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  1. Hows that old saying goes put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig. Well u get the pt. We have the worst wr core in the NFL.
  2. NastyNateSoldiers

    I miss Rex.

    This is true . Plus the injuries we had were brutal.
  3. NastyNateSoldiers

    Edmunds Signed.

    I like the comp but rather say Julian Peterson.
  4. NastyNateSoldiers

    Which Bills Decision Infuriated You?

    Were should i start and where should i end. Let's just say from 2000 to 2017 wasn't a joy ride.
  5. NastyNateSoldiers

    John Ledyard on with Schopp & Sal today

    This is why a 3rd of the NFL GMs are fired on a yearly basis.
  6. NastyNateSoldiers

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    We will find out when he plays how well Palmer has done with him. Mof Palmer could have done everything he needed to do for Allen but the one thing that can set him back is natural instincts for the position. Knowing how and when is gonna be the biggest transition for Allen.
  7. I miss those Red helmets i loved the 90s look . Especially the field design and the Red End Zones.
  8. NastyNateSoldiers

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    He's raw in the sense of playing against NFL speed and defensive systems that he's never seen before at Wyoming. It's one thing to be great on the whiteboard and another to be great when the real bullets start flying. This is where the studying film and knowing what defenses are doing meets your natural processing and instincts. If Allen can read and react well he should succeed.
  9. Nice breakdown . I love this kid he reminds me of Julian Peterson who was btw a excellent player.
  10. NastyNateSoldiers

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Allen should start when he at least has #1- ability to read the defense and know how to attack said defense. #2- A great understanding of our offensive system to a pt where its 2nd nature to him. #3 - Has learned proper mechanics Allen at least has to have the learning part of the mental side of the game before he gets on the field. If not we take a risk of him falling behind in his development. These things take time to learn and fully digest mentally . I think by week 8 he should be ready to play and if our record is bad 2-6 or 3-5 he should get his chance.
  11. NastyNateSoldiers

    Beane & McDermott #1?

    Its arguable when it comes to the Texans, Chargers , Panthers & 49ers but i got the top 3 better because they have better teams and are more accomplished. The 49ers are better because they already found there franchise QB and have a young core of talent that's better then ours. I got 11 combos that are no doubt better then McBeane. Pats Eagles Vikings Seahawks Steelers Falcons Rams Saints Cheifs Jags Ravens I would take any 1 of these combos any day over McBeane.
  12. NastyNateSoldiers

    Beane & McDermott #1?

    These are the the better combos in my opinion I'm going by divisions. AFC #1 Pats Belicheck & Belicheat #2 Steelers Tomlin & Colbert #3 Ravens Harbaugh & Newsome #4: Jags Marrone & Caldwell #5 Texans O' Brian & Gaine #5 Raiders Gruden & Mckenzie #6 Chargers Lynn & Telesco #7 Cheifs Reid & Veach NFC #8 Eagles Pederson & Roseman #9 Vikings Zimmerman & Speilman #10 Packers McCarthy & Guntekst #11 Saints Payton & Loomis #12 Falcons Quinn & Dimitrov #13 Panthers Rivera & Hurney #14 Seahawks Carroll & Schneider #15 Rams McVay & Snead #16 49ers Shanahan & Lynch That makes McBeane middle of the pack at best with other coach/gm combos that are arguably better like the Colts Reich & Ballard and Giants with Sherman & Gettleman.
  13. NastyNateSoldiers

    List of other Sub 60% college qbs with some NFL success

    Great he'll fit right into this regime old school have no clue about offense approach. Championship!
  14. I could just see it now Allen throws a bomb to open air!
  15. NastyNateSoldiers

    Beane & McDermott #1?

    So coach speak gets u feeling all warm and cozy. Lol