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  1. Gisele kicked him out now that he doesn't have a job. Loser!
  2. If we sign a FA, like Green, or any of the tier 2 guys MAJ Bobby identifies (or someone in a trade), we still need to draft a WR high. The FA gives the draftee time to develop, and takes the pressure off of him having to contribute in a big way early. I would definitely take Green on a one yr prove-it deal, and a corollary move of a top of the draft guy.
  3. Crazily, I find myself agreeing with you. The exact kind of player JA and this offense needs. Takes the pressure off the QB, perfect compliment to Singletary, girnd it down the field and run the clock--which helps the D get better, and opens play action. YUUUUP! Get Henry!
  4. If Houston loses this game, Bill O'Brian should be fired: Not going for it on 4th and a foot--the game is over if they score a TD there. But making up for it with an asinine fake FG call in your own territory after they just scored a TD. WOOOOOWWWWW!
  5. I would be very happy with another mid-round pick at this position, but someone who is a bruiser, 235+ with a little bit of speed. Poor man's Derek Henry type ... or just sign him 🙂
  6. Not sure where RT will go, but I think one big off-season question to settle, who is the better swing tackle option: Nsekhe, Waddle, or Bates? One of them will be let go, one will be the ST, and the other could be trade bait? I wonder if Waddle, who is a few years younger, than Nsekhe, ends up being the guy. But of course, if Bates continues to develop, he is such a valuable asset being able to play multiple positions competently.
  7. I agree on the TE position group, I think Lee will be gone and Sweeney will step in and replace his role.
  8. Yeah, that is luck as much as anything. But a few of those sure do make a big difference. Only place to go is up next year.
  9. I would say, Duke has a better future than Jones. Jones is what he is, an acceptable #5 receiver who can do the easy stuff and is a decent blocker, but don't expect anything big. Duke is bigger, stronger, maybe slower, but has better hands and physicality. His blocking is equal, but he will make tough catches Jones can't. He brings more to a team going forward. If I'm a GM, I take Duke over Zay.
  10. All-in-all, it was just a collective terrible 2nd half of football. .... as 29 Years points out, there seemed to be several plays that would have made a difference. To me, the biggest one was the missed block in OT (well, the last 3 minutes of regulation are mind numbing in so many ways). The play was there, it would have put us in very make-able field goal range. Ugh .... what is it that other team says, "just do your job," I just can't see how three guys let him run between them untouched.
  11. well, the only one I got right 🤪
  12. CHRISTIAN WADE = Super Bowl, Baby! ..... anyone know why they didn't call him up this year? 🤣
  13. I was just going to type this, thanks 1ManRaid
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