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  1. The problem is then you're having to make a subjective determination to override a commonly accepted precedent otherwise. This is a solution in search of a problem.
  2. Was fun checking on the Dolphin forums yesterday, full of idiotic hypocrites. In one breath they're like "yay, Buffalo is still probably worn out from the sun game, can't wait for them to lose because of it". Then in the next breath it's "lol I bet those whiner Bills fans will probably use the sun game as an excuse for losing to the Ravens, can't wait".
  3. Some guy who flashes once or twice a game, but the coaches clearly don't trust him enough to consistently see the field. Probable cut candidate to make room for OBJ later. When the weather turns bad, like when the rain was falling sideways yesterday?
  4. You know damn well most are afraid to speak up, and the NFL is a reactionary league. They'll wait for someone to die on the field to immediately make a change, kind of like with Tua.
  5. You mean the one where he stutter stepped, then still went through with the tackle making NO effort to let up after the ball had already zipped by his head? Textbook definition of RTP. Ravens fans aren't the most intelligent or rules literate of fanbases. By simple math, the team that got more penalties are often the team that actually got more favor from the refs. If the refs are being equally crap to both sides, blowing/missing calls in equal frequency, the dirtier/less disciplined team is going to have more of their fouls missed. In my opinion, that was clearly the case in this game.
  6. Then so be it, let it slow things down. The players will adjust faster than you think. It's like objecting to baseball players being busted for steroids because you like seeing home runs. It's not the point.
  7. But this is a literal case of "you had ONE job". If casual fans can spot these blatantly egregious holds, it should be a piece of cake for the "professionals" to see it as well. There should be a supplement official who watches the game and buzzes in when there's an obvious "comon how could you miss that" penalty.
  8. Are you talking about the play that was the literal textbook definition of OPI? I think people get blinded to clear examples of penalties because much more egregious blown calls have happened in the past.
  9. Chokeholds should be called every time and are NOT on every play. Only the most diehard of delusional homers would object to these "in broad daylight" holds being called as penalties.
  10. Many refs are afraid to impact the game in big moments. They already get a lot of crap from both fanbases in every game, so if they're already damned if they do/don't, they'll err on the side of not drawing attention to themselves in the biggest moments sometimes and just let things play out.
  11. Edmunds could be 1st team All Pro the next 10 years, and people here will still hate him.
  12. The best you can do is with the eyes of the sideline refs, and then the review didn't prove them wrong. Again, shouldn't be difficult to understand.
  13. Those examples aren't close to being the same. Lamar had established possession in bounds, and the rule is where the ball crosses the sideline. It's not that difficult.
  14. Pay them with what cap space? Roll with the backups until people get healthy.
  15. That's a lot of words to say nothing at all. Literally anything done or not done in a game "can be a real advantage if you can capitalize at certain moments". I bet you'd object to punting on 4th and 20 just to have something to complain about because they could "capitalize on that moment". But please do tell me how electing to have the ball in better weather is a stupid decision worth complaining about, and which parts of the game are less important than an opening coin toss.
  16. This is probably the least consequential part of a football game you could get upset about.
  17. Baltimore has been going for late hits all game. Saw a couple targets to Allen's head on his slides too.
  18. I look forward to reporting from the ground when I go to Detroit.
  19. Jeeze, lotta unchecked homophobia/gay jokes on that forum.
  20. I think the only time I've honestly called for a forfeit was when the Tennessee Plaguerats were holding illegal secret practices in the middle of an outbreak and screwed our schedule. But once a game is played, it's played unless there was some sort of 1000% egregious, unprecedented cheating going on with a smoking gun/confessions to prove it.
  21. Funny part is all the idiot Dolphin fans responding to the tweet complaining that Josh wasn't also fined. Lots of delusional people saying Josh ripped the helmet off and punched him in the face. No idea what they were seeing. Probably the same fools who said Tua wasn't hurt in our game.
  22. Thanks, it passes me off that they ignored the "or receives a report that..." part of the protocol. The NFL's chief medical examiner admitted they don't take video evidence into account when making their concussion determination, which is stupid because I can't believe the easily available video of him being loopy wouldn't have been available to count as a "report".
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