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  1. Where are you getting WWE from this? Says he "secured" an island, not bought. Reading comprehension.
  2. It would be something like "With the 1st overall pick in the 2020 Mock Draft, the Bengals select Player One from Football University." "Ok received. Now the GMs of every odd numbered team, call the team after you to trade down with them for a bag of potato chips. Report back to us starting from the top." And have him kidnap the people to process the tests and a facility to do them in, Carmen San Diego style?
  3. Sure, it's just that easy to secure 660 unnecessary tests for well-to-do people in locations around the country they may have to travel to so they can attend an unnecessary non-essential gathering in violation of applicable regulations. The optics and burden on the testing facilities and resources will be great.
  4. How could you possibly think they would be dumb enough to do that? It'll be scripted as a dry run, and TE Hingle McCringleberry will get drafted 1st overall again. Like seriously, it blows my mind how you think an NFL GM would be so daft as to actually go "Durr well we would trade from this pick but if we had to choose someone here it would be QB Justin Herbert herpa derp..."
  5. Typing "bad Bills draft picks" into Google. There's probably a dozen top 10 articles he could find.
  6. And then the Pats will raise hell about it being unfair to them that they were the only ones prepared and how they are owed more compensatory picks for it.
  7. Is there a point to just creating a list of bad draft choices? Do you have some intention for this thread?
  8. I hope they invest in some serious league wide DDOS protection, as well as have protocols in place for if there are other internet issues. But now having said that, I can see a new scandal arising in the Pats pretending to have connection issues to cheese out extra time to call around for trades and whatnot.
  9. I'd just like to sleep well period. But I have a strange feeling the prospects of Beane getting Newton was a factor in that.
  10. Doesn't make sense because the Dolphins would have done their own interview with him and wouldn't just be taking the Chargers' word for it. Would make more sense for them to play up his injury history or something.
  11. Lots of them? That would be a lock for the greatest WR class of all time by a wide margin for lots of them to all be better than a top 10 WR. Surely you mean that in a strictly hypothetical "anything is technically possible" sort of way. I can see a number of them from this deep class developing into decent starters with a couple top 10s, but not a hostile takeover of the top tier WR hierarchy from a single class.
  12. I'll be that guy and say "We really needed another one of these threads".
  13. What part of that article gave ANY indication of Buffalo? They reference the Jets and being close to the workers of 9/11.
  14. I came just for the people moaning about how they prefer 1pm games because drinking this, underdog that...
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