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  1. Matt Ryan doesn't get the credit he deserves. For example, what has Dak Prescott done better than him?
  2. Yes. And let all players on the active roster suit up for games.
  3. Serious question, what are his rating these days? I use to listen to him when he was on ESPN radio. And that TV show he had was fun with the gal that is a huge Spurs fan—she carried it. But it has been a long time. There may be a good number of people that like him still, but he got tiresome for me and I would not even know where to find him now. As for the question, yeah, I think McDermott is in the top 10.
  4. I think he needs to put on some bulk so he can be stronger in the more physical parts of the game. To me, that is the part of his play that needs to improve to make him an elite LB. The athleticism and game-smarts are there, just needs more power.
  5. He may have potential, but he has done nothing to justify making a big splash to get him. Maybe, trade for Kroft (would they like Lee Smith? 🙂)? Or, Kroft and a late draft pick where we have an extra one? Or a 5th rounder? Also, in making this trade, the Bills have to consider how much time he would take away from Knox's development. If you're not sold on Knox, then consider it. If you are all in on him, then no need to trade for anyone unless his name is Kelce or Kittle or Ertz.
  6. A no brianer! We can only hope it becomes a permanent reality.
  7. Totally agree. I was going to add the play-calling aspect to my first post, but for length, I did not. Yes, a huge part of an effective short game is good play design and play-calling. Daboll can certainly help his QB by better work in this area.
  8. The article was interesting, and informative in a lot of ways. But to this point, is the take-away for how to improve accuracy this = Shorter passes? More passes of 10 or less yards incorporated into the offense? . . . The quickest way to improve accuracy, call more dink-and-dunk plays. Brady has lived on that for years in NE. With SIngletary (and maybe Moss), and hopefully the development of Knox, I think the Bills have room to really improve in this aspect of their offense. And, wouldn't more success here open up opportunities in the deeper game? . . . Go short Josh, you win on many levels.
  9. I think Gruden and the Raiders would be a good fit for him . . . Oh, wait. Okay, NE, Belichick can make anyone submit . . . Oh, wait.
  10. Winston signed several weeks ago with the NO Saints. And no debate: Cam > Winston
  11. The surprise is Cam could only get a minimum deal. Come on, he’s better than half the starters in the league, let alone the well paid clipboard holders. .... Did he take a knee or something?
  12. No surprise. He’s better than that War Eagle guy, but Bills are still team to beat in AFC East.
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