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  1. Dude, we're watching the game too. We see all this happening in real time.
  2. I can live with it, as long as we didn't bench our starter while we were still in playoff contention in order to play him.
  3. Except when they permit them, like they did last year despite being "prohibited" at the time. I know the list. It was extra hot last year but cooler yesterday so allowing it then was likely a shallow PR move so they don't look bad for allowing people to get heat stroke for the sake of concession profits.
  4. I remember wondering why we had second stringers still playing in the 4th quarter.
  5. They confiscated my bottle of water on my way in. They also took my mesh see-through bag and made me carry the rest of my stuff by hand, which was difficult on crutches.
  6. According to NFL.com, we put "LaAdrian Jones" on IR to sign him. Maybe Waddle's quad isn't as bad as was feared!
  7. Took someone long enough to suggest him. He even signed up for another year before retiring, probably wouldn't be impossible to talk him back onto the field if they don't go with Jackson.
  8. You're right, I think you might BE the fat alcoholic friend. "I'm asking for a friend" lol
  9. Lotta people both here and commenting on the article itself missing the point that they clearly specify this is not the league's doing. Third party administrators automatically flag any contracts for players who sign a contract without a drug test done that year. Silly oversight that should be addressed in the next CBA, not worth the headline outrage from near-sighted idiots too lazy to read the article. There will be no punishment for the "player".
  10. I think he crapped his pants. Or the team got it done in spite of him. Maybe could have been 38-0 with a better coach. *edit* It's like where defenders of (for example) a controversial movie say "the boycott/internet outrage clearly accomplished nothing, because the movie still pulled in $X million opening weekend". Well maybe it would have done 10% better without the boycott, or would have had better numbers after the opening weekend when the boycott-proof diehard fans had already seen it.
  11. Is that the first game? I'm just going with my dad but my Mom and step dad might like to take my niece and nephew.
  12. 3-0 start looking more likely by the day.
  13. Apoplectic is a great word. Belongs in a word of the day calendar.
  14. Eh, after our 3-0 start we'll just need to manage .500 the rest of the year to contend for a Wild Card spot. Very possible, if not likely.
  15. I can't get past how he spelled bizarre "bazar" and that he went into about how he's some expert psychologist by not naming the quarterbacks to ensure there's no knee jerk reactions to the post? Is Voldemort one of their QBs?
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