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  1. I hope you took pictures/video, and kept proof of it not being mentioned, so you could issue a charge back or something.
  2. Knowing LA/Buffalo fans, I'd wager there's pretty good odds you'd be seated by Bills fans wherever you are at that game.
  3. Yeah I realized afterwards that my phrasing might confuse someone, but it was too late.
  4. I don't see a problem with this.
  5. Haven't you heard? According to Patriots fans, we couldn't even sell out our first home playoff game in decades in 2020! Barely 6000 fans showed up!
  6. He's waiting for Keenum to slip on a bath mat so he can come end his career with his true team as our backup.
  7. I highly doubt Wegmans or Forbes is worrying about going after Joe Nobody from randominternetforum.com for a libelous belief.
  8. These balloning contracts must have vets thinking they are missing out. He must think he could probably get $20-25m for a year from a needy team who can't afford a top QB in their cap.
  9. Yeah you don't even have to take claims of bribery seriously to have at least some grounds to "despise" PFF. Including what you alluded to, the list includes... - Literally admitting to trolling Bills fans for clicks. - Fabricating an "objective" statistic (turnover worthy plays) just to crap on Josh Allen. - Coining the term "arm arrogance" as a catch-all defense for crapping on Josh Allen while giving Patrick Mahomes a pass for the same behavior. - Rating Josh Allen outside the top 10 QBs while he was on a record setting/MVP tear, then needling Bills fans/backpeddling with "it's ok Bills fans, he's close to being top 10". - Going out of their way to leave Bills out of the discussion on polls about top safeties, WR pairs, QB/WR duos, defenses, overall rosters, etc. - Only flipping their script and giving the Bills more positive coverage after it was obvious the Bills were the new media darlings and Super Bowl favorites. Just off the top of my head. As far as the claims of bribes, I'll take it with a huge grain of salt, as much as I'd love to see evidence of it being true.
  10. So technically, we are neutral site favorites against every team on the schedule. Favored by more than 3 for every home game, and either coin flip or less than 3 point dogs in the two road games we aren't favorites. Has this ever happened?
  11. Yeah I think I've already given up on getting to a game this year. That or just tell anyone getting me something for my birthday (December) to pitch in for tickets instead.
  12. Someone's going to have to remind me what the AHOT means. I'm pretty sure I can divine the TBD part.
  13. I wouldn't mind getting a link to that for the lulz.
  14. And Josh Allen was never accurate in college. Your point? Bills scouts know to evaluate skills over stat lines.
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