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  1. I'll continue my subscription to the Columbus Dispatch, but I question it every time I pay the bill. Same rationale as Gungy. The merged the printing Ops into Indiana with some other papers and the timing is off by a day.
  2. That is the time of the year that the grill, fresh veg, and salads of different sorts are for. I'm not home all day (well - now I am), the only thing this time of the year out of a can is baked beans, and I hardly get delivery.
  3. Crockpot is mostly used during the fall / winter months in this house. Soups, chili, stew, and the like.
  4. Friend scored this place in TN. Looked pretty decent - https://abnb.me/aBa6brJRo7
  5. After 10 years at previous company with only 2 weeks, finally got some bank of vacation (4 weeks) with current employer after 1 year. Go figure. Was planning on taking 2 extended road trips (one to the UP and the other to Mt Rushmore). Got a couple things in play. I'm taking half day Fridays to either kick back or get yard / house work done before the weekend. Currently signed up for the Memorial t'ment in July (press center). Reserved a couple of days in October in Chicago with GF. Parents cancelled summer Germany trip - now driving up from FL to spend the month of August in Buffalo. CBUS will be a layover point. I'll take some time with them then.
  6. Recently got into this Irish whiskey - Teeling Aged in rum cask - OMG!!
  7. Cant find the actress name, but the mom in this Febreze commercial https://ispot.tv/a/AOe5
  8. Guy who ran the corporate kitchen where I used to work said to run the dishwasher on rinse, wait for the water to settle, and then put the dough in there to proof. Never did it so I can't vouch for it.
  9. https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/sourdough-pizza-crust-recipe
  10. Try this link for other "forms" of yeast -
  11. I have 2 #1 Grilled pimento cheese on sourdough #2 Limberger cheese on rye w thin sliced onion and mustard
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