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  1. So you're a pyromaniac. "Thank you," for that as well.
  2. Well, this was worth staying up for. Good night. See you all on Sunday at 1:00 PM.
  3. Just in general, but even more than normal now.
  4. In general, Thursday night games are boring: no time to put if sophisticated game plans, and still recovering from Sunday. A perfect formula for dull football.
  5. Thank You for the work you do to protect people. Volunteer, or paid, it is still valiant.
  6. All this Tua stuff makes me want to tell the Bills: “Do not rush Dane Jackson back, please!”
  7. And seriously penalized. It has to hurt!
  8. Horrible for him. The Fish should pay dearly for this.
  9. Eagles have played Lions (1-2), Vikings (2-1), and the team in Washington (1-2), and that is a harder schedule than the Bills?
  10. The record that stood for a day. And we all thought it would last for decades. 🤣
  11. So frustrating. So may little mistakes that get magnified when you realize anyone of them could have changed the outcome of the game.
  12. I would be all in on this idea. They brought it up on the four letter network this morning, and my immediate thought was the Bills. Adding that kind of threat to our offense, in a win now year: Wow! It would be a huge upgrade and add to our offense in many ways. Yes!
  13. Did you mean to join the Jets fan board? . . . If not, this could be epic first post. Congrats @decsmarg 🤪
  14. Thinking about driving down to the game on Sunday (it's just a few hours from where I live); any thoughts or advise from my friends on attending a game in Baltimore?
  15. I wonder, there are the unaffiliated medical doctors on the sidelines: Can, would, do, they have the authority to say to the officials, we have to stop this game because of unsafe conditions (heat, in this case)? I know it is the all-powerful NFL, but at what point does player and fan safety take precedent? We do see it for lightening and severe weather, is not heat a severe weather situation?
  16. There are still undefeated teams, they will have a wait another week or two.
  17. They will never be made to forfeit a game. They may get a hefty fine, and maybe a coach suspension, loss of a draft pick, etc., but the NFL would never make a team forfeit a game--too may huge implications if that were to happen.
  18. I didn't understand why they cut him. I doubt the Giants are going to give him back.
  19. I see Benford as a Safety some day, and maybe some day soon.
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