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  1. CSBill

    Josh Allen, Sicko Mode !!!

    There was actually video evidence of Kelvin Benjamin getting open for a pass last season! Who knew?
  2. CSBill

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    they just don't want to live in Buffalo
  3. CSBill

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    hopefully, it means we will not be using a 1 or 2, or 3, pick, on a corner
  4. Seems like "mean steak" has characterized every FA signing, and heading towards draftee. I like that, we need a line full of Richie Incognito types
  5. CSBill

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    We have all learned, well, I guess we haven't, to never write this team off. I won't believe it until I see it in the final standings.
  6. CSBill

    Would the Bills select Josh Allen?

    Yes, but the only reason he would fall that far is an injury. That would need to be considered. But it won't happen.
  7. I would take any of the five, in round 2 or 3.
  8. CSBill

    New rule to replace onside kick?

    Well, in the day and age we live, that is no longer an option. It's also the reason you see foam padding at the playground now, and why my grandchildren will never know what a teeter-totter is. The world changes, all have to adapt, that's what the NFL is doing.
  9. CSBill

    New rule to replace onside kick?

    I like it. For safety reasons, the NFL cannot go back to the old rule--they would open themselves up to ridiculous liability. The rule as it is now is not working, gives almost no hope. This new idea gives the offense a fighting chance, and the fact that the old (new) onside kick is still an option, is good. Go for it! Literally and literally!
  10. Great, I hope several teams fall in love with him, if nothing else, gives BIlls more good options at 9, or if someone behind us is willing to trade up.
  11. CSBill

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    there are character concerns
  12. Yes, there are still some big needs. Don't give too many picks.
  13. CSBill

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    Whoops, how about "competition" 😜
  14. If nothing else, it gives him serious competition. DiMarco is the kind of high-character guy McDermott likes, but it appears no one's job is safe in this offense this off-season.