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  1. Not even close. The air is dry in Los Angeles. I lived there for 10 years. It gets hot in September and the sun takes it's toll, but it is nothing to the energy draining humidity of Miami. Believe me. I lived in both cities and you can physically exert yourself a lot more in LA without wearing down. You sweat through everything here and within 30 minutes you don't want be outside doing heavy physical activity. True, but Ive lived here for years and it was never as bad as it has been this year. The last 3-4 years in FL, the heat and humidity through the summer has been ridiculous.
  2. Honestly, this game is about the weather. I live here and the heat and humidity is oppressive and drains so much energy out of you, especially if you are performing physical activity outside. The Bills training staff better be ready to keep everyone hydrated and free of cramps. Our rotations and depth will be the key to this game. Just doing yard work or light labor outside makes you sweat so much that your shirt needs to be wrung out. I can't imagine going full speed with 20 lbs of equipment on me for three hours in the middle of the afternoon. And 3-4 pm is like the witching hour where the heat will hit 95-100 degrees with killer humidity. If this was a night game, I'd say the Bills win by 17+ but I think it will be close and in the 4th quarter we are going to need fresh players who have energy. This is where Hill and Waddle can take advantage of our DB's and DL slowing down. especially since we are missing players in these positions. It's going to take all 53 to win this game.
  3. As long as they elevate them to their active roster. It's been around for awhile.
  4. No, they won't. Until the ring is on the fingers of our team and the banner is raised at "The Ralph" winning will never grow old. And after that, I want to win some more.
  5. Not anymore. Not with Hill and Waddle going against a banged up secondary and Tua maturing into a top 15 QB. They also have decent RB's in Mostert and Edmunds. And their defense is coming together also. The humidity and heat in Miami now is bad and will drain you fast when you are outside. If you are not used to it, you will dehydrate very quickly so this is not a give me by any stretch of the imagination. Depth and rotations will be key to the second half.
  6. I'd hardly call it ignorant and he has a right to his opinion. I think it's still a free country.
  7. Evans is a tough little SOB He owned Lattimore. Latty instigated a lot, so he got a little back. Love it! Old School ball. That how we used to play.
  8. I like these guys. Good breakdown.... Man our D-LINE is going to be fierce!!! Go Bills!
  9. Sweet I put $5,000.00 on the over in Vegas! Go Shakir.
  10. I put my blue cheese in the shape of the number #17 before eating my wings. #Itworks.
  11. Overcoming turnovers like tonight will haunt us some day, but I think we still win if it's against the Titans and we did it. Rams have a good D. Cook and Moss will learn to hold on to the ball or sit. MCKenzie will be more careful or lose touches to Crowder. This won't be a habit.
  12. It was a thing of beauty to watch. Phillips looked great and rejuvenated in this D. Von is in GOAT conversation, the young guns Boogie and Groot made big plays. The rest of the group did their jobs and made life difficult for the Rams. I loved it!!!!
  13. For me it boils down to the Rams offense. I don't fear their RB's or TE's. If we can contain Kupp, Robinson is the only other solid option. They just don't have the weapons we have on offense. Von Miller is the difference on D as I think our DL generates a lot more pressure this year and helps out the DB's. I predict Buffalo 31 Rams 24.
  14. I'm on the "better" side only because of Josh's development. I think Dorsey will listen and trust Josh to call some of his own plays or make adjustments at the line depending on how he reads the defense. We've got two very competitive, winning QB's working together. I think this makes a difference. Daboll was working within a system that was handed down to him. He creatively worked within the framework, but wasn't the type to make a lot of in-game adjustments to the game plan. I think this offense will be more creative in time. Two brains operating Josh's body will help him. Dorsey will see things from the 1000 ft view and Josh will see ground level. If there's no ego and a perfect balance between the two, I personally think we can become unstoppable.
  15. He is correct. I now live in Tampa, and it is against my religion to root for Brady. I wear my Bills gear around Tampa to reinforce these beliefs.
  16. May or not be, but the team already made up its mind. He is on record saying there was mutual consent, but she's a minor so that's no good either.
  17. This sucks.This kid was a keeper and could have been one of the best punters in Bills history. We'd flip the field at any time from any place. But he goes and punts with his third leg and kills his own career.
  18. Agree! We lost the Pittsburgh game last year because of a blocked punt. The was the primary miscue that lead to our demise.
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