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  1. It is very obvious that he took less money to play for KC compared to what the Bills and Dolphins offered. No one knows what Reid promised him. Could it be possible that Reid only signed him to keep the Bills or some other contender from signing him? Clearly he was promise a certain role and the coach did something completely different. As for over- rated Andy Reid, how many playoff games has this man lost with horrible coaching decisions. Yes he finally won one. But don’t you people ever compare this man to Greatest coach ever in New England. 7-1 in championships. Go back and watch Reid coach
  2. Our two lead backs are slow and strikes no fear in the defense.. These guys are seeing light boxes and can’t get the job done. Speaking of washed up, what’s has Breida done in this league. At least we know Bell has been a dominant rusher in this league. The last time he had was in an explosive offense with the Steelers what did he produced. The weak links in this offense are the running backs and the tight ends.The Bills ain’t winning nothing without upgrading one of those groups. Bell instantly gives this run game some respect. Obviously the coach and the GM felt that way last year because th
  3. Yes the name was not spelled correctly.. But did you not know to whom I was referring to? Agree or disagree with my opinion and keep it moving. You guys obliviously have nothing better to do. This a football forum not an English/ spelling/ class.
  4. LeVeon Bell has not all of a sudden forgotten how to play football. Andy Reid is the most overrated coach in NFL history. Adam Gase is probably the worst head coach in NFL history. The Jets and Detroit Lions are maybe the worst run organizations in history. He is way better than anything we have. If Josh Allen played for Adam Gase he would probably be in Carolina right now. Player are hindered by their environment. Bring him to Buffalo and watch this man remind everyone why he was an all pro. P.S: This a football forum, if you want to discuss a miss spelled name, please don't co
  5. This man should be a Bill right now.. it’s no secret the Bills were extremely interested in signing him but he choose the easy road for a championship. He is better than every back we have right now. He needs carries and reps. His pass protection/blocking has always been excellent. He runs route like a receiver. The only question is his health and the fact that he sign to play with the JETS and Adam Gase. He is perfect for this scheme. Bring this man in and let him compete to be that Number 1 and only lead back. We need a back that can make the defense respect our running game . Two third roun
  6. He is the best TE on this team. Had really good chemistry with Josh his rookie season. He will be the second TE in 12 personnel groupings. Coming out in the draft he was considered one of the better blocking TE but he really surprise people with is toughness and hands across the middle of the field. The battle for the other TE position between Knox and Hollister will be fun. Lets all agree Knox is not reliable.
  7. This guy is a beast when healthy. Coming from Auburn University he remind me so much of a young Levon Bell. This guy was a absolutely great in the SEC. Unfortunately he went to Detroit who had no idea what they were doing. They brought in AP when they had a first and second round draft picks on the team at the same position. This guy is better thAn Moss and Singletary. He is the answer to the running back position. Let’s get him now.
  8. This guy is CJ Spiller all over again.. just say no! Best available pass rusher/ 1 technique DT, LB, CB in this exact order
  9. High character... the last time I check the kid QB from Georgia is still on the team.. Stop judging people you don’t know.. We are trying to win games. I am talking from a football point of view. Are we confident with our defensive line as constructed right now?
  10. Yes Mario was good for us... but go look at Mario numbers in his first 3-4 years against Aldon Smith. The bottom line is we are not winning a Super Bowl with our front four who cannot get to the quarterback without blitzing.
  11. Go check the stats.. besides Bruce and one year of Bryce Puap who is better than Aldon Smith. Don’t say Aaron Schobel or Kelsey.. Aldon Smith minus the other problem is a hall of fame talent and would be the best pure pass rusher on this team. Again high risk, high reward.. Wr have a bunch of guys.. no game changers.. We need one..
  12. THis guy was on a hall of fame pace.. We all know what happened to him over the last three years. But this guy can play. Last year with the Cowboys was solid. He would be the best pass rusher we have had since Bruce Smith. High risk ... high reward. His talent is undeniable and could take this defense to the next level.. Minimum veterans salary with a lot of incentives for production. Let’s go Bills
  13. He going to New England and will ball out. Remember the pats wanted him before the Bills showed him the money
  14. This is easy Go get Von Miller.. Injury risk? Yes... but that dude is a monster and game wrecker. Could play either side if the line..
  15. I am sorry but teams seem to know what we are going to do in third and long situations. The defense have to win on first down this week to get KC in long 2nd and 3rd down situations. Then Leslie and Sean has to send pressure to get the ball out of Mahomes hand quickly. I expect a lot man to man this week. Tre White need to earn that contract on SUNDAY
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