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  1. Dodson's agent, @dhgold already working on that new contract. Well played.
  2. Should anyone be surprised? In his signature win, he threw two passes
  3. A thought: The Bills need to go no-huddle but use the entire play clock. It keeps the KC offense off the field and, more importantly, the Bills D off the field. Did anyone else notice that the Eagles were milking the clock the entire game--it seemed every snap was with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. Why? To keep the Bills offense off the field, and with that, we still scored over 30 points. We know the Bills' offense can score points again; now, use the offense to protect and help the Defense.
  4. Added to the off-field issues, Von needs to sit. His production has been nothing this season; he is not his old self physically. He has not contributed to the field and is now just a distraction off the field. Sit him for the rest of the season, then see where it goes.
  5. The continual paralysis by analysis is wearing me out. Buffalo Bills, just win, please, just win.
  6. I think Miami has the least favorable "home-field advantage" in the league. Whomever they are playing, it is always about 50/50 fans between them and the other team.
  7. To me, the fumbles have always been the most troubling. Many--most--of those come when he is trying to do too much. But this season has not been as bad. He only has 4 in 12 games (3 lost); last year, it was 13, and 5 lost.
  8. And God got the blame: "I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS???” . . . Did James Cook put out a similar tweet this week?
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