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  1. In line maybe 1145, thru security and tickets no more than 10 minutes. No check on vac proof. Listened to band, walked around 3 laps inside outside stadium maybe saw 10 people with masks on. BTW, if you have the Excelsior wallet pass on phone, re-download it and it adds 6 months of expiration. This went in effect a few days ago. Mine was expiring in 3 weeks now I'm out to April 2022
  2. Just FWIW, what I know from my Harley, between trips use a battery tender ALWAYS hooked up. Not a charger, fries your battery
  3. Well I just freed up all my weekends for the rest of this year. Honestly the Op's post reads like something I would post LOL
  4. Pfizer. Got it on 4/2 & 4/23. Lost my vac card & state had me download proof app. Then 2 months later added an expiration date of 10/12
  5. Yeah I got my second on 4/23 and have proof on my phone. Then 2-3 months later I got an update. Added an expiration of 10/12. That happen to anyone else?
  6. Respectfully, who are these bands. Hamburg Brewery has a big party Saturday with good local groups. That's our plan
  7. The wind was so strong against the kick I doubt he makes it from 53. I was at the game
  8. I was at work, new location on Exchange St. We heard and gathered in a conference room the news. After the second building hit, we got nervous that we were not far from Seneca tower on Main st. And if that would be a target. Weird but watching tv news in c/room and glancing outside to see if a plane was coming low at or near us. My boss was hysterical and ran out of building and was gone for the day
  9. Alright wings, beef on weck, Friday fish fry. You go to the legendary Wiechec's Worst service ever go to BarBills. Flame away...........
  10. Russells, can't go wrong. There's a lot of nice places in Erie County My son's wedding 2 years ago at Roost. Excellent
  11. Either lose the AFC Champ Game or win the Super Bowl. I couldn't take a 5th SB loss. HAVE TO win it all
  12. Classic! I like your work in these season summaries. Look forward to the most recent better seasons
  13. Seen it before, your post got me to watch it last night again. Great movie
  14. Way too young, heart attack. Same thing did in Richard Martin at 59
  15. California Road is decent. I always went there. Surprisingly got out to SW Blvd easy too
  16. Therapy will have its shortcomings too. Would not want to be Eichal with this choice. He must be in a severe situation I had a bulging disc in my lower back. Wow was that painful. Therapy healed me 100%. Much later I had a snow-tubing episode with a bulging disc in my neck. Therapy healed me 100%. OMG that was many times worse that a back. Bulging is not as bad as herniation as JE has. I don't see how Eichal won't have issues as soon as some guy hits him high from behind in a corner. To that extent, his injury really kills his trade value imo
  17. Big loss. Some of those other big local performers from the 70's are getting up there in age.
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