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  1. I was contemplating this issue myself. McDermott needs to ask Dabol for his 1st half playbook each week, tell Dabol to go make a new one, then give him back his original first half playbook once the 3rd quarter starts. Simple fix lmao
  2. Wouldn't that be the this current season? I'm in let's go Buffalo!
  3. I love how he says it as if it were fact and we are all drooling idiots.
  4. When this political streaming pile comes during a game, I turn it off immediately. When its showering me with loads, I run. Never owned a slave, my family fought to free slaves and its insulting as f**k that its put into my face in any forum of any kind. BLM, REALLY? NO EFFIN S**t! Rant over
  5. The curse of the Peterman if Vegas gets the ball back
  6. Would be a great movie, the most dangerous unwanted man, "Place-holder"
  7. Where is "Twas the night before kickoff" thread?
  8. Not sure why this is a constant subject, Josh was good enough to get us into the playoffs early in his career. I may be wrong, but as I recall we would have won that playoff game last year if the QB didnt escape the 4 guys who had him dead to rights behind the line for a drive killing sack. Instead they scored. Players are going to have good game and bad, good plays and bad. I'm pretty sure Josh will be our Superbowl winning QB ???
  9. Next item up for bid, the gun that was used to kill JFK...
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