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  1. He’s definitely not a run to podium caliber draft prospect mof none of these Wrs in this draft are.
  2. As long as he’s the best player on the board u do it. I hate pigeon holing having to draft for need go get the very best players every time.
  3. That’s my Fantasy football team name! 😂
  4. Absolutely not I’ve seen Henry gash teams from the start of the game. He doesn’t need to be feed too get going that’s completely false . Now playing with the Bills is also much different then facing 8/9 man boxes in Tenn so he would be much more efficient playing for us. The Bills lead the league in yards before contact for RBs in 2022 . Even if they stay in the top 10 in that category facing light boxes Henry would consistently get over 120yds playing for Bills on 18/20 touches per game. He would dominate no doubt about it and there’s plenty of plays for everyone to get there touches as long as the offense is moving the ball and with these additions as long as there healthy they should average upwards of 70+ plays a week on offense.
  5. I agree with u I was just responding to what the Bills believe is the shape of there Oline . I don’t believe they were as bad as some make them out to be . I realize Josh makes them look better at times but there’s also the times we’re Josh takes to long to get rid of the ball. The Bills will use a couple pks on the Oline in the middle of the draft a couple players to develop. There not using there high pks or cap space to do that’s all I’m saying .
  6. D-Hop salary is double 19mil base can be turned into an extension and King Henry as well. I won’t mind have these guy for 2/3 yrs.
  7. Fournette is a shell of himself might as well go after Zeke to . He’s done as well.
  8. It can also win a Lombardi trophy! Btw what future does this team have most of the players are older and need to win now. Tre, Diggs, Poyer, Hyde and Von are all in win now mode and Allen career won’t last past 10yrs if he doesn’t stop taking hits. This team needs to really go all in now
  9. I just read that they changed the rules recently it used to be only guaranteed for injuries but now it’s fully guaranteed
  10. The touches are not a problem whatsoever . There’s gonna be enough offensive plays for everyone to get there’s. Plus Henry would like to get less touches to stretch his career out so 18/20 touches per game is double and I believe Hopkins and Diggs can both get 150 plus targets.
  11. No it doesn’t he doesn’t have any guarantees only if he’s injured and that’s not the case. Plus I believe we can fetch a 4th or 5th for him easily.
  12. Most of our starting lineups are set the defense has everyone coming back in this scenario except for Edmunds and Oliver .
  13. For everyone that thinks the cap won’t make this work D- Hop has 19mil base salary . That could be reworked and extended we can save 13 mil just by doing that. Oliver can be outright cut but I believe we can fetch at least a 5th for him. Remember 5th yr options are only guaranteed incase of injury so Oliver can be released if no trade is worked out.
  14. I like this plan but don’t trust OBJ to stay healthy
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