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  1. Dude doesn't even know us well enough to know us breaking tables IS rejoicing. It's kinda what we're known for. Oh and the issues running was mainly on the O-line and playcalling but who cares about that.
  2. I still vividly remember putting my shoes on and going straight to the bar immediately after the pick was made. I'm not even much of a drinker and I needed immediate liquid consolation that badly. Didn't even watch the rest of the picks. Do you get paid every time you say ETN? Is this some grassroots slogan marketing thing to hype up his impending arrival?
  3. Imagine if even a couple of these players have "3rd year Josh Allen" style breakout seasons. That launches us to a Super Bowl. At this point I'd even settle for "2nd year Josh Allen" improvements.
  4. I deleted that as soon as I posted as I remembered there would be at least SOME unspecified things available to the public. But probably nothing worth making a road trip in a pandemic for. I also don't know the rules for interstate travel atm in the states. Here in Ontario they are currently locking down inter province travel and even threatening randomly pulling over motorists to ensure people are out and about for essential purposes only.
  5. Chance what, exactly? I'd really like to know the exact mechanism for the curse and what religion is proven correct with it lol. Is it the classic voodoo? Is it Christianity with the whole false idol thing? Paganism, Wiccan? We need to know, this could be huge! 🤣
  6. You mean we're not trading a dozen first round picks to move up to the top 5 for Pitts like some on the board are pushing for?
  7. Oh boy, I love these subjective zero context stats haters dig up. On top of most of those not even being actual drops, Josh's arm-cannon play style naturally lends itself to higher occurrences of "near misses" being able to fire the ball through narrow windows and the defender actually has little to no chance to actually make a real play on it. The epitome of a useless stat and great example of "There's three types of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics".
  8. To be fair, that time NE used their 2nd for Garoppolo, was when Belichick wanted to trade Brady but Kraft put his foot down so they traded Garoppolo instead. So maybe it seems 2nd/3rd round is the line between "insurance backup" and "become an Pro Bowler or you're replaced".
  9. I'd be fine with an 18 game season. - 2 preseason games with a week off to rest and prepare for the meaningful games. - 2 bye weeks shifted towards the middle and late parts of the season. - Limit short weeks by scheduling teams into TNF double headers after bye weeks, followed by MNF double headers the week after. - Expanded rosters with players limited to playing in 16 or 17 regular season games. - Undecided on 2 vs 3 Wild Card teams. Extra player rest may improve quality of third WC game. Lengthens the overall season, but gives both owners and players w
  10. If only for the slim chance that it ends up being Big "I don't take no for an answer" Ben in disguise.
  11. That's so dumb, so why am I laughing?
  12. Seeing as he still gets excited for farm work (he's quite excited about the family farm's upcoming switch to pistachios) he might actually be tempted by a deal like that.
  13. Considering it was a simple post by Diggs on social media that directly led to us trading for him, I'd say it's pretty damn likely they have people keeping tabs on players.
  14. After the Titans held secret practices against league safety orders to prepare for us, and players like Baker Mayfield partying at bars on Instagram to celebrate wins, I'm not buying for a second that the NFLPA is sincere in citing the pandemic as the reason for wanting a lighter workload. Oh then there was the Raiders unmasked at the charity function, Von Miller's bewilderment at how his unchecked maid staff could have possibly brought the virus into his home, etc etc etc. Yeah, the players are taking this SUPER seriously.
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