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  1. CSBill

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    Beach Chair did a good job in Buffalo, I would be very pleased to see him back in that role.
  2. Agree, but more muscle means more weight, it doses not necessarily mean he has to get slower. That’s why they pay training staff a lot $$$, to be sure that doesn’t happen.
  3. At 20, he's not done growing yet. He'll get bigger and stronger.
  4. We should go after the Bob Woods guys, he looks good.
  5. CSBill

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    I like any scenario that has us taking 3 o-linemen. By the way, MCGOVERN would be a really nice pickup. And he can play G or center.
  6. CSBill

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    You mean you "don't know why we drafted him."...... It was obvious why we traded him. A fourth-round pick this year, whatever we get will be an improvement.
  7. CSBill

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Agee! Build an o-line through both FA and draft. That has to be the priority, especially before skill players.
  8. CSBill

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Didn't read the entire thread, but the idea is on-point. Build your online, and the QB, the Running backs, and even the deficient WRs all get better. As a matter of fact, signing free agent skill players is a waste of $$ if you don't have a solid O-line. The offensive line is where FA and draft capital needs to be focused!
  9. CSBill

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    Intriguing. I would love to see him in a Bills uniform--but I have no sense of what his draft value is, the longer this thread goes, the higher he is--he started on Day 3, now up to 2nd round. By tomorrow he may be a 1st round pick on here? Let's see what Mel K. and Adam S. say.
  10. Speed, with intelligence to run good routes and good hands.
  11. Resign Alexander & Phillips, one of the o-line for back-up and depth, and Jones -- a top Special Teams guy.
  12. CSBill

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    Kind of like reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic