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  1. I'd prefer the bills sign Vontae Davis to this guy. If the Texans think replacing Hopkins with AB is a good move then my newfound spite for that team looks to have a promising payoff. Incredible talent no doubt, but if his mental health isnt back in check the volatility and unpredicactability is just not worth adding to a contending team, especially with a QB still on a learning curve like Watson or Allen.
  2. Donald is that you? That being said I agree wholeheartedly, this just sounds eerily like a tweet from our fearless leader.
  3. Crazy that he's a full two years older than Edmunds. I hope we see them both in Buffalo well into their 30's.
  4. Or Watt, Patrick Peterson or Tyron Smith. Luck, Von Miller and Aldon Smith in this top 10 too, impressive year.
  5. The versatility of guys like Jefferson, Epenesa, and even Oliver to line up from multiple different positions and still be effective is going to be fun to watch. There will be countless different combinations of four guys you could throw at an offense in any given situation. The fact that they will all be fresh in a heavy rotation will just add to the chaos for opposing offenses. Really excited to see our D in action.
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