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  1. No idea the internet could be so vulgar and mean spirited. I have had a blessed and wholesome experiance online until just now.☹️
  2. Face palming me? Son! I cant with you either, still love a fellow Bills fan but damn you folk make it Crazaaayzeee!
  3. Come on man, tryin to talk to people who like more content, sorry i added a line of text to your life that you cant handle. I come here to talk football, not to be brow beat by some hall monitor that has importantcy issues. Not sure if thats a word, but let it sink in. You are still a Bills fan, and when can't relate to having the last word. Take your shot, ill let it bounce off my chin like so many ba**s. Go Bills!
  4. This should be a good long thread, pretty sure some people have been trigged. feelin good, sorry that you had to take the pounding >:)
  5. I remember when men were men, just saying the word requisite makes me think, maybe this guy should be on a dress stiching forum.
  6. Yya damn right it did, If you want a forum with zero content then you are climbing the right tree. No hard feelings bro, but what the hell else is there to talk about? Go Bills Were you a mod on the Bills forum back in the day? I think you put me in jail for a week. Here i go again!
  7. Lots of people talking that Josh is MVP, but there is this other group of folk that want the Longjevity before they will accept a players accomplihments. Valid point, Aaron Rogers is the guy that everyone points to as the Incumbent, some say Mahomes, both Legit. Today I had to watch Aarons most clutch plays, walking away convinced, Josh might be the most cluch player I have ever seen at QB. The clutch plays from Rodgers were solid, but the dude has a serious O-Line. Mahomes is amaing, good luck if they have 1st and goal, inside the 10. Mahomes might have a slight edge on Allen when it comes to short, shovel passes inside the 10 and the dude makes it happen all over right? Watching Allen be clutch throwing deep AF, I dont think I have ever seem more carnival crazy throws than this dude makes on the regular. Allen is better than Mahomes and Rogers and that is effin that! Go Bills~!
  8. I love it, would jizz if he did, and if he hit the numbers you're talking about Beane should be GM of the year. He probably should get that even if GR doesnt explode. Talking heads all over mostly agree Buffalo has the most talented roster in the NFL. Von Miller being the only Big name hired gun on this roster
  9. I hate being the guy(feel dirty, like im pats fan), assuming that the Bill's are great and there are 1 or 2 maybe, that compete))Feeling like Bengals might be "Top Opponent" this year. If they can improve that horratious O-Line, i just wanna say, how many times, can a "Joe" named QB not won the superbowl. Bengals will be there, to deal with in playoffs, unless Joe gets hurt. Hate him cuz hes not on the Bills and ill take Josh 70% of the time. GO BILLS! Trade mark on "Horatious" and "Hereditory"
  10. Spielman, Spikes, and Paup Good luck running against that LB core
  11. He should be able to wear his own color uniform, he is that good!
  12. I was interested to know if anyone has a position preferance year to year (Need for Franchise QB not included)? Mine was never draft or WR or DB in the first round because those positions in the 90' and probably up to the early 2000's where positions that took time to develope. We spent high picks to develope player who became amazing by thier 4th year and we couldn't afford that luxery. Just wondering if any of you felt the same way, these positions are way more pro ready TODAY and you spend a day 1 pick to get results during most of the rookie contract? Remember all those soon to be probowl WR and Corners that left the year of thier prime? To me I saw the meat head O-line & D-line guys were the "stick around type" some were really hard to get rid of lol. The Diva WR and Corners were off getting paid. (Not that is anything wrong with that). All that being said, is a 1st round corner a good idea? Starting to think so, interested in other ideas
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