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  1. Might literally be, forum rules and such. I could be wrong but I know you're not right.
  2. What you call "cut and paste topics", other call "relevant topics that actually contribute to the board". What you call "thinking outside the box", others call "every random nonsense thought that runs through your head gets its own topic and spamming the board". Please learn your lesson and just stop. Because based on the historic quality of your threads, we're all just waiting to steal your banger designs and ideas?
  3. Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I trust that as soon as the borders open you'll be having me over for dinner? I'll bring beer.
  4. I love Duff's, but not going to vote for them since that's the only place I've been to and don't want to vote by default. I've been to a friend of a friend's restaurant that I vaguely recall had good wings once or twice on the way home from a game but don't remember the name of the place.
  5. Not that 97 is low by any means, but now I'm wondering which stats of his were lower to drop him from a 99. My understanding is that stats less relevant to your position (like run blocking or throw power for a WR) affect your overall less, so which WR stats is he taking a hit in?
  6. Don't sign the contract then. And about another former Bills player, don't accept a pay advance borrowing from the next season, then act outraged when that next season has a lower salary.
  7. Lol what clown ranked him 8th? Third I can see, but outside the top 5?
  8. Whatever you do, don't wear it to bed. It'll take your head off when you lay down.
  9. Yes, what I posted wasn't a joke.
  10. Dude, you need to chill. I've been known to crap on weak threads from newer members, but you're holding the bar a bit too high on this one. Restricting thread creation to Pulitzer Prize winning sports reporters is for when there's actually ***** to talk about, not the dead of the offseason.
  11. Before this past season the talking heads were merely speculating on if Diggs could make Allen a serviceable QB and drag him to a division title. But with Miami they're just automatically declaring Tua to be the next Brees with Miami a lock to be the next great dynasty based on nothing more than their own bias for Tua and Miami having some extra draft picks.
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