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  1. I have been thinking that. Or maybe Williams? I do feel one of them will be active Sunday. If so, who isn't? I say => Twn Jones.
  2. What is the maxim?: "Everything rises and falls on leadership." This is another example. Beane and McDermott had to make some hard decision early on. They were not popular at the time, but their vision for what could/should be, guided them. And here we are today. Still work to do, but getting oh so close to the ultimate reward.
  3. the one big thing Kumerow does bring is quality Special Teams play. We know how much this staff values that. All other things being equal, I think he would get the nod.
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked: Does this mean only these players could be elevated for the game, or are all Practice Squad players still eligible?
  5. Exactly! ..... Anything here-on-out is icing on the cake.
  6. With the players that Alabama has, you or me could coach this offense to the National title game. Alabama is a good place for dying coaches to go and find life again.
  7. A classic! Can you imagine the blow-back if an official said, "It crossed the plane, and came back out, so it is good." The world would go mad, like storm the Capital mad. Twitter would be shut down with conspiracy theories.
  8. In watching their game Sunday, I don't feel their 16K equals the Bills' 6700. It looks like about half of them are in the upper deck, and they don't have metal bleachers to bang on. Yes, it will have some effects, but not like what we saw in Buffalo last Saturday. I think?
  9. This is a real possibility; especially with Bates as insurance. If they do release Morse, I would also expect them to pick a lineman in the 2-4 rounds of the draft.
  10. If I'm the Bills, I have this conversation: Is he a better option than what we currently have on the roster as a back-up should we get to the SB?
  11. The only reason I could find Kazakhstan on a globe is because I have a friend from there. Would never guess these good people know anything about American football. Good stuff.
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