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  1. Don’t get yds after contact and broken tackle mixed up very different stats . Cook has 1 broken tackle on the year. That’s awful.
  2. No they got paid and stilll performed until they didn’t and then either cut or traded. Yes a RB shelf life is not long but they can make a huge difference. Just like other positions some guys get paid and flop completely most RBs that get paid actually play at a high level still for another 2yrs or so .
  3. Every one of those players u mentioned we’re worth it to there teams until they weren’t just like any other positions. They helped there teams win a bunch of games, divisions & playoff games they made a ton of money for there organizations with merch and ticket sales. The guys u mentioned mostly didn’t play with a franchise QB so they lead the teams they were on . Not all there teams success was based on them either but they were a big part of there success none the less.
  4. Cook wasn’t great vs the Jets not at all mof he’s part of the reason we lost be barely broke any tackles and left yds on the field especially on the pass to the flat were he let a bkup lber make a open field tackle on him. Btw Running backs don’t win superbowls by themselves it’s not fair to use these great players as examples. I’ll tell u what they weren’t the reason there teams didn’t win that’s for sure. I can start naming you a bunch of other great players that played other positions that didn’t win as well. Your argument is biased and unfair because u don’t hold any grudge to others that didn’t win and got paid to. At the end of the day championships are won in many ways but the most common factor other then QBs and coaching are just having difference making talents and good role players.
  5. The Bus, Dillion, Marshawn, Rice, Fournette, Addai and Jacobs right off the top of my head we’re getting more then that but that’s not the point . The main ingredient is absolutely QB but that’s not the only ingredient needed . How many Of these great QBs had a chance to play with a dynamic back? Seems like whenever they did have a beast in the backfield they won more times then not.
  6. How do u know he’ll average 5.3 yds per carry maybe he’ll average over 6yds. There’s some TEs in this league that average more yds per catch then Travis Kelce does that mean there better ? Gabe Davis averages more yds per catch then nearly every Wr in the NFL does that make him better? At the end of the day Who scares u ? That’s the question defensive coordinators are asking that’s what keeps defensive coordinators up all night and offensive cordinators as well when it comes to defensive players. Stars make the world go round and it’s no different in sports . Obviously u have to have key role players to win in any game but the stars win the titles and celebrated for that. That’s why there’s a HoF in every sport. Having a RB that can break 3/4 tackles on his way to a 70yd TD keeps defensive coaches up all night . I hope Cook proves me wrong but I don’t think DCs are doing much prep to stop him especially with his inability to threaten in between the tackles and punish a defense physically. Watching Cook run east and west in the snow last yr was all I needed to see to know he’s not the answer . If we want to win a Super Bowl at some point we’re gonna play in environments that dictate u need to run one ball especially playing in Buffalo.
  7. Just because your paying RB more money doesn’t mean his salary is keeping a team from winning championships. The same can be said about other positions as well and vis versa . The Browns pay a lot of money for there Oline why haven’t they won a title? The Bills are 1 of the highest salary teams for Dline in the league where’s there rings? Some teams pay for different position group it’s not indicative any way towards championships . I love how people nit pick what they want in these discussions without really breaking it down. It’s even been said if u pay a QB u can’t win a title up until recently when Mahomes did it but even his salary was lower then other QBs . The baseline is wasted money is wasted money what really matters is difference makers how many u have on your team and it doesn’t really matter other then QB what positions they play. So when u have a chance to add a difference maker u do it the money is not the issue salary caps are not concrete they can be manipulated
  8. Moss is trash playing against trash u can’t use him as example! JT is definitely an elite back btw his power speed and contact balance are all elite traits and he’s on the top when it comes to those measurements. Last season he started slow but he started tearing it up for a few weeks right before he got injured. Taylor In our backfield would terrorize defenses it wouldn’t be fair . Last but not least Cook is no 3 down bk and he’s definitely not a featured back don’t let 1 game cloud your brain. He’s too small doesn’t run with balance and power he needs everything around him to be perfect to play well.
  9. Seeing that running game yesterday made me even want Taylor more. Imagine what we can do with an elite back? Maybe 300 yds I’m not even joking! Cook and crew can get it done vs your average team we still need a back that can do damage vs the top defenses.
  10. I don’t consider Cook anything but a receiving/change of pace bk . Kirby Smart knew how to use him at Georgia as just that not a featured back in this league he’s not just small but he’s lean . Once u get into the winter months he won’t help much.
  11. Josh can win no doubt with what we have but he’s gonna have to be on a rampage! Asking to get your QB some more offensive line help and a real running back doesn’t mean he’s not elite . I’m tired of seeing Josh have to carry the load that he does having to be superhuman to carry this team every game . If we don’t help him soon he might help himself by asking for a trade. That’s not saying much. 😂 btw did u see Cook trying to run east/west in that snow game in the playoffs? He’s not a every down back he’s a receiving back.
  12. Also starts with getting Josh some real help. Which is basically coaching and personnel. He needs a bigger stronger Oline he needs a real running back not this imposter we got in the backfield he also needs a real burner on the outside and more Wrs that can get Yac . Basically other then a few we got to change the whole offense. The players we must keep are Allen, Diggs, Kincaid and Torrence every one else pretty much can be replaced including Dawkins at LT. I’m not saying all this needs to be done in 1 off-season but definitely needs to get started soon.
  13. This also an indictment on the Wrs coach & McD. The little things like this make all the difference. I can imagine what other routes these guys ain’t running correctly.
  14. This is what running backs are for I agree 💯% . This administration doesn’t know what running back looks like if one ran them straight over… I’m tired of McBeane and the Carolina connection they need to get the F out of Buffalo. These same clowns ruined Cam Newton with there stupid QB draws . I don’t mind the scrambles that’s fine but the called draws are borderline insanity. Get a top flight elite running back if you want to run not these Tinys u been bringing us since u have come to Buffalo McBeane! Btw these guys also need to take some draft school lessons because they stink at that as well…
  15. Joe Brady is worse then Dorsey . Let Dorsey finish this season then the whole organization needs to be put under review. As far as moves I would make immediately is #1 - Bench Spencer Brown make Bates my new starting RT. #2- Put James Cook where he belongs as a bkup change of pace receiving back insert Harris as a workhorse bk getting the majority of Work or trade for a running bk like D’Onta Foreman from the Bears . #3 Dalton Kincaid needs to be elevated to #2 in targets on the team behind Diggs. Kincaid needs to be featured. I believe these moves can help us immensely. James Cook can’t break a tackle he needs to be used like his college team used him which was like a weapon to get the ball to in open space he can’t be featured he doesn’t have the play strength and will eventually wear down. Harris or another strong physical back would help wear down opponents and can give this offense a balance that it’s lacking u can’t have a back out there like Cook that’s no threat to the defense running between the tackles it makes the offense easier defend. Inserting Ryan Bates at RT would be a huge upgrade to Spencer Brown I realize he’s our swing lineman but we have good bkup guard in David Edwards and if Morse goes down to injury we can easily put Bates at center and return Brown to RT. Also I know David Edwards started his career at RT maybe he can take Browns job either way Brown needs to ride the bench. Featuring Kincaid would be a great move for this offense it’s obvious Gabe Davis or anyone else in the receiving game hasn’t earned that right over the years I realize Kincaid is a rookie but he’s an absolute mismatch for Lbers and corners and was open plenty last game vs the Jets according to the all 22 . Hopefully by making him #2 in the totem pole it can speed up the process for Him and Josh to get on the same page and by the playoffs this can be a devastating combo for teams to deal with. Hopefully the Bills realize these changes need to be made at least the Spencer Brown move everything else I get the feeling will sort itself out during the season.
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