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  1. Duke will become the measuring stick that all others will be compared to. ---mancrush--- fanboy---- nostrildamus
  2. Inspiration with 1 click
  3. If the season ended this coming Monday and we lost to the Pats, Buffalo would have a wildcard spot If Buffalo wins, we would be alone atop the AFC East and Fandamoniem will ensue. 4-0 in the AFC and 2-0 in the division. How dreamy that would be. Also Buffalo would be among one of the last undefeated teams in the AFC with KC the only other possible Don't know what will happen, but a fella can dream....
  4. Let Josh air it out! Run run pass isn't going to get Allen loose
  5. Was that Allen saying "That was bull#### right there"? Anyone else hear that?
  6. Brett favre was the Sam way when he was young. He learned
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