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  1. I read all this and think one thought: “Why?”
  2. David Nelson. I always like that kid. Wonder what he’s doing now?
  3. Fun days to be a NY football fan: one team’s #1 draft pick is holding out, and the other team has clowns running their organization. How bad is it, they were able to make the rest of the world have sympathy for Kelvin Benjamin. That is bad.
  4. I shutter at that thought. …. “He who must not be named.”
  5. I like Jake, he’s sort of a hybrid TE / WR type, gives the QB a lot of options. And he is also a valuable Special Teams player. You know how McBean and company love those ST’ers.
  6. Ahh! I can sleep again. Now the long painful wait to September 12.
  7. Even if Taiwan Jones is a great Special Teams player, I think his time is done. He taking up a valuable roster spot. Time to move on and find someone else who can run fast down the field to watch the return man take a knee in the end zone.
  8. I like Gilliam, if he is a FB who can block, protect, and catch (and run) the ball, there will be a place for him on this team.
  9. The last three 1st & 2nd round picks have been DEs, McBeane is not trading away the world to get this high risk, high reward, person and player. To All: “Trust the Process!”
  10. Welcome to Buffalo, Katherine. I think you’ll find covering this team and their passionate fans, an upgrade and a joy.
  11. NFL Network, she loves the Bills. Got teary-eyed about them recently on GMF.
  12. So, are you saying you wouldn’t trade him even for a 1st? MT will look fine standing on the sidelines in a Bills uni, but if we can get a 1 or 2 for a back up player, like I said, “run!”
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