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  1. I like the 5 best, if its not Spain, then move on.
  2. The Spain situation is intriguing. It appears it was a last minute decision, so I speculate if it was for disciplinary reasons? He has been consider one of the strengths of the line, so this was a surprise. Any word from the Bills?
  3. Did I just get lost in stats class again? .... You know those dreams where you're back in high school and can't find your locker, or you didn't do your homework, etc., I'm having one.
  4. Fair analysis. Give them props when they are deserve.
  5. Wisdom from a TBD sage. Oh, how many I've started and then deleted.
  6. My suggestion to the coaches, get your best five guys out there! We'll see what they say about it 🤪 LT - Nsekhe, LG - Ford, C - Morse, RG - Dawkins, RT - Williams
  7. When I saw this on Sunday, I thought he had the face mask, the announcers said nothing and they didn't show a replay .... my suspicion confirmed, no wonder Josh was so upset. Virgil, thanks for the write-up, it's now officially over. I can put this game to bed and on to Vegas.
  8. I hope he does well there, the only negative is that organization.
  9. Wow! Glad to see you're still here. I was truly worried. And, @ChevyVanMiller's list is epic! 🤪
  10. Has Ty Nsehke ever played guard. I think it is time to take a look with either him or Bates. Winters struggled last week, and was inconsistent at best, this week. And what about the guy that spells his name wrong who they just signed from the Jets? Darnold was so disappointed he was cut. He's an interior guy.
  11. Let's hope. Things are going in the right direction, for sure.
  12. Surprises (I'll go past the obvious): Williams play at RT Davis would be a 2 or 3 receiver on many other teams Milano really is that important to the D Disappointments: It seems to me Tre is getting beat too many times Edmunds - It looked like he was favoring his shoulder at time yesterday, especially when tackling The entire D-line, just not playing to the level we were expecting NOTE: The good news, all those disappointments can be fixed.
  13. I bet the NFL Network wishes they could show a replay of a game, any game, from this past weekend instead---their ratings would be higher.
  14. The lead story on Peter King's FMIA (the real MMQB), you have now arrived Josh Allen.
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