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  1. With the 49th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri. The Bengals need to get better on D. With DTs coming back from injury, LB was a clear need. Bolton is a 2 time all SEC LB who can grow into playing all 3 downs. He plays with an attitude and he plays fast. He is not afraid of contact but needs to shed blockers better. With the first 2 rounds (3rd round pick traded to move back into 1st) the Bengals have added: Christian Darrisaw, OT Kadarius Toney, WR Jayson Oweh, Edge Nick Bolton, LB While still a few years
  2. You are correct, he would not have made it to #55. The Bengals were targeting at #49.
  3. I have some heartburn with a WR at 30 but if BPA, then so be it.
  4. He was interviewed on NFL Radio Movin' the Chains yesterday - a good interview and seemed like a process kinda of guy.
  5. He was highest on the board I am using and a position of need. Logical.
  6. With the 38th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Jason Oweh, Edge, Penn State. With the first 2 picks the offense was fortified. Now it was time to turn towards the defense. Edge and DT are positions of need. The highest rated player on the board was Qweh so BPA meets need. Oweh is high risk and high reward. We are hoping his college pressure will turn into sacks as he grows into the pro game. He is highly athletic but raw. The Hendrickson FA signing gives him some time to mature. The Jaguars @NewEra are on the clock. Note: The page 1
  7. He had delusions of grandeur and what Lawrence will deliver.
  8. Trade Announcement The Cincinnati Bengals have acquired pick #32 from the TB Bucs in exchange for picks 50 and 69. With the 32nd pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida. The Bengals need to add a third target who can get deep to supplement Boyd and Higgins. This gives Barrow a full set of weapons to attack the defense at all levels. He will also return kicks and can be the gadget guy on offense. Pick 32 may be a bit high but we are looking at the overall talent and team contribution. With the Chiefs picking Marshall, the last WR we wou
  9. Seems like Jenkins is the obvious choice so they will probably go WR.
  10. I reluctantly went Oweh. He is raw but the Bills can give him a year to develop and work him in the rotation. He is high risk, high reward. I wanted to go CB but did not see one here rated high enough to not be a major reach.
  11. I don't think I traded much in the past based on the team. This one, yup as I was able to acquire 2 additional second rounds. Last year in the real draft there were 10 trades in round 1. We are at 5 now.
  12. With the 16th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech. The Raiders @inaugural balls are on the clock. When we traded back we were hoping for a top 3 WR or OT. The top 3 WRs are off the board and the 4th is down the chart. We almost went with Parsons but we prefer 1st round picks with more than 1 year of experience. Darrisaw was a 3 year starter and showed improvement in all 3 years. He plays tough and has the athletic ability to pull. He may start at guard and move to T when our 1 year rental of Reiff is over.
  13. There are some on this site that think he will fall to 10 and the Bills will move up to 10 to take him. Double fail.
  14. How many years before "potential" is replaced by results? His performance has been poor the last 2 years. He is not worth even a low pick and $6 million. If cut and would sign for vet min, then interested.
  15. There will be ma y disappointed people on April 29th when a RB is not selected and Singletary is a Bill in 2021.
  16. Higher chance of Murray busting than the Cards winning the SB.
  17. Agree whatdrought. If we need to get closer knock off one pick from next year.
  18. If the Bengals had stayed at #6, Sewell would have been the pick. While we expect him to be excellent, the team needs talent to compete with Baltimore and Cleveland. shhhhh............
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