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  1. It's a great car for any kind of riding. The performance of it is exceptional, and it's really economical & reliable too. We're Always top down in it. Mine is True Red.
  2. Yeah it was packed and hopping. I thought it was just a bar name. I saw the dog pics but didn't notice until later each had a passed date. Then it came together the name. Talked to the waitress about my dog and get all choked up😥. If I'm here again bringing a pic of mine to leave here
  3. Right now I'm in Myrtle Beach for 2023 Bike Week. Yesterday went to a bar restaurant named Dead Dog Saloon. Hundreds of pictures on the walls of dogs that passed, given by customers. Hence the name. Great place, if just a bit sad too
  4. See my post on pg2. Cushings took my dog at 8, a rat terrier common to live to 15 or more. I believe in hindsight he had it 18 months before diagnosis, died 8 months later.
  5. Just the good ones. 66 GTO, 340 Duster, 340 Cuda, 79 Transam owned 19 years. Current toys 2009 MX5 Miata great car. Harley Ultra Classic 😀
  6. Good post. Arguably the most exciting player in each of those 3 sports
  7. The only dog I ever had, and was so connected with, died too young at 3am on my birthday in 2020. Guess what my only thought will ever be on my bday
  8. Thursdays, 25 cents wings at Rush Creek. The old Armor Inn. Mob scene there
  9. Yeah I thought that was good too. Unfortunately aways. First Miami game at home too instead of down there in 200 degree heat
  10. I'm sure every team has good and not so good guys hurt. The Bills aren't alone in that respect.
  11. Bills were the 4th least injury affected team in regards to man games lost. Theres a Twitter pos out there that tracks this
  12. Any one notice the irony of all 3 Florida goals by ex Sabres
  13. IMO, Bills go O line and an Edmunds replacement Immediately after our pick on NFLN
  14. It's 753pm. Wouldn't you think if he's not traded in the next hour, no deal occurs until late this year, even into the season. If I'm Arizona I want picks now, why hang on to DHop past tonight
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