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  1. Chris Kelsey, Keith Ellison, Devin Singletary & Star Lotulei Honorable mention is James Cook he's a product of our system if we had a real back they'll get 2000 yds easy. Coaches on this list Mcd, Dick Juaron & Chan Gailey How can I forget Maybin that pick made me sick
  2. It's the wear and tear I'm more worried about like Cam and Russ just after a certain amount of hits your body doesn't react well too longivety. Hopefully Allen ages like Elway or Big Ben
  3. I really hope your right about Allen having a decade left in him . I can see another 3-4 good yrs then the Cam Newton type decline kicking in due to injuries.
  4. I agree with you too a degree Shaw66. Basically all teams and players have gotten bigger faster stronger and more intelligent no matter the position. What you're saying about RB and Wr can basically be said about any other positions. The difference in every NFL game is just a couple plays and those couple of plays can come from anywhere and from nearly any player on the field. To me what makes the difference is coaching and philosophy as well as difference makers no matter the position. Finding these difference makers are what truly makes that difference just look at the Chiefs how many plays did Chris Jones make at critical times during the Chiefs Superbowl runs or Hill , Kelce and Mahomes ? If you do a comprehensive study on Superbowl winners u will start to see a common theme other then having a few difference makers on each team you also have these ultra aggressive playing styles and Mentalities from these teams. Most champions have a physical identity and a mental edge and they play schemes that fit those styles . A bunch of NFL teams won Superbowls playing man to man clutch and grab defense in the secondary not many win playing predominantly zones except for a few. Looking at the Chiefs and Pats the Buccaneers a few yrs bk the Broncos I can go on and on talking about teams that played these physical styles that won it all At the end of the day there's no true formula to winning but u can get an idea about what's needed to have a chance. Some teams get it some don't . I don't believe McBeane has the defensive schemes to be a champion neither do they have the difference makers to do so other then Allen. That's just my opinion hopefully McBeane can prove me wrong and get us over the hump .. Go Bills
  5. We won't really know the answer until the season starts but on face value alone this wasn't the off-season the Bills fans wanted for our offense.
  6. Of course everyone can run at the skill positions in the NFL just like every Olineman can block or defensive players can tackle. Obviously there's some major context that goes into that. Calling Samuel a speedster when yds per catch is 10.7 for his career is misjudgement by you. He's a career possession WR never showed that speed your we're talking about which is game breaking speed. Shakir is average speed himself is that the end all be all no it's not but it doesn't mean the Bills are not lacking speed either because they definitely are. Most fans, pundits ,media and absolutely most coaches and GMs will agree the Bills don't have a blazer on this team. That in my opinion is doing a major disservice to Josh Allen. You say today's NFL teams are taking away the deep ball I agree with that but u need speed for teams to employ those deep safety shells and if u don't have it teams will use different schemes on defense taking away other things you do well.
  7. You think our Dline is good? I think it's average at best and considering all the assets they put into it we should be much better on the Dline.
  8. I never knew about the snap rate as accordance to comp picks until the NFL stiffed us from the 3rd Rd pk we should've gotten from losing Edmunds. In my opinion it's a horrible way to factor the comp picks. A player can get injuries and still be great the rest of the yr or the following year. The NFL is not acting on good faith by adding these guidelines to the comp formula. Teams do base there entire off-seasons on these supposed comp picks and it's stupid in my opinion to have anything else in the formula other then what said player received in his contract. It's not the Bills fault that Edmunds didn't reach the threshold for snaps because he was hurt we still lost a big piece of our defense by not resigning him.
  9. I'm surprised Dave Gentleman hasn't been hired by the Bills he was the GM for those Panthers . McBeane probably offered him a job Gentleman probably wants to go into retirement. The Bills are not top heavy talented other then Josh we have no real difference makers on this team. The Bills like hard working culture players and we usually have good depth that's why we've been successful up to this point ntm our division has been pretty much easy the last few years . Beane doesn't put great priority on speed at the skill positions and that's a skill thats paramount in today's wide open spread game. I liked this draft I believe there's some good football players that have potential to start at some point in the near future. All in all I agree with you it seems like another early playoff exit coming in the future with the same talking points next off-season.
  10. If the 49ers took Coleman Leggette would be a Bill and we would have the better player. Looks like the Bills love to draft BCA , Best Character Available.
  11. Just cut him and let him sign there. Why would Pitt give us anything for Hamlin? He's a bkup
  12. Coleman Prediction for season Targets 100 Targets per game 5.8 Catches 60 Catch Rate 60% Per Catch 14.1 Yards 850yds TDs 8 I have the catch rate even under average numbers at usually 63.3% I believe this is a floor for a full rookie season from Coleman especially if he starts all 17 games . If he doesn't reach this threshold I close to it that's gonna be a problem.
  13. On Paper it doesn't look like enough but I think some people here are underestimating what Shakir role will be in this offense. I got Shakir Targets 130 Targets per game - 7.64 Catches 95 Catches Catch Rate 73% Per Catch 14.5 Yards 1377 yds
  14. Also McC & Chinn and last but not least Brian Burns. Seems like we only want the Garbage the Panthers have.
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