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  1. Two monitors, so I always have a second game up. Jets get on by default in this time slot.
  2. Possibly the greatest INT I've ever seen live.
  3. I think 99% of people would take the opportunity to absolutely tee off on a Pats QB. Going for the strip is the right move, but plugging Cam is understandable.
  4. I saw Cam's life flash before my eyes there. Almost felt bad for what was about to happen.
  5. There's a reason he was the first jersey I bought at my first live Bills game.
  6. I've posted actual proof of it being a legal lateral, and was literally told by posters "Don't care what your proof shows, my eyes saw otherwise". Some will just never get over it and move on (as the OP shows).
  7. On what planet would that happen? You don't get MORE for the player than you spent to get him after he didn't live up to expectations. And are you allergic to capital letters?
  8. Initial instinct was to say elephant turd, but I've seen those at African Lion Safari in Southern Ontario. Rhino was just my best guess, but on second thought it is probably similar to elephant. I would wager it is probably legal to grease your hair, but would probably be impossible to wash out of a knotted mess like his.
  9. Still trust you more than PFF. Most importantly, not the part of the uniform right under it that counts for horse collar tackles.
  10. With our luck, we'll get called for a bogus horse collar tackle. But seriously, what the hell is that thing? It looks like a dried rhino turd electrical taped to the back of his head.
  11. Brb, I'll check the Jets board for SAR's latest troll attempt.
  12. Our first two games were against teams who are now a combined 2-8. Was anyone considering the Dolphins a good team? Yay they eventually beat the Jags and the beat up 49ers. They're still a bottom 10 team.
  13. I'm kind of glad we got the easier games first to give our defense time to get back up to speed and give Josh some confidence cementing with Diggs. KC and Seattle right out of the gate would have had us in shootouts I wouldn't trust our D to hold up against if they were giving up points to the Jets and Dolphins. I know Seattle's defense wasn't good either but I know Wilson would have absolutely torched us.
  14. I was rooting for the Giants until Dak went down, then I was tolerant to the idea of maybe Dallas winning.
  15. I made the mistake of watching to "just a cramp" live replay to make sure...and regretted it.
  16. "Ya I also hope its just a cra...oh...oh no...HURP" - me losing my appetite. I do NOT do well with broken bones...
  17. We actually have moderators for the troublemakers, even if they can get a bit...overzealous...with their punishments sometimes.
  18. I'm pretty sure most here could hold back from wishing death upon a Dolphins fan saying "good game" and graphically speculating what lewd engagements they do for money...
  19. And? Still the highest scoring first 4 weeks in history. Were you expecting more?
  20. I love the guy calling for moderation action against the mildest of trolls amongst the vitriolic death wishes and homophobic slurs. They're even worse than the Jets forums.
  21. What color IS surprised? I'm sure the Crayola 100-pack would have it.
  22. Meh, week 1 without a preseason and new players in a complicated defense. Defense will come back to form as they started to show against the Raiders.
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