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  1. Bona no doubt would have won the title if Lanier doesn't get hurt. My dad owned a double in Cheektowaga. The tenant was best friends with Lanier and he came to our house often.
  2. Stunningly the G men have $1m less cap space than Bills
  3. Just fwiw, our 57 and our 3rd pick only gets us to pick 45 according to drafts point chart
  4. Imo, the right answer is Maybin. But! 2002, I'm at the Jim Kelly club for a draft day party. We draft that stud Mike Williams and minutes later trade for Bledsoe! Everyone there is like Super Bowl!! No one knew it was one of the darker days of the franchise
  5. Not sure any team ever enforced that fining and collected
  6. Reminds me of the Donte Whither logic. It's not Sammys fault he was drafted #4. 😃
  7. Good. Where are you since late November last year
  8. Just piling on here, how's your 401k?😡
  9. Geez you are old LOL. No we're both born in 56. 64 & 65 is before my time. I started following Bills in 67. But yeah I agree the 80 Dolphins game that ended 0 for the 70's. 74 Monday nighter comeback. We were in the parking lot cause Dad ALWAYS had to beat the traffic
  10. If we do Sweet Caroline, might as well mix in Brown Eye Girl & Mustang Sally given the era 😃
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