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  1. I think Ford will eventually be a decent, maybe, very good player. But if he doesn't start, it is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, right now his odds of starting are probably less than 50%. But that in no way implies he's a bust or poor pick. If the FA pick-ups are doing their job, there will be no need to rush Ford. If Nsehke plays to the level of his signing money, he should be the starter. I hope he is, and I hope it gives Ford time to develop, or, maybe Ford ends up being the starting right guard?
  2. That thought, comment, is not original Grego, it's been around leadership literature for a long time.
  3. Why are we not getting regular Tweets and updates from reporters at camp? Come on, I need my fix!
  4. Meanwhile, this just in from Miami: "On the negative side, former Bills starter Jordan Mills has disappointed to the point where he lost his first-team right tackle position after a week, replaced by guard Jesse Davis the past two days. Nate Orchard abused Mills for two sacks on Tuesday." Yeah, we're going to miss you Jordan Mills.
  5. I for one will say he was who I wanted all along, and everything he has done since then has justified my thinking! #FranchiseQB
  6. I have felt the same way. "Just how stupid do they think we are?"
  7. I had a good friend who played a couple of years NFL backup QB, and in the old USFL. I made the mistake of playing catch with him one day, my hands hurt for a week. I was a decent athlete in my day, college baseball, but I never had anyone throw like that. These guys are in a different world.
  8. Someone, please correct his grammar, he meant, "It's going well," "Pretty well" "I'm well," etc., etc.
  9. I hope you're doing well with that. Stay strong.
  10. And, your new presumed starter just hurt his foot again, that has to give him more leverage for whatever he's asking.
  11. And by the way, Roman and he are on the opposite ends of the IQ scale--that won't help. Would love to be a fly on the wall in those meetings.
  12. That's probably an insult to RG3, he actually was a decent thrower and, of course, could run. His problem ended up being a body that could not take an NFL pounding week after week. Jackson can run, and that's about it. The Chargers figured out how to stop him, so that blueprint is now public. It seems pretty simple, force him to throw because that is what he is terrible at. His only success in passing was on plays that broke down and he and his receivers were running all over the field in scramble drills. I don't see that as a sustainable plan for success. It will get you some exciting results sometimes, but sustainable and formula for winning in the NFL? No.
  13. Growing up where I did, in the boonies of northern PA, the only TV we got--when my father had the antenna turn to the right position--was the Buffalo stations. That's all I knew. Yes, they were bad then, but once you become a Bills fan, it's a life-long commitment. 😂
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