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  1. Cool Hand Luke Patton Ferris Buehler's Day Off
  2. Went to SB31 (1997, GB v NE). Had to fly in and out of Pensacola as flights to NO were booked solid (understandable). Wound up in some pseudo-hotel / hostel. Phew, that was in a sketchy area. One block in the "wrong" way and it was not pretty. I did get to meet Ralph Wilson, among many other NFL types, at the Friday nite NFL cocktail party.
  3. Thinking about it. My sister lives in Jacksonville Beach. Pretty good brew / pub (Intuition Ale Works) and distillery (Manifest) right near the stadium. Word of warning - Jacksonville is the largest city in the US (?) by square area. In other words, it is spread out big time. Beaches are 30 - 45 min from the stadium.
  4. Second the recommendation on City Hall / observation deck. There's also a boat tour out of the inner harbor.
  5. Place in Boston made a breakfast sammie using Canadian bacon (with peameal). Out of this world!! https://www.mikeandpattys.com/ Sounds like that guy has a Saturn 5 rocket cooking those eggs.
  6. Need to see my parents - thinking Memorial Day weekend. Eyeing the Bills game in Jax this fall. Other than that, half day Fridays again this year possibly.
  7. I have not had a soda of any type for ~20 years. Habits are formed in 30 days, lifestyles in 90 days.
  8. He, Irv, and Tom were the "real". Godspeed Rick
  9. First Pfizer jab this morning. EZ - PZ. Halfway there. No issues so far 🤞.
  10. My family had season tix for about 10 years. Our seats were in the lower bowl near some "bump out" in a corner (player side, directly across the Zamboni access). I can't find a seating chart readable enough to find a section number to reference. There was only one of these "bump outs" in the arena, never knew why that was there / what it was for.
  11. The kid from Alabama has been put out there. Trey Sermon from OSU is one to look at also.
  12. Curiosity. Maternal side of my mom's side of the family has a lot of documentation. Father side of family - very little. Was interested to do more research / understanding. The show "Finding Your Roots" was also a motivation.
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