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  1. Jackson jock sniffers still vehemently insist that the pass was tipped and that it's not because he's a bad QB who stared down the receiver and just threw a bad pass, but I just noticed this clip that shows (from the 1:39 mark) that the ball was a duck right out of his hands and easily cleared Zimmer's hands as he stared it down right into Taron's waiting arms.
  2. Kyle would definitely pull digits at the same-sex bars. Got that loveable bear vibe about him. Side note, this thread is surely going to get shown on the forums of every team we play for the next couple years. Hey guys, your QB is ugly! Put that on your bulletin board!
  3. 1. Josh injured and schedule shenanigans. 2. Ditto. 3. Don't remember. 4. Good defense and trio of top 15 corners. Chill.
  4. I'm just confused by the bizarre premise of the event. I mean I know it's a scam but I don't get where their logic was going with it. A real event would be advertised as a charity fundraising BBQ, not a cookout vaguely in support of X. Then the goods for the BBQ would be donated with the primary source of fundraising being the sales of the food, not demanding that money be donated before hand to make it a success cuz reasons? Then it being announced during an active pandemic with stay at home orders, and so far in advance. I think I get more angry at idiot scammers thinking the
  5. Imagine a lineup of Josh Allen with... WR- Stills, Kumerow, Duke, Gentry RB- Williams, Wade TE- Becker? May as well also throw in Sweeney even though not technically PS Would probably still be at least as competitive as some teams in the league, especially the Jets.
  6. I'm pretty sure you can still use voice commands to do punctuation and whatnot. I occasionally hear my disabled friend say "period" at his phone and I don't think he means it like "end of story" heh.
  7. This is the biggest tragedy of the Browns failing to topple the Chiefs. If they thought we were loud for the Ravens, imagine Bills Mafia cranking it to 12 for a crack at the Super Bowl. But yeah, as someone put in another thread, there are logical reasons how 6700 can sound like 67000. - More rabid playoff atmosphere meaning 100% of attendees making noise as opposed to the majority sitting on their hands for regular season games tired and drunk. - Plenty of empty hard benches and seats to bang with hands and rigid signs, greatly multiplying noise without immediate
  8. Just seeing the usual Twitter idiots claiming we only won because Jackson got injured, as if he was suddenly going to become a good QB and pass his way out of a 2+ score 4th quarter deficit. Some even saying we injured him on purpose.
  9. Bothered me (perhaps a bit too much) when I'd be at games and 2/3 of my section would be sitting on their hands not making a sound while we're on defense on third down. I guess it depends on the section but I would give my left nut to be at a home playoff game where EVERYONE is going nuts.
  10. There are two kinds of posters.
  11. I thought the OP was pretty clear in context, not that difficult...
  12. Exhibit A: Josh pulling a fumbled snap from the pile and fighting for a first down vs Cam Newton balking on jumping on a loose ball in clear space leading to a turnover. Jackson should have at least tried to shove the blocker towards Taron. Could have gotten lucky and tripped him up or forced him out of bounds or something. You don't give up on a play like that, especially in the playoffs. He wasn't even in a position to get lit up or blindsided for trying to make the play.
  13. I knew someone would try to bring that up. On those extremely rare plays, the runner didn't have clear momentum carrying them out bounds or is even that close to the sideline, and the defender is either being lazy and taking the play for granted, or afraid to get a penalty hitting the quarterback. I'm talking about the plays where the runner would need titanium ankles and the ability to break the laws of physics to get their toe down and change direction literally on a dime.
  14. I am 100% fine with it. My biggest beef with the defensive side of the game is all the absolutely unnecessary hits. Defenders seem just unable to resist lowering their shoulder and blasting a guy who is already going to (or already on) the ground when literally just a graze of your pinky finger would count them down by contact. Or the runner is already going out of bounds and the defender lays a hit on them an inch from the sideline just because they can. Or the runner is crossing the goal line and gets blasted two or three yards deep into the end zone where it is already too la
  15. ***** fellaters of Jackson on Twitter unironically call Allen a RB, it's wild lol. *edit* What the hell, we can straight up say penis but not the ph word that rhymes with callous?
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