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  1. Video of the event showed players getting right in peoples' faces, shaking hands and whatnot and not wearing masks. Supposedly Waller wore his mask through the event but didn't notice him in the videos I saw. If they’re not going to suspend them for the week, they should at least be quarantined and kept out of team activities till the weekend.
  2. Hope it takes Carr, Waller, and others out of the game. I'll take an easy win. Leave Peterman in tho...
  3. Wasn't it GB who put up something like 500 yards, mostly through the air, in the infamous whiteout game?
  4. All we have to do is have the best regular season record, and they will hand the MVP to Josh. That's how it works.
  5. Further proving the MVP voters are cowards who just vote for whomever is the QB of the team with the best record in order to not rock the boat.
  6. Chiefs screwing over fantasy owners with TDs to FB and OT...
  7. Damn #32 with his yellow flag gloves walking in from off screen...
  8. Except the league would never have the refs arbitrarily give an INT against Mahomes. They want the score close (like letting the clock run down a few extra seconds while a time out is being called), but they won't blatantly screw over one of their cash cows.
  9. Did you hear that huge bust of crowd noise for a 1 yard gain by the Ravens? Sound tech guy must have slipped on a banana peel while nudging the slider.
  10. Lol Lamar trying to salvage stats. All he accomplished was tanking his completion %.
  11. Anyone else notice how slow the refs were to call the Chiefs' second time out? Mahomes was frantically calling for one for 3+ seconds before the clock finally stopped. Refs again wanting to keep the score as close as possible.
  12. Side note, 50 yard extra points were an actual proposed rule change to allow for 9 point plays. You could go for 2 for an 8 point play, then get a bonus extra point attempt from 50 with no penalty for missing, still just kick off after. Thankfully it was voted down.
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