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  1. It's been interesting seeing your recent positivity regarding our roster jrober. As someone I recognized as a fellow skeptic of our previous mediocre regimes, its good to see you feel the same about where we stand now and can be positive regarding our outlook moving forward. Beane and McD are building us a team that is not near its peak yet. Our last two drafts are looking pretty damn good, can't wait to see where we land if Beane keeps up his wizardry the next few years.
  2. Love to see it. Sean is generally a respectful guy but he has high standards of performance and those refs were not calling the game as it was being played in the first half. I;m glad Sean accosted them, it is his job to say something and he did. No excuse for botching the twelve men in the huddle call. Its one thing to miss a call during live action when it is a matter of a judgement. But you're a team of professionals and that demonstrated an unjustifiable lack of attention for every official to miss that call. A kindergartner can tell the difference between eleven and twelve, do you're ***** jobs. .
  3. The scary part is that I don't think we've seen the high water mark of this defense.. Edmunds is beginning to show real flashes of being an All-Pro MLB. He'll only get better as his play diagnosis continues to improve. He's filling out his freakish frame and starting to impose himself on ball carriers in ways we didn't see last season. Edmunds, White, and Oliver are phenomenal pieces to build around moving forward. Could not be more excited to watch these guys in the coming years.
  4. Oliver has been a menace the past few games. Scary what this kid could become if he's determined to be great.
  5. Thank God he talked ***** about Kraft right after being released from the team. I don't see Krafty Bob bringing him back in after that even if Marsha begs.
  6. Poor Denver fans??? Didn't Manning set the touchdown record there? They went to the superbowl twice. Before Josh we hadn't had a starting level QB since Bledsoe.
  7. I live in Albany and grew up in Bethlehem. While the total number of fans between the two teams is probably close to equal in this area (Giants fans being the most numerous), Bills fans are much more passionate and likely to wear team apparel in public. For the sake of fairness, I think when one of the two is substantially better than the other, that team's game should be shown. If the Bills aren't on you can always go to McGeary's which is a blast if the Bills are winning and if they don't show up...well misery loves company. Cuomo showed up to catch the Browns game with us, which was cool to watch with a governor regardless of how people may feel about his policies. All that being said ***** the Jets wholly and truly and I don't feel anyone should waste their time watching them flounder this season, Bills should be on from here on out.
  8. He's not asleep at the wheel, hes intelligent. He doesnt want to give up valuable future assets for decent (Sanu) and old (Sanders) skill position players. He's trying to build a perennial contender and you don't get there making desperate moves, despite the impatience in Buffalo for us to be great again after the embarrassing past two decades. We've seen numerous blissfully ignorant GMs over the years but this isn't one of them. If theres a good move to be made for someone to help this team immediately I'm confident they will move on it.
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