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  1. An Observation: Jon Feliciano is nasty good. I hope he starts somewhere, even after Morse returns. He is tough, and he brings energy and meanness on every play.
  2. I was totally happy with it once I caught on. This was a night dedicated to seeing what we had in the run game (mainly, for the o-line), and it proved capable. The first two games were about the short passing game, this was about running. Success!
  3. I, for one, was not impressed last night. Yes, they were is some big holes with the turnovers, but they also let Stafford carve them up on that long drive. Basically, the man coverage was terrible, and they did not impress in run defense.
  4. Well, he's undefeated as a Buffalo Bill
  5. Maybe if they get rid of everyone he'll change his mind ???
  6. I hope the Browns don't beat us out for the number one pick, we'll both need a QB again next draft.
  7. Special teams coverage was not good last night, but also remember I doubt it is set at what it will be once the season starts. In a pre-season game, it is all back-ups and a lot of auditioning going on. Once the roster is set next week, then we'll see the real line-up. As for punting, we don't have an NFL level punter--sign that guy from NE today! Agree with you on Lawson, he is better than Murphy, and appears to be getting close to Hughes. As for Ford, I still think he is better at guard. But I guess the wildcard here is Nsekhe--any word on why he did not play, is he still hurt?
  8. Overall, it was a great night for the offense. Two reasons: (1) They wanted to run the ball, and did--over 100 yards in the first half. (2) We showed we may have the nest backup QB situation in the league. Josh Allen had a decent night. Not sure any of you saw this, but he did make one bad decision and throw--yeah, really, go back and watch the tape. Beyond that, he did a professional job and when needed most, drove the team on a long drive to end the half. People that helped themselves: Duke Williams, Isiah McKenzie, TJ Yeldon, Ryan Bates (played left tackle and held his own--proving to be a solid versitle player) People that hurt themselves: Ray-Ray McCoud, Zay Jones (he did make a few nice plays but hard to figure what's going on with him) And, in general, the offensive line, even with all the shuffling, continues to look light-years ahead of last season
  9. Last week => Josh Allen is a serious MVP candidate This week => When is the draft
  10. Ray Ray is Bye Bye after tonight’s performance
  11. Na, it won’t. He had earned it, catches what he should and is an impressive blocker
  12. Na, it won’t. He had earned it, catches what he should and is an impressive blocker
  13. Drive down and score and it will be a good half. Clearly the goal tonight was to run the ball, and that had been pretty decent.
  14. What has been the average starting position? 11 yard line?
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