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  1. Nice. I play too. Just built a 10x10 simulator in garage. Can almost play year round here in NC.
  2. Remember how Diggs started to catch some passes out of the backfield last year and he even started taking some handoffs. I can see Samuel stepping into that role expanded like when Brady had him in Carolina 2020. He could be in for a big year.
  3. Probably can get Rashee Rice for cheap
  4. Diggs has been great for Josh, but the dude was slipping. Never been a speedster and looked to be losing a step. His drops have been up. In KC playoff game dropped a 55 yard dime , gets up and does that "so close" thing with his fingers to Josh.. sort of sums it all up. MAYBE has one more solid year left in him. Don't think this means we def move up for MHJ, Nabers or Odunze. More likely to the mid-late teens or early 20's to grab someone like Brian Thomas Jr or AD Mitchell. Emergence of Shakir, Kincaid and most likely 1st round pick, youth movement is on. Samuel is a sub 4.4 guy. Brady knows what he wants to do with him. Getting younger and faster.
  5. Washington not spending any round 1 or 2 picks on IOL since '95 is kind of crazy.
  6. Just scrap the kicking game altogether. Go for it every time. Play 4 down football all game.
  7. I think they are. I was wanting a shot at Brian Thomas. But looking at it, smart move go DL 1st, WR 2nd.
  8. I think we'll see a lot of Samuel running the ball. I'm for it.
  9. Edge and DT, whether we like it or not are just as big a need as WR.
  10. He was touted by many draft gurus as safe, surefire pick. Still young, but just goes to show how much of a crapshoot the draft is.
  11. Not bad imo. Looks like a mix between Bears and Falcons.
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