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  1. Don't try messing it up more yourself. Go to a paintless dent removal place. They do GREAT work. The only way to go. Ask the dealer where you bought it to hook you up with their guy. More than likely they contract all the cars out for this
  2. You can't convince me there isn't some truth here. "Daddy they can't cut my BF"
  3. Didn't he drop an end zone catch in the playoff game? Foster I don't understand. So much production first year and nothing since
  4. At least one of the comments in the news article stated she suffers from severe cerebral palsy
  5. Maybe Bills were negotiating secretly trying to get it changed. LOL negotiate with Cuomo
  6. I can put something of the least value at the end of my driveway and it is gone within 1-2 hours. Amazing. One man's trash.................
  7. Interesting some of the views here. My son works for one of the biggest dealer networks in WNY and he says sales is slow as heck. Plus lease turn-ins are not happening and auctions are either slim or canceled so it is hard to get cars. And new car availability isn't much better. Their lots are like 50% full. Sales are slow, but Service is really busy though. However business is improving from the early C19 days Karlos you are right on prices. Same used car 6 months ago is 25% more today. Supply & demand
  8. Very little news out there on this as of this moment. One said it was a fireworks warehouse and 12 died. If only 12 that's a huge break considering what it looks like
  9. If state guidelines stop crowd gathering, I don't see what a waiver does. Tuesday night DOH stopped Buffalo's biggest bike nights for crowd violation before they even started
  10. California dreaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-aK6JnyFmk
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