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  1. I did not pick him, but the more I think about it, I'm like Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma, here. Who was it that said, you should pick a QB every year? He's been a winner, he's athletic--similar qualities as Josh A, he is the kind of player that could also be used in other roles--like Taysom Hill in NO. Yeah, this idea is growing on me.
  2. I would think, if he is back to 100%, he could make a lot of money holding a clip board for a lot of teams. He's a consummate Pro.
  3. It is incredibly sad to see someone go through any life-debilitating disease, but dementia is among the worst. Well, I guess they are all aweful. Stay safe Bills Mafia. Boy, do we all hope our President is right on his prediction yesterday. If we can gather again at Two Bills Drive in September, there will be so much to celebrate, way beyond football.
  4. I watched that game with a bunch of Browns fans. So close. I remember leaving with the same feeling I had after the Texans game this year, sad we lost, but with big expectations for the future.
  5. He did say, "Outside of wide right, might have had the biggest miss in Bills history" . . . I'm trying to think of any epic regular season misses?
  6. All things considered, if this is truly the year the Bills are going for the Super Bowl, then, yes, sign him to a one year prove it deal. But, I'm guessing he really wants more than that.
  7. I''l check it out. Yesterday, ESPN ran all the "Payton Places" on ESPN2 (they are usually on the ESPN+ paywall). It is "must see TV" for any football fan. My wife and I were going to do a Self-Quarantine date night and watch a movie. We ended up watching these for four hours. They are informative, funny, and engaging--it is Payton Manning at his best, and with a lot of football legends. The one with Fred Beletnikoff is gold, the Immaculate Reception Investigation was fascinating, they were all good! If they run them again, I highly recommend them to you.
  8. This, a bigger RB that can run between the tackles, and who can block and catch passes in the passing game. Free agent or draft, that is he need.
  9. Baseball has the Mendoza line, the Buffalo Bills now have the Yoho line.
  10. I like our TE group. I think the we're good here. And, I think Knox has the potential to be a star.
  11. there ya go, I'm sure some entrepreneurial young whipper-snapper could figure out how to do that .... you know, "If we can put a man on the moon . . ."
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