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  1. I've thought of dumping ST as well. However, I do like that I get to fill my Sunday morning with things to do (bike ride, grocery, car wash, chores, ...) right up to game time without having to get to bar hours before game time in order to get a seat, eat / drink what I want (save $), use my own clean bathroom, leave the game if its a stinker or blowout, and select what 400 game I want to watch.
  2. I said goodby to my black lab "Tex" about 10 years ago. She was having congestive heart issues along with some other issues. Went to a neighbor who is a vet, highly respected in the CBUS area. He said that Tex had a few more miles left in her, so we took extra care of her. She slowly just started to not be herself. One night I'm sitting in the driveway watching the sun go down, beautiful sunset. Tex got up and sat between my legs and watched the sun go down with me. I thought that was a sign. Checked with neighbor/vet and said it's better to be truthful than hang on to the last moment. That's when I made the appointment. Added this link to story in Columbus Dispatch about pet owners choices / grief. Ohio State’s veterinary social worker helps pet owners cope with grief, tough choices
  3. Why is euchre like sex? You either have to have a good partner or a good hand.
  4. Personally, born / raised in Buffalo area (Lancaster). College in Rochester. Worked 10 years in Texas, 8 years in North Carolina, and have lived in Ohio 20 years. Parents live in the Ocala FL area (The Villages) and can take it / leave it, sister lives in Jacksonville FL (been there30? years). There is no perfect place - either to live in or move to.
  5. Went to a OSU game this fall. Had two way overweight individuals (one male, one female) dang near stoke out in front of me climbing the stairs of the upper deck. The female had to stop and collect herself every 10 steps. She actually had to pull herself up the stairs using the handrail. The male was in the same situation only he didnt have to use the handrails. Made me very nervous watching them.
  6. FYI - the classes are not required. I have a ProForm TdF bike/trainer and I'm not signed up for any classes. I tee up some cycling training videos on YouTube.
  7. Surprised this wasn’t mentioned - Limited availability however. (I have one) Buffalo Bills Photos 1960-1995: A View Through the Lens of Robert L. Smith
  8. Officials (not the crew, but each official on the crew) are graded on every play by the ref mgmt and NFL. That's how they determine the playoff and Super Bowl officiating crews. Reward the best.
  9. Maybe he's still looking for a place to dump the oil.
  10. I've done a couple. Couple of lessons learned (along with those already posted): Don't oversize the turkey with respect to the fryer "pot". Use the rack and hook to get the turkey in and out of the "pot". I used a wooden paint stick and a second set of hands to manage this. Have your chair and beverage of choice ready to go when starting the process. Sit back, enjoy the time outside.
  11. Just noticed that the driver in the Seven-Ups car is the same driver of the Challenger in Bullitt.
  12. Put current day gear on him and he'd almost be impossible to get by.
  13. There's a ton of memories there. I wonder how premier players of that era would fare if they played now. Would they be that good, better? Were goalies that bad then?
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