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  1. Inside job. Employee lets the till fill up all day so a friend can "rob" the place, they split the proceeds.
  2. Good news is he did! Bad news is he retired. Now who would you suggest he have signed off the street instead, or do you just like complaining?
  3. Probably pretty whacked from the "portal potty chemicals" as well.
  4. So if they stay high, like in the cited example, truck them into the dirt.
  5. Option 6- Has PTSD flashbacks to being abused by Hyde playing center field.
  6. He logged zero deep passes (20+ yards). He had that incomplete bomb to Diggs that ended up as a DPI penalty.
  7. Mistake made in going for the leap instead of trucking the defender into oblivion inside the 5. Apparently they both went easy on each other (with the defender not powerbombing him Waterboy style) because they were former teammates/friends or something.
  8. I was hoping they'd let Josh shovel a 1 yard pass because I had money on him throwing for 275. Hit on Diggs 65+, Kincaid 35+, Cook 25+ receiving.
  9. For a closer, it's a save only if the lead is 3 runs or less. It's not just "if had lead until end". I know what baseball terminology is, I played baseball. Technically there's also saves for entering the game with the tying run at the plate or on-deck or pitching the last 3+ innings, but either way it's not just simply the last guy to pitch. Typically the most common save for a short appearance is one inning with a lead of not more than 3. Also a "closer" is not simply the last guy to pitch, it's just a term for the relief pitcher on a team most trusted to close out close games, typically in a SAVE situation.
  10. Not a save, we were leading by more than 3 touchdowns.
  11. I doubt it was malicious, the game was already long over at that point and they were potentially saving him from himself as the rule is meant to do.
  12. Lol you honestly think everyone would have just been happy with the performance if they somehow pulled out the win? You really have that little of an opinion of, well basically everyone, in the entire organization? Not a single person would have recognized that maybe a couple of those INTs shouldn't have happened, that maybe Josh should have just taken the easy run for a first down despite wanting to run less overall, that maybe a draw up the middle on 2nd and 15 in OT is stupid, etc?
  13. I'm tired of this by definition pathetic loser mentality. You overcome and win. Do we hand back wins where we didn't play our best? Are we owed a win if we play well but fall short? We were denied even a chance to overcome the situation we were in. Were you upset when Josh persevered and got us to overtime, or were you rooting for Bass to miss the FG because we "didn't deserve it"?
  14. First and 10 on the 42. Foul at the 27, 15 yard penalty to the 42, plus 18 yards for end zone and snap = 60 yard FG. Odds are the Jets run 3x up the middle for no yards. I'll take those odds any day over literally just handing the Jets the win with a TD on a blown call. That's the difference it would make, you sad quitter. How are you getting the 20? Foul was at the 27, plus 15 yard penalty to the 42. That's a 60 yard FG hardly a chip shot. 42 yard line, foul at the 27.
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