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  1. Thanks, it passes me off that they ignored the "or receives a report that..." part of the protocol. The NFL's chief medical examiner admitted they don't take video evidence into account when making their concussion determination, which is stupid because I can't believe the easily available video of him being loopy wouldn't have been available to count as a "report".
  2. Which is an absolute failure in the protocols if true. If you leave loopholes like that in, they WILL be abused. It's possible to have two independent causes of similar symptoms concurrently, that's why the automatic no gos are supposed to be there. This is all just plausible deniability for a cover up from a scumbag organization.
  3. So he admits they don't look at the video evidence of how he was loopy on the field. Also seemed to say loss of motor function isn't a "no go", despite it absolutely being so?
  4. My understanding from listening to sports talk radio (assuming they know what they're talking about) is that even if you "pass" the tests, the loss of motor control he displayed on the field is supposed to automatically disqualify you from returning to the game. I can only assume the doctors worked off a different interpretation of the rule where they only counted his motor control during the actual tests to have plausible deniability. The automatic disqualification is supposed to prevent these "just a back injury" situations where the player is able to shake out the cobwebs before the test. Miami needs to be severely punished for this if the league wants to retain any shred of credibility regarding player safety.
  5. Would have liked for it to be a block, but it still beats a kick in the arse.
  6. I believe his story that he swerved to avoid a deer. I also believe he swerved to avoid a deer WHILE speeding. Sometimes both sides of a story can be true. It's like the Tua concussion/back injury thing. I bet he did have a concussion, but they were like "oh thank goodness you also have a back injury, we can blame your symptoms on that".
  7. If we end up with the #2 or #3 seed again, you bet I hope our WC match-up is Miami, like we did to New England last year.
  8. They're gonna be this year's "weakest undefeated team in history" Steelers. Same thing is going to happen to them as with the Pats last year where they got all uppity after squeaking out a win in terrible weather conditions, then we stomp them in the second game and possibly playoffs.
  9. You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what valuable means. If Rodgers would have won those games it would have been in spite of his performance. We were only in a position to win yesterday BECAUSE of Josh. I mean seriously, down NINE starters, multiple backups, the rest suffering from heat exhaustion, and you wanna drag him because of a botched snap from a backup center and one bad throw at the end of the game when he's exhausted and playing with a hurt throwing hand? He was damn near heroically valuable.
  10. There were several instances of Miami players lining up clearly offside with no call. Josh face masked on one play and straight up kicked in the nuts on another with no call other than unsportsmanlike conduct on Josh himself for getting mad at being kicked in the nuts. Two uncalled defensive holds that I noticed. I think the refs were suffering the heat and were just like screw it play on let's get this over with.
  11. I've got $15 on winning by 20, $10 on winning by 31. Leftover funds in a betting account from last year lol may as well take a swing.
  12. If you wanna meet up for a high five or a beer, lemme know. I've never met anyone from the boards before.
  13. I love how these debates over restricting ticket sales only seem to come up when the Bills are coming to town. Aside from that, I'll be going to my first road game for the Thanksgiving game in Detroit (never thought I'd be excited to go to Detroit). Was the only chartered coach trip (from a bar in St Catharines, Ontario) left not sold out. 110 rabid Canadian Bills fans descending upon the motor city for a very long day trip.
  14. Crazy part about that upset was it was all first half, went super conservative to protect the lead and got shut out in the second. Now we're the opposite and dominating in second halves as the last two weeks have shown.
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