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  1. That hurts just watching it!
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful analysis Virgil. I'm torn on the Kroft vs. Knox thing. You are correct, Kroft is the more reliable, steady player. Knox is probably a better blocker--yes, that is a subjective issue, and certainly Kroft is right there if not equal--but Knox does give the Bills a more dynamic option on the receiving end of it. Then again, if you don't catch the ball, what good is that? .... Answer: He makes the Defense have to account for him more and, thus, opens things for the other receivers. .... By the way, I thought Gilliam did well yesterday. He blocked as needed, and made the catch and good yardage on the one ball thrown at him. In time, I believe he will be a key contributor.
  3. I still want them to trade for that dude from Washington. A true nose tackle, an A gap guy, will help the mojo thing.
  4. It was a team effort, so I'll do it by the units" Offense Josh Allen Cole Beasley Special Teams Tyler Bass .... But I still hold my breath when he's out there Andre Roberts Defense Jerry Hughes Dane Jackson AJ Epenesa Mario Addison
  5. Dane Jackson played well, hopefully they keep him up.
  6. How bad is this D? They can’t stop 80 year old Frank Gore.
  7. Yaayyyy! For the Defense Best D in the NFL!!!! 🤪
  8. How do the NY Jets convert a 3rd and 20???? time to get serious about Frazier’s future
  9. I suspect Phillips is not 100%, or at least not where they want/need him to be physically.
  10. You'll see Bate lining up in the TE spot a bunch today.
  11. Because they're ready and needed. Every game is a big game in the NFL.
  12. Good Morning everyone! Game Day! Get your chores done and be back in time to watch the DUKE WILLIAMS breakout game! 🤣 GO BILLS!
  13. well, he's a been able to keep a NFL job for 7 years, so I would speculate a capable back-quality veteran who won't hurt you. I hope.
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