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  1. Party pooper says But a dolphin ain't a fish Fine we'll go whaling
  2. Utterly pointless. Someone could tie their cleats in a different way pregame and entirely change the course of the game. Also super easy to say "Ya on this play something bad happened? If we did something good instead, it would be different." No *****, Sherlock. We also could have been in an even worse position if one single good play got switched to a bad one. Reality doesn't work like that so no use dwelling on things like that. It's different from getting screwed by the refs.
  3. Miami win helps our strength of victory or whatever (yes we play them both, but play Miami twice), and hurts their draft pick. Go Rosen, you can be competent!
  4. Just gotta be more consistent about getting to the RZ in the first place. Gotta give Duke a chance to shine.
  5. He's basically the same size as Barry Sanders, with Devin one inch shorter but a few pounds heavier. Devon's draft profile had him at 203, and rookies often tend to pick up a few pounds of muscle in the NFL.
  6. Looks just just a strain to me, but I agree with the decision to rest the new logo until after the bye week.
  7. We. Have. Singletary. This is starting to remind me of that ridiculous "What if Barkley gets injured, we're screwed if Allen also gets injured" thread. Yes, they'll have someone fill the hole if Gore goes down long term, but it won't be a rush to find a new starter BECAUSE WE HAVE SINGLETARY JEEZE PEOPLE. 31 other teams in the league have the same problem if the starter and backup both get injured. But how many other teams have a second RB like Gore or Singletary?
  8. Yeah I don't get this worry about "but these are HARD yards Gore is getting!" Uh ya, have you guys met Frank "The Tank" Gore? That's kind of his thing. Very much an until proven otherwise thing.
  9. Comon you should know the rules. Bye week etiquette dictates your thread requires a ridiculous narrative or flame bait. Sample topics include... - Ford is a bust cuz we could have had Metcalf. - We should trade for a Dolphins RB and instantly make them the starter over Gore/Singletary. - Mention the Music City Miracle.
  10. No wonder you're disappointed with Ford's development, you think he's already a second year player...
  11. OP simply just doesn't like Gore or Singletary, and apparently thinks a scrub Dolphins castoff will come in and instantly be our starting "stud". Drake with his 3.6 ypc or Ballage with his 1.5 ypc are automatically better than what we have because they are All Pros in hiding just waiting for a better O-line.
  12. Gore has been handling 18 touches per game just fine these last 4 weeks averaging something like 4.6 yards per rush. Singletary averaged 22 touches per game the last 2 years with 55 touchdowns. Why are you obsessed with giving away a pick to take some other random scrub who has proven nothing and give HIM 20 touches a game because HE will suddenly become our "stud" somehow? Like it or not, our stud is going to be the guy we just spent a 3rd round pick on. We have a competent O-line and play caller now, and can play to his strengths. There is literally no logical reason to sign a new guy and give him #1 starter carries just because your pessimistic ass doesn't like what we have. If BOTH Gore and Singletary go down, sure pick someone up because duh (although I never understand why people freak out over our 3rd RB not being an All Pro talent).
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