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  1. Therapy will have its shortcomings too. Would not want to be Eichal with this choice. He must be in a severe situation I had a bulging disc in my lower back. Wow was that painful. Therapy healed me 100%. Much later I had a snow-tubing episode with a bulging disc in my neck. Therapy healed me 100%. OMG that was many times worse that a back. Bulging is not as bad as herniation as JE has. I don't see how Eichal won't have issues as soon as some guy hits him high from behind in a corner. To that extent, his injury really kills his trade value imo
  2. Big loss. Some of those other big local performers from the 70's are getting up there in age.
  3. Etienne!! I'm convinced it's D, I can talk myself into D-line or CB, even a LB
  4. She was just cold & tired. On the couch with a blanket and the remote. She was OK considering. Bike = Harley
  5. Not really. Go home and say you only started drinking when you got home. Prove otherwise. Worked for this guy http://www.boardistan.com/?p=30850
  6. Wife and I got our second yesterday. Kicked her ass I feel nothing LOL. Took the bike out then for a 100 miles today😁
  7. Locally, back in the 90's, Holland Speedway was THE place to go. So many touring classes stopping there and the track's own top classes and car counts, talented drivers, it was awesome. The Nascar North series annual stop there was just WOW! Just a shell of itself now. As someone above stated not following Nascar for 10-15 years, that fall extended to the local tracks too
  8. DVR the draft. I get all the logic on trading back. Just the same I despise trading back. Rather trade up
  9. He's on his rookie contract. that alone makes him a keeper
  10. This has to go into the Off The Wall thread women that are attractive. Those trumpet skills!!
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