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  1. I've seen enough of Dorsey. And you don't have to automatically give Cook the ball when he comes in.
  2. It will come down to coaching and who makes the least mistakes. Then turnovers.
  3. So if you dont have the app....lets say I transfered them to someones email. Could they show the ticket in their email at the stadium ? I was looking at the app at googleplay......it says for ipad, or iphone.....Do they have a Bills app for a Samsung galaxy. Do you need digital wallet to show your tickets ? Sorry about all the questions. Thanks
  4. I'm a long time season tix holder. The 5 years I've been paying extra to get printed tickets. Didn't have a smart phone and to go through the hassle. Since the game is so close I didn't think I'd get the printed tix in time for the Saturdays playoff game. I just got a smart phone and I'm learning slowly. Can i download my tickets without the Bills app ? I have an android phone. Can I send tickets to different people through email ? Do you have to get a apple digital wallet ? Also it says Bills app is for ipad or iphone . Thanks so much !
  5. I went to games for 30 years. Home field was alot better back 15 years or more. Before the remodel that took out around 16000 seats. But the biggest advantage taken away was the metal seats. Everyone would pound on them and it was deafening. The comeback was so loud my body was vibrating.
  6. With this weeks weather in the 90's. DL & OL scuffles probable.
  7. Peyton Manning....the same guy that backed Adam Gase for head coach. Not all coordinators are head coach material. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/10/new-york-jets-peyton-manning-recommended-coach-adam-gase/
  8. Anyone have a problem with WGR audio vault.....I figured away around it . I just have three of the shows. https://www.radio.com/podcasts/howard-and-jeremy-20258 https://www.radio.com/podcasts/the-instigators-20259 https://www.radio.com/podcasts/one-bills-live-20260
  9. Now that the Jets traded up It could change things. If none of the top 5 drop to 12. Then I think we draft Mike White or Luke Falk on last day of draft.
  10. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2018/story/_/id/22763487/heisman-trophy-winner-baker-mayfield-says-position-best-quarterback-nfl-draft
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