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  1. So, even without Von Miller, our DE's are two first round and two second round picks this Thursday. That should be sufficient. Time to earn your draft status boys.
  2. Mostly. Someone still has to beat the Chiefs for us.
  3. My big takeaway from this video: I’m surprised at how little snow is in the stadium. Last pictures I saw were of 4+?feet or so. Has it melted away or are they removing it? Anyone know?
  4. That is hilarious. And it makes me wonder how often it happens and doesn’t get noticed?
  5. Okay. It sure sounds like he was just asleep. Did he cooperate once he woke up, or became conscious? Yes. I do think it was an over-reaction. So where to now? Price-wise, you know it will make no difference to Jerry Jones--might even get him a bonus for driving off the other suitors. But the Cowboys are a mirage. And who really trusts Dak Prescott? There is no reason to consider the Giants, why would he want to go back there? And anyone paying attention can see their season is about to go downhill fast. Leaving, our Buffalo Bills. If the Von connection is strong, and OBJ is really wanting to clear his name, what better place and better culture to do that? Come, be productive, be a model citizen, play with the best QB in the league, etc. ..... And for the Bills, this little incident may bring the price down a bit? From a truly home fanboy perspective, yes! OBJ, come to Buffalo. It's your best opportunity, and it's the place where you can make the biggest difference.
  6. I hate when facts get in the way of my good take.
  7. Well, I've watch the last four Bills game and not sure I could call any of them boring for the fans of these teams.
  8. Well, I like Romo. So there's that. my nonproductive take on a nonproductive thread. Oh wait, this is the mandatory "I don't like this or that announcer" that must be posted every week. Just insert the name of the week.
  9. Having the defensive guys back would be a huge lift. The Defense needs help. Not so worried about the Offense as long as 17 is back there, but Morse and hopefully Dawkins, would be a bonus.
  10. Singletary - continues to produce Allen -when we needed him the most Oliver - becoming dominant Bass - clutch when it counted
  11. Yes, seems like every big catch is when we’re in man.
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