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  1. Stats I saw today had his QBR even better at 111.3. But the Browns might be stuck at say 9 wins every year with him at QB no matter how good the rest of that roster is. He just can't take a team to the next level or carry a team
  2. Yeah don't put anything in a media that is forever. Especially now in that there can be efforts to review anything you ever said or did and then use it to ruin you. And really lets all be honest, everyone has skeletons and those that say they don't are liars too
  3. From GMFB this morning. Schrager says Allen is now a better QB than Mahomes. Brandt says Bills best team in league. But this gem from them, and thinking about it there is some truth to this. "They got Rousseau just to go against Red#15". Yeah that does make sense. Sure they needed a pass rush against all teams but especially Mahomes after seeing the Bucs beat them down in the SB
  4. Anyone liking Moss over DS more? Seems to run hard, yards after contact, and protects ball better
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