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  1. I, too, watched an old game tonight… the Turkey Day win over Dallas 2019. This was the game where Josh well and truly showed the league/world what he was all about, taking control at the end of the second half with his stunning 4th and 1 recovery of the fumbled snap and then beast mode gaining the first down. He had had enough of the back and forth BS, and went on to ice the game by the end of the third. A bookend to the Ravens game, in that the victory at Dallas was the ‘end of the beginning’ for Josh. Everything after that is just a steady upward march. I’m pretty sure I had more fun watching this one than you did w/ the Ravens, but it really is interesting to put those two games as bookends for Josh Level 1…. or maybe I’m just blathering, either way, watching old games is the only way to survive this period, FFS…
  2. Much appreciated, OP. Pretty sure that I had only ever seen highlights of that game; was out on the water when it went down live…too many years ago. Nice way to kill some time today while isolating w/ the Crud… Thomas AND Talley were beasts this day, especially loved 56 w/ the stuff at the 2 yard line on the final play. Top to bottom, that was a complete team effort; great OL execution, inspired D, precious few mistakes. Bittersweet watching though, knowing what it lead to. Eager to watch this year’s squad finally take it all the way, Go Josh! Go Bills!
  3. This is the perfect post for this time of our NFL year…idle speculation derailed by idle mischief…
  4. NFW. Those are all really good players, and important cogs for us. Take your pick of any two and pair them with Fred Jackson. Incomparable ability to get what was needed, do what was needed, fire up the whole team… totally love Freddy.
  5. I think you and Thurman are probably correct, but billybrew’s notion of having Bernard on the field for the situations he mentioned are intriguing, to say the least. For example, howzabout a 3-3-5? Von/Ed/Groot, backed by Milano/Edmunds/Bernard, then the usual nickel…? They wouldn’t have picked him if Coach SetInHisWays Frazier wasn’t open to finding ways to use him….. I also wonder how Tim Settle might fit into these scenarios. Yes, a significant run-stuffer but I’m impressed with his pass rush power, he’s just a beast all around, hoping for great things from him.
  6. My bad…he looked freaking tiny to me…?? Meanwhile, Blackshear is only 5’9”, but he’s 194… pretty sure that’s not ‘smurf’ territory, either so guess I should just shut up and go to bed…
  7. Liked his explanation/comparison about Cook v. Hall running inside and balance/yards after contact. Made it clearer to me that BH was never going to be a ‘bell cow’ (and, as Joe says, McBeane don’t seem to want one).
  8. It’s a sign of the times that he’s in on table jumping/fan base ‘metrics’, yadayada… cool. BUT, he is definitely not Ted Washington. I had no idea he was so ‘trim’. Makes me want to jump on board with BadOld’s argument that he’s a too-tall Jordan Phillips type…
  9. “I watched our running game for the majority of last year. ” We all watched the running game for the entire year, so… Methinks there’s a salty little tidbit of a word (or two?) missing from somewhere in this sentence?? You thought it, but you didn’t type it?? Underwhelm? Disappoint? Stink? Suck? Fail?…
  10. Can’t believe I just scrolled through two pages of a Kay Adams thread and there’s not even one pic??
  11. On the off chance that we do get him, I will right now 100% commit to giving her a call to explain the situation…
  12. Perhaps, and I’m sure either McDuffie or Booth would be a huge get, but Tre and Stingley together = two special peas from the same damn pod… just an overwhelmingly potent force, especially with our two A#1 veteran safeties, that’s a dream secondary. Yeah, and Cheryl Tiegs is gonna’ come over every week to sit on my lap during the games, too..
  13. Hopefully some do want to move up to our spot, I like that scenario the best I think, with the exception of a do-what-it-takes trade up for Stingley…. Tre and Stingley together would be sick to watch week to week…we’d be blessed.
  14. I like this logic, but wouldn’t it be mo bettah to trade down with one of the squads at the beginning of Rd. 2?…seeing as how those teams are likely much less of a threat to us this year?
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