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  1. Then what's the point of expanding the roster if they're not really on the roster? Isn't that what the practice squad is for?
  2. Why are you so damned set on no football at all?
  3. How did we get from a reduced preseason, to NO MORE FOOTBALL EVER?
  4. Loss of revenue from the pandemic is going to hurt the cap in the short term, you can already see it in other leagues with cap freezes.
  5. So is the idea of our backup QB situation being our major "hole" officially a meme at this point? Feels like it's getting to the point of comedic geniuses barking "lolol league awards compensatory picks to the Patriots lolol" whenever anything of note happens. Or is the OP actually serious in believing this is insightful?
  6. Did I say he is still raw? And are you actually saying it was STUPID to draft him?
  7. Josh was a top 10 pick when he was REALLY "too raw", and now he's had two seasons of development and on the rise. NFL GMs aren't your average mediocre. Come on now...
  8. And which one was an incredibly raw prospect coming out of college, is still on the rise, and just got handed Diggs and Moss? Ok got it. Thanks.
  9. Also not afraid of the QB who had ONE great season and coming off back to back surgery-ended seasons. But ohhhhhh nooooo, Belichick the geeeeeeenius lol.
  10. Responses in bold. Again, you are REALLY bad at this. You talk as if Belichick was picking up scrubs off the street and turning them into instant All Pros. *again, edit for emphasis* To recap, your list of crap players who Belichick "plugged into a major role and got absolute dominance from immediately" were... 1. A hall of famer they traded for on the hope he would get healthy. 2. A rock solid consistent producer they traded for on the hope he would get healthy. 3. A rising star they traded for. 4. A guy they developed for 4 years after drafting him before he had his first 1000 yard season. 5. A first overall pick. This is the best you could come up with two decades to pull from. CLASSIC.
  11. That's cool, wanna address your laughable list of "players who revitalized their careers by going to NE" that included players who were drafted by the Patriots or who were already great when they signed there?
  12. Moss was arguably still in his prime and coming from OAKLAND. Bledsoe STARTED his career in New England as the first overall pick and never went back after leaving. Dillon had a single down year with injuries in Cincinnati before going to New England and only his first year there was really good. Welker had 3 total starts in 4 years before going to New England so you can't even count him as "getting going again". Edelman played his entire career with New England. Dude, you really suck at this.
  13. Yeah he had one massive anomaly season, the only one of his career where he had at least a 2-1 TD-INT ratio and the only one in the last seven years with better than 7.2 yards per pass. Also the only year he had a passer rating over 88 without dumping 107 completions to CMC. SOMETHING good was going on with that team and I don't think it was all on Cam. Do you think he's magically going to have that kind of season again 5 years later and coming off two injuries? *edit for emphasis* Outside of that anomaly MVP season with a 3.5-1 TD-INT ratio, he's a career 1.5-1 QB.
  14. Actually it's from when Zeke was streaming playing video games and a viewer asked him to comment on why Josh has more rushing TDs than him over the last 2 years (Zeke actually has 1 more, but whatever), and Zeke responded by saying it's because Josh is a beast. Where are you getting that bit about it being only a reference to one game?
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