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  1. I've always said give me two $10m receivers instead of one $20m receiver any day.
  2. Clearly. Maybe I'm just wrong thinking it would be sexist to treat people differently because of what's between their legs and not treat all unprovoked attackers the same regardless of gender. "If you're man enough to throw a punch, you should also be man enough to take one."
  3. I don't think I really have a favorite, just enjoying the team as a whole (ya, cheating whatever). But that's kind of refreshing as I'm no longer clutching onto singular bright spots on a bad team. I do however feel I pull more for our rookie third rounders to show they are more than their small school status and lack of college production respectively. Aside from that it's fun seeing our FA WRs having success with us and pushing Josh's development after apparently being unappreciated by their former teams.
  4. What about that vs the WWE ad about an office erupting into violence? I find it funny how they are careful about never showing a finger being laid on a woman while the men are being pummeled by their female coworkers.
  5. People don't understand there is a lot more to life than how you look. They skip over the part about her getting up earlier in the mornings, probably has more energy and confidence, etc. They're hating on her for being naturally thin and an advertising agency can't put in the time and resources to do a legit year long "before and after" of the product with someone showing a real body transformation. Even someone who is naturally thin or in otherwise decent shape can benefit greatly from stepping up to a dedicated exercise regimen. As for the women being offended by being gifted exercise equipment thing, that's being overblown as well. What if she had expressed a wish for such equipment to her husband (from what I hear this product is generally promoted around the holidays)? She'd be hyped to receive an expensive high end unit like that. They are promoting it toward a niche market, and it's clearly working as their stock price has shot up.
  6. Yup. One of the few times I'll root for the Cowboys.
  7. Even in today's outrage culture, odd to see that not just get a warning about sensitivity or whatever. Straight to suspension. Does he have a history of making similarly dumb comments? Context is dead now.
  8. The Bills went out in the off season and added players, then revised their offensive scheme so as to avoid last season. Key offensive skill player additions: -Devin Singletary (R) and Frank Gore at RB. -Dawson Knox (R) at TE -John Brown and Cole Beasley at WR -a much more pass-capable Josh Allen The Ravens went from playoff team to contender. The Bills went from inconsistent underdog to contender. We'll play them tough.
  9. I think we only need about 13 more "Oliver is playing well despite lack of early stats" threads before we'll get the point. There are plenty of comparisons you could make. One is orange, the other typically is not. One is pulpy, the other is firm. One has a thick detachable peel, the other's is thin and fixed. But both are still popular tree fruits. Easy to compare.
  10. Next you'll tell me rock > scissors > paper doesn't prove rock is unbeatable. Madness.
  11. They're not scoring many on Cleveland right now.
  12. And Brady wasn't drafted till the 6th round. Your point?
  13. So what you're saying is when Cincy shocks the world and gets their only win of the season against NE, we're a lock for the top seed!
  14. Will he be the next great TBD Hall of Famer who doesn't stick on the roster? We've got another year or two to prepare for his UDFA arrival! *edit* Don't get me wrong, I pull for these guys too. It's still kind of funny.
  15. People have been saying it's our year and predicting double digit win totals for 20 years. Some have been saying it for all of those 20 years. I'll be the jerk who won't give credit for people finally correctly "predicting" this with educated guesses on an easy schedule. It's like someone playing the same lottery numbers for 20 years and then finally winning some money saying "ha, I told you these were THE lucky numbers". I also figured we could lose to the Browns and beat the Cowboys, that's less of a stretch than sweeping the Patriots and taking the first seed after a losing season or something like that.
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