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  1. This years offense is so much more predictable than last years. I could see them being at odds. Last night I was calling the plays from the couch and nailed about 90% of them. We need to find a way to thrive on offense in bad elements.
  2. I think we have the talent to turn it around. The defense needs some answers to the run and myst pressure Brady. Next week is going to be a high scoring affair in nice weather. A Tampa win cures all ills and sets us up for a rematch in Foxborough. I don't think NE succeeds with the same game plan again. They will need to throw the ball. ATL, the JETS and Panthers are all winnable games. That's 10-7 and a shot at a WC. A win against TB clears a path for 11-6. or 12-5 with REVENGE on our minds. I think it all comes down to this week of practice. The go in and beat TB and we get our mojo back. A loss to TB and it's going to be a rough road.
  3. Only to go into Pittsburgh, Cleveland, NE, KC and stumble. We need to be tough inside and out. And we are only a few players away from that. A mauler G, a physical WR and a bell cow RB. On Defense we need to go 4-3, move Edmonds outside, find a tough SOB.(may Klein) for the middle and get some beef on the interior of the DL.
  4. This is where. I'm at. Dry heaving as I type, thinking of 50 ways we could have won with a little competency and toughness. It's my Patriot hate that makes it all the more nauseating.
  5. Agreed on all, but Moss wasn't so bad on the screens. He had a few where Josh made bad throws after he found a seam. Josh didn't see the field great tonight because of the pressure. But he had shots he could have taken and missed seeing them. Better OL could solve this, but I imagine what a stud like Taylor or Henry would do for this offense.
  6. All this and Harris long TD run. Play that right and it's a different game. Bass missed FG hurt a f'k ton.
  7. No Sh*t! That pissed me off. All game they just gashed us and we knew they were going to run. It was so frustrating to watch.
  8. Let me know which ones, so I can take their extra 2. I could use it for Christmas gifts.
  9. I guess this never happened before in the NFL. Fixed sports, fixed sports betting. Nah!
  10. With good reason. They took the Bills out of a few games this year often stalling drives on our offense and extending drives against our defense.
  11. I think it comes down to using that stupid 4-2-5 against big running teams when we are getting gouged. We get outweighed and outmuscled running 5 db's and a light D line. I think Ankou helped a bit last week. He and Star are big guys. Throw in Butler in the rotation and we're not so soft down the middle. I'd like to see 5 DL sometimes against these run heavy teams like Tenn and Indy, maybe NE. Our OL injuries exposed more of a lack of talent then toughness. Ford is tough, but not good. Dawkins is still recovering and lost body strength. Feliciano has half a pec and half a calf. Brown is a big, tough dude. Morse is smart, just not strong. He doesn't lack for effort. Williams is a big dude with average talent. When everyone is healthy it's a little better, but we can use some maulers at G next year.
  12. Is there a doctor in the house? Anyone know how to induce labor. I have an idea. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-star-might-skip-a-game-at-some-point-during-crucial-december-stretch-and-heres-why/
  13. They will split with NE at worst. 11-6 and in. Who knows Tampa is not invincible. Get a pass rush on Brady and he's ordinary. Fournette had to bail them out today. WE could run the table and be 13-4 at best or end up 11-6 at worst. NE is solid but not great. They are certainly beatable at home with the Mafia going bonkers on a Monday night.
  14. He's not on any roster. This was a list of Practice Squad players that are available. There's another post for Street FA's.
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