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  1. It seems to me he's a fraud of an analyst making ludicrous claims like that after one week. Im confident this will prove to be an asinine and moronic take in due time.
  2. A boring 4 1/2 hour drive down I-90 from Albany. Used to be 25 minutes in college.
  3. Cool for Milano too knowing they were both star linebackers for Boston College one right after the other. Milano has obviously been living in Kuechlys shadow to a degree following him at BC then working under his former DC from Carolina, must be cool to get to pick his brain like this.
  4. You gotta love how he was trying to smugly dismiss that guy and ended up making himself look not only like a prick but a moron as well. He may actually be a bigger knob than Brady.
  5. Wow that guy tossed you an alleyoop there . Well played.
  6. Praying we are able to use this at some point, that joke is arguably worth taking a flier on in the sixth
  7. Are the same people bitching about taking two tackles really now going to whinge about getting an extra pick that could be used to take one of the positions they were offended Beane hadnt already addressed? Does anyone remember what this roster looked like four years ago? Jesus youd think the guys earned a little bit of slack on his leash its the fifth round and he just scored us an extra pick without a big dropoff in talent.
  8. Agreed. After finally making the playoffs the year before and only mustering three points in the game it was a truly demoralizing start to the season. I was genuinely embarassed.
  9. Well experience would seem to have taught us to be prepared for imminent collapse with this team at any given moment, typically when expectations are highest. Yet, with Beane and McDermott running the show and Josh and the other leaders on this team having the character that they do, I've hesitantly come to expect this team to play better in the critical stages of big matchups rather than comically squander the game. Yes, it definitely feels ***** weird.
  10. I really wish that smug prick was here for this. Its like he slipped out the backdoor right before he was about to finally get bitchslapped after all those years of being a righteous brat.
  11. Yea i thought it was an unnecessary dig at Duke, as much as i generally agree with the sentiment. No pun intended.
  12. Tyreek Hill obviously also must have thought his pregnant fiancee and unborn child were trash when he beat the ***** out of her. Incredible talent but if anyone is human trash here its him.
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