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  1. I've done 5-6 tribute bands there. Really nice and good prices. Never disappointed. Plus after show many nice bars around that area
  2. You only need to be the best in free agency that year. Big $$$$ coming his way
  3. HAHA I thought the same thing. Guess the last 3 years he just F'd off. Heck I see that at work here. In fact I got 14 months to go. I want my time to be a F-off
  4. Seeing that I'm sure MR has black player teammates on the Steelers, how stupid would he have to be? Even Browns players say they never heard anything I don't buy it either
  5. I read on here once from someone the idea that with a 17 schedule, to keep injuries less, that each player goes a max of 16 games and has to sit out at least one game so as not to play 17. Doesn't sound like that crazy of a suggestion. IE: JA plays 16 games and Barkley one, that the coach picks
  6. Seriously don't think for a second if Sammy is a FA he is like "I'm signing with Buffalo". No way
  7. Yeah that could work too. Although ever since Dareus I'm leery pf Alabama guys LOL
  8. He's a beast and a free agent and we got cap room and …………. Henry is one RB I'd throw money at I don't care
  9. The blindside is a judgement call. The play clock is obvious
  10. Around Columbus Day already start talking about next year draft. For once, NOT
  11. Brady just threw for 300+ today. Just sayin' 😀
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