then watching delayed on my laptop. I did not l
  6. How many additional wins with Jones? More wins in the playoffs? I am thinking 1 additional win in the regular season, no better in the playoffs. If so, not worth the cost.
  7. The Titans do not have enough money to make the trade so they need to make some additional moves, which will make the team weaker. How much net improvement?
  8. All other things equal, does Beane give up a 4th for a 1 year rental?
  9. But the team is still taking a big hit next year. Makes no sense to release Star this year. After this year, doubt he is on the team without a massive pay cut.
  10. Just read that it would cost $4.2M more to cut than keep. Not sure if correct.
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