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  1. Interesting idea. my immediate response was it needs more color, unless you look real close, no immediate impression this is a Bills shirt
  2. Good find Matter, thanks. Interesting stats. Confirms, we all know the D is great, but get rid of the turnovers and this Offense is legit.
  3. My immediate thought: "Interception rate decline? . . . clearly he has not been watching our games." Record holder? My guess = Ronnie Lott.
  4. Fish trying to pull a Belichick and steal our game plans.
  5. Just in Stowe two weeks ago, a great time of the year to visit. And looks like a fun race, good luck.
  6. Turning out to be one of the great off-season signings. And his back story is on par with Duke’s, kind of players that are hungry and you want to root for.
  7. I like both the all blue and the all red.
  8. What is "Rise" coding for?
  9. yuuup! Supposedly two bad interceptions
  10. Probably something wrong with me, but I take joy in that they both lost today. 😜
  11. This. As for Rosen, I was never a fan of him. But, it would be fun to see him develop and have the three top 10 picks battle it out in the division for years to come; that is, as long as Allen is the consistent winner.
  12. Your friend was just trying to keep you from being jealous that you aren’t him.
  13. Just for the fun of it, that’s why.
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