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  1. All you need to know about the Pro Bowl, two words: Tyrod Taylor!
  2. So you're really excited about next season?
  3. To your heading, all I have is, "yes." The play in the 2nd quarter where he, for some reason, runs straight into the pile why Clyde-Edwards H, runs to the left and the wide-open door Edmunds just gave him and picks up 25 yards kind-of sealed it for me. I want him to be good, but there is a lack of in-game, in the heat of the moment, situational awareness, that all great athletes have, and he does not. Yes, he has the tools, but there is a disconnect in his instinctive brain wiring, and that play right there is a perfect picture of his career.
  4. Amen! "A spiritual demolision" ... exactly, so high to so low in 13 seconds. We need a little Marv now . . . “Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew said, "A little I’m hurt but not yet slain." “I’ll just lie down and bleed a while, And then I’ll rise and Fight again.”
  5. His big point: Score 10 points against Jacksonville, or close the Tennessee game out, and the Bills host and probably win that game if it is played in Buffalo. ..... That is the biggest thing that this team has to do to improve next year, win the games you should win and put yourself in the best possible position for the playoffs. .... It is no stretch to say this loss started in Jacksonville.
  6. Wide Right Music City Miracle and now, 13 Seconds
  7. Stupid run on 2nd down. When it gets little, It puts too much pressure on the next play.
  8. The Defense has to get a stop this drive. Cannot let them drive and score again.
  9. That last drive showed what we have to do, push the ball down the field.
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