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  1. Would I sound bitter living in NY, to tell you, go walk around lmao jk bro, have a blast
  2. I have seen countless interceptions as the player goes out of bounds, this is the first time I have ever seen this call. It has always been 1) Does the player have control of the ball while both feet are down. 2) does player still have control of ball as he breaks the out of bounds plane. Never have I seen them add this 3rd criteria. 3) does the player maintain possession of the ball when landing on the ground while out of bounds. Good thing the game wasn't decided by that or this message board would look very different right now
  3. Anyone else miss our Cole Beasley? I really think he was a big part of the Bills success the last few years. Granted we have other issues, just saying he was Mr. Chain-Mover I still believe the Bills win, but I miss him first downs.
  4. Josh must be more injured than he is letting on. He can't throw anything today.
  5. I'm a solid 1/10th of em straight up sober if I didn't know
  6. I'm going to say, if we had any of our past 27 quarterbacks, Devin Singletary would be on his way to a 1400 yard season. The guy hasn't been fed the ball enough to rack up yards for obvious reasons. I felt like you pre draft, but can you really argue that Devin hasn't produced with the limited touches he gets?
  7. I always wondered this, hoping someone wants to give their take. What did I miss? Why did this dude have a trial for shooting his own dumb self? Thetr must be more to it, but I never knew. Sure I could Google it, but I want others impressions
  8. Showcasing Moss has been my guess, I will be disappointed with any reason other than that.
  9. I must have watched with 20 times, makes me love him more. Now I see where the PYSCHO talk came from hahah I was trying to pretend I didn't care but, was pretty upset, they flash to Dorsey and I laughed out loud!
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