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  1. Can't believe I am going to say this but Allen rarely checks down. He's always looking for the intermediate and long ball. While that is admirable, it is OK to gain 4-6 years on a check down on occasion.
  2. I'm not a fan of Singletary. He's a good kid with heart and some power ... but hardly a threat as RB.
  3. A great QB will elevate wide receivers who would otherwise seem good or above average.
  4. Would have been fun watching this Bills team vs the Patriots with Tom Brady.
  5. Yup. seems they stuck with the game plans and we nearly lost because of it. Should have drafted DK Metcalf
  6. I always planned that if the Bills won the Superbowl, I would fly to Buffalo to join the party and go to the parade, celebrate, drink Labatts ... etc. Of course, with Covid and rules about travel and having to quarantine ... I am left with two choices. Stay in Texas, or smuggle myself into NYS. When someone flys into Buffalo from a Texas market, isn't there a health declaration? Can anyone recommend an illegal crossing point from Canada into Buffalo? Maybe there is a catapult in Canada that can get me over to NYS? Or a hot air balloon? I'll pay good $$. Suggestions?
  7. I'm more concerned about Titans. Do we get the one that played Green Bay a couple weeks ago, or the one that nearly played perfect against Bills earlier in season.
  8. I glanced at it ... they seem pretty down on their team from what I read. Some were delusional, showing a low scoring game with Colts winning.
  9. I'm with you on this ... my exact thoughts. I think Henry would give Bills a fit. I do think we have gotten better and are building steam which is a good sign heading into playoffs. I feel the offense is better than that first game ... but man, they did beat us up that Sunday! Tannehill is good (he ripped us that day, nearly perfect) and Vrabel is a great head coach IMO. Would be a battle!
  10. Careful ... Adam Gase was considered the QB whisperer ...
  11. Nice guy, just not sure about having him as Bills backup. Let's see what Fromm can do.
  12. There was discussion many years ago of this possibility. A realignment of Divisions. I think it was going to be exactly that ... Bills, Steelers, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Alas, ownership clung to the Bills-Miami rivalry and others and the idea faded. So, hypothetically: New Division: Pats, Jets, Ravens, Indy New Division: Dolphins, Titans, Jaguars, Texans Then keep existing AFC West
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