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  1. It was mentioned on the broadcast how the Bills are not well equipped with WRs for the situation at the end--where you need a big strong guy to wrestle some balls away. I was just thinking that before he said that, this si where we need Duke Williams. They really could have used him today.
  2. The difference in the game, two big plays: The non PI call,a nd for the life of me I do not know why McD did not throw out the red flag. TO are overrated, that took at least three points off the board. But, as Fouts ranted, Foster got mugged, a red flag should not have been needed. There were two official there, I cannot see how they didn't call it. The long TD pass. The only passed the LJ can make are over the middle and to TEs. Why was he running so open? Take away that play and the game is tied. Ugh.
  3. Okay, so the predictable, unimaginative, moronic responses of: need a new QB, Daboll must go, our idiotic coaching, need entirely new o-line, etc., etc. BUT! Still 9-4 and only need one more win to secure a playoff stop. If you ask any of us if we’d be 9-4 at week 14, we would take it and run. On to Pittsburgh! GO BILLS! 👏🏻
  4. I go back to that no PI call = Game Changer! Why no PI and why no red flag? Did the Bill not get a replay either, are they depending on the CBS broadcast?????
  5. My wife said, “Illegal touching, I’ll be calling that one.”
  6. Right call, all Ford has to do is get in the way, he didn’t even do that.
  7. Ugh, good FG, but Knox??? Everything we could do wrong, we’ve done it today.
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