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  1. Left 2 companies on my own decision. Laid off from 3 companies. The last one hurt deep.
  2. There isn't any way that the owners of the teams that didn't make either the WC or playoffs are going to give up 7 regular season games.
  3. The Columbus OH morning news report said he borrowed gma's car keys and phone to listen to music from the gma's phone in the car he overrode the breathalizer switch on the car to get it started Why couldn't he listen to the music via ear buds or headphones? What kind of music does gma have on here phone? Why does gma have a breathalizer switch on the car? Just asking.
  4. Sorry - guess I've overstepped the rules. Not in a commercial, presenter on BBC network.
  5. I'll add one from an international perspective - Naga Munchetty.
  6. Will be interesting to see if this is a NFL / Bills only process or if the Sabres (and CBJ) will manage their mobile tickets the same way. I just checked my Apple Wallet app and the CBJ / TB playoff tix from this past season still have the QR code.
  7. Anyone else watching the Ken Burns docu "Country Music"? I've really enjoyed this so far. Interesting on the number of interconnections between musicians and bands. Thoughts / opinions?
  8. Sister lives in Jacksonville Beach, just north of Ponte Vedra, about 200 yards from the beach. Neighbor sent her video where streets near house are completely dry / free of sand. They have to get their son to fire up the drone to check the shingles on the roof (3 story house).
  9. Didnt stay for the entire game, but my quick view on the first half was that OSU showed who was boss in the first quarter. FAU losing its starting tailback on the second series didn't help. The foot came off the gas in the second quarter as the game was in hand. The entent of the game from that point forward for OSU was to get Fields game time action without showing the entire playbook.
  10. Schindler’s List My Dog Skip The Art of Driving in the Rain
  11. My folks are in the Ocala area, sister in Jax. I gave them all the "talk" about getting prepared last nite. I'd start doing the same.
  12. Looking forward to some cooler weather to ride my bike down the Olentangy Trail, park at the bike corral (small donation), partake in some tailgating, leave early, stop at Lineage Brewing on the way home, get home while others are still jacking around with traffic.
  13. My grandfather would make a big batch, chill, then fry up like corn meal mush (polenta). Eggs, bacon, fried grits. 😁
  14. Grits - yes. Not every day. I'll make some up after a bike ride and add in a fried egg and some cheese. Shrimp and grits - big 👍
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