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  1. The sarcasm may not be clear enough for some on here. Wasn't him being traded a forced issue? Like he just wanted out of Buffalo or something?
  2. To be fair, at least they're not one of the WORST offenders. NFL makes about $12.50 profit on a $100 sale, with the charity getting closer to $10. Factor in overhead, and about 8 cents on the dollar actually goes to cancer research. The charity has a reasonable 23% loss on overhead on donations, many other nonprofits are much higher. Total contributions averaged to about $31k per team. Better off just getting knockoff pink gear and donating the savings directly to the charity rather than support the NFL's disingenuous charity marketing. They have refused a player's request to wear pink for the full season after his mom died of breast cancer, and fined another player for promoting a "rival" charity on his eye black after his father died of cancer.
  3. Do...do you want us to make Jewish jokes? I don't trust any place that just vaguely claims "a percentage of proceeds" will go to charity. Like how the NFL actually makes more in profits off pink gear than they donate to breast cancer research. I've seen the donated percentage be as low as 5% of profits.
  4. My ex fiance became my girlfriend in the first place because of the comeback against the Pats, and we got engaged at a Bills game in Toronto. I think she would have been down for something like this heh.
  5. This thread lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.
  6. I read it here first! I'd rather go with the old Tony Dungy mantra of being so good at the basics, that you could tell them what you're about to do and they wouldn't be able to stop it. The versatile O-linemen is more important for depth, not being a "jack of all trades, master of none" gimmick that is more easily stopped if they catch on. You can just run more unorthodox plays if you want to catch them off guard.
  7. Tampering Tom, of both footballs and cell phones. As for trademarks vs "common use" terms, I could be wrong but I think some here have it backwards. I don't think you have to be commonly referred to as something to trademark it (how else would you trademark a new intellectual property), you just can't trademark something that is ALREADY a common term. Like you can't go out and trademark "Garbage Can" so that you have instant name recognition and force everyone else to spend money redoing their packaging to sell "waste receptacles" instead.
  8. Literally at the top of the first page.
  9. Not that I'm pessimistic about our chances, but even my uneducated ass has a family sized pinch of salt for the strong "hot take" predictions of someone who is so outdated on something as basic as our roster.
  10. He said we have Jake Fisher, didn't we cut him?
  11. I could see a LOT of first downs to Beasley in a no-huddle, with how quickly he gets open and them supposedly wanting Josh to focus more on the short game.
  12. Did I say a single damned thing about teams saving money, or did you miss that I was clearly arguing for the players to fight for what they can get?
  13. Yo dude that's just snow, not floating popcorn shrimp.
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