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  1. The one thing I hope we come out of the draft with is... A very very good D-Lineman
  2. He looks great coming off the bus, and in his work out shorts. But game day production, nothing more than average. Arron Maybin was more productive at PSU. Nope, stay away from him, unless its late in round 2.
  3. Jim Thorpe is a really fun town in PA, does Zach Ertz have a town named after him? I think not, he's no Jim Thorpe.
  4. Actually, much bigger investment needed and I have seen nothing from him to indicate "high reward"? And neither do the Browns, wasn't he 3rd on their depth chart last season? . . . I'm not convinced, all things considered, I still see JJ as the better option.
  5. Considering cost, productivity, over-all ability, etc., I would still take Jessie James over him.
  6. Little Sisters of the Poor, JV; or the Jets. Always good to start the season with a good easy home win.
  7. Hooking up with a Hooker? Not a good idea under any conditions.
  8. Ah, you're forgetting about our secret weapon: Christian Wade! This is the year!!!!
  9. You, my friend, nailed it! In this one post you went from good to a star yourself. Indeed, the development of these four, of at least two of the four to star status, is the key to improvement. I totally agree!
  10. You are so welcome! I feel we all did our 1/50th part. What a day.
  11. It truly is disappointing. Not sure what hurts more, no Ertz or not getting to 50 ???
  12. well, that is good news all-around 😆
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