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  1. What about offices? Some are like a meat cooler. 77 during the day / 75 - 73 at nite for the house
  2. Yes there is. It's called don't stand in front of the outlets. That's why one side is clear of any outlets.
  3. People that sing along with every song. I'm here to listen / see the band, not you!
  4. My neighbor did a sleep study and the tech was amazed at how little "sleep" he did get. Snoring, leg movement, the works. He's been wearing a CPAP for about a year and loves it. Cleaning the mask is important / required.
  5. Kudos to your son and WVU - Dr Gee one of the best in the biz. Best comment >>> Best of luck with the transition! Enjoy the peace, and have faith. It all works out fine, I promise. Just as it’s meant to.
  6. I can't vouch for @Cripple Creek, but what is wrong with Ohio? 😄
  7. My thoughts exactly. Have been to WDW, Epcot, Hollywood Studios. I'm always surprised to see how many families are literally dragging their kids through these places while the kids are pitching holy he-double hockey sticks fits or sound asleep in a stroller. If the kids are that unhappy in the happiest place on earth, don't you think that something needs to change? Do you really think that at 3, 4, 5 years old they are going to remember / appreciate the $ you spent to get there and into the park? Take your grouchy snot nosed kids to the pool or back to the room for a nap!
  8. Storage. Cars, yard / garden tools, beer fridge
  9. Go to the top of Buffalo City Hall. If you hit the weather right, you'll have an awesome view of the city, waterfront, WNY!
  10. ECC grad here so time ago. Went to RIT out of high school. I had no study skills and was essentially swamped by the atmosphere. Went to ECC to get my act together - got my AAS degree in engineering science. Went back to RIT and did very well. Prolly should have made that move right out of high school, but what did I know. High school was easy.
  11. There was a docu on Chicago, another on Lynyrd Skynyrd, and one about Woodstock All were very good - at least for me. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I saw them. The one on Woodstock may have been on AMC or TCM.
  12. I'm on a cul-de-sac of 11 homes that is within a community of 290 homes. I know 95% of the people on my street. The one couple I'm real good friends with, prolly my best friends. Neighbors to the right of me are cool, she tends to get into knowing everyone's business. Lady across the street lost her husband to cancer last year about this time. I go over and clean the driveway / mow the lawn when the kid on street can't. Except for the husband of one couple that I won't even acknowledge, everyone is pretty cool.
  13. And Collins, Aldrin, and Armstrong never went back into space. I guess how does one top that. Armstrong was a professor at Univ of Cincinnati.
  14. Saw the Apollo 11 movie at the IMAX theater Sunday. 45 minutes, but very enjoyable. I've been picking up various shows / programs all week.
  15. 1 - Be on time (and that really means be early). 2 - Don't interrupt unless I'm about to experience some sort of trauma. 3 - Treat people with respect. 4 - Don't use social media to complain. If you have an issue, do the research and get to the right person. You'll get more results that way. 5 - Pick up after yourself. 6 - Eat sensibly and get exercise. 7 - Look at yourself in the mirror before going outside. 8 - Don't be an idiot at a sporting event. 9 - Say please and thank you. 10 - Do more than what is asked.
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