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  1. Barkley was coming off a major knee surgery and wasn’t himself the line they have now is adequate at best . I’m surprised u didn’t also mention the All Pro QB and Wrs the Giants have oh yeah I forgot they don’t have one.
  2. Stats can be deceiving I know what I see and it’s a running back room that really isn’t talented enough for defenses to truly respect them. When all your really good at is running between the tackles it’s gonna make it hard on your Oline to block. Everyone just wants to blame the Oline and use fancy stats in doing so but there’s way more to the equation then just stats . If the Bills can make a trade for an elite back like Barkley or Hunt u will see the difference it would have on this team . Especially in the playoffs even games get tight and the weather can be awful.
  3. They have a very tough schedule coming up after they play the Bears they have the Pack, Ravens and Jags . If the Giants are 2-5 by the deadline look for them to unload Barkley for a couple pks. I would have no problem giving them a 2nd and 5th . Barkley and Allen would be a lethal combo for teams to contend with.
  4. U know why there’s no room to run up the middle right because defenses don’t respect Singletary or Moss ability to threaten the outside with consistency. RB is not a cookie cutter position some guys actually make a huge difference because of there abilities.
  5. There’s a reason they don’t commit it’s either he’s not talented enough or he can’t handle the workload. I believe it’s a little bit of both.
  6. Outstanding is averaging 3.5 yds per carry on the yr facing light boxes 65% of the time? i hate how people want to blame just the Oline for the bad running back play without truly breaking it down our backs are slow and can’t threaten the outside with consistency which makes life miserable on our Oline because the defense knows when we run most likely it’s between the tackles. We need a back that can challenge be defense and make teams pay for these light 6 man fronts they employ against us at will.
  7. I agree we need to make a Rams type move and make a trade near the deadline for a true #1 RB . I’m hoping Giants keep losing now until then and Barkley could be had for a 2nd rd pick.
  8. Calm down UKBills just a week ago we were trashing the Titans and that was after taking the Champs to the shed and unloading a whipping on them. We just had the most miserable week injury after injury depleted our team of there depth and we still should of won in Miami by double digits. This team will bounce back once we get healthy. The only thing I want to see them do now is make a trade for an elite RB this team needs that in the worse way.
  9. It’s obvious the Bills don’t want to commit to Singletary if they haven’t by now it will never happen. We need to make a Rams type move and trade for an elite back . At this point I won’t care if they gave a team a 1st for a elite back . Hopefully the Giants keep losing from now to trade deadline and they trade us Barkley for a 2nd and 4th rd pk. I don’t care if he’s gonna be a free agent next yr if it helps us win the chip.
  10. I believe the whole NFL knew about the accusations. That explains why Araiza was the 3rd or 4th punter taken in the draft. The only blemish he had on the field was holding and that’s something he could learn
  11. Mistakes can be made by both sides they are all young in this case . Do u think Matt Araiza walks around with a case full of Rufees ? Just raping girls like a sport? I grew up in the 90s was very aware of pouring my own drinks for incidents just like this or even worse. I know men that were drugged by women and robbed that very same night. There’s been other incidents where people have been killed in situations like these. Men and Women are victims of rape and other horrific crimes and it’s a serious matter that has something to do with the environment there living in. My problem is not with the Bills it’s with people coming to conclusions without all the facts. These are peoples lives were talking about and if Araiza and his teammates are guilty then they deserve the worst punishment that can be given to them.
  12. Gang rape? So he’s guilty then ? Where’s the police where’s the facts ? I think that might escape u a little bit . People like u deal in fantasy people like me deal in reality. I know how to be patient and wait for the system to play out. If Araiza is guilty then he deserves prison and much more for that. But people like u want to just get over with it and not wait for the process to play out . People like u just want to sacrifice peoples lives without any real evidence.
  13. I didn’t say the Bills were in violation of anything the violation is the media that forced the issue. Had this story been told in a unbiased manner the Bills would have kept Araiza on there team. I’m sorry if u have taken offense to my words but more then half the accusations like this are usually completely false. The media should be unbiased when it comes to cases like this and wait till things play out before they start demanding a person lose there lively hood . I don’t know if u have children but u wouldn’t want that to happen to someone u love or yourself for that matter without having concrete proof that the person in question is absolutely guilty. In this case the only thing Araiza admitted to was the sex which can be strictly platonic. Lastly I did say something that can catch people off guard with legs closed statement . But these girls should have some responsibility in these types of situations. She’s in a atmosphere that she should be ultra careful with herself maybe she shouldn’t take drinks from a stranger, she should fix her own beverages on top of that why is she drinking alcohol when she’s under age ? Where’s the responsibility and the accountability for these girls they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making those accusations without complete proof that these things occurred.
  14. I’m sorry but this young lady just ruined this young man’s life because she can’t keep her legs closed . It’s absolutely disgusting to me what society has become. Guilty before proven innocent is not a path we want to take but it seems like that’s where we’re heading now. The liberal media went into full attack mode on this young man even without the all the facts . These same people wouldn’t like to lose there careers over someone simply making accusations against them or even against there children but somehow when it’s someone else the pitch forks and shovels are brought out in full effect. Araiza college team knew the facts of what went down and they didn’t kick this kid off the team . Where was the media sht storm then? Why was this swept under the rug this long? I’m not sure if Matt is innocent but what I do know is he shouldn’t be punished until everything plays out and if it turns out he’s guilty then absolutely kick him off the team and send him to prison immediately. At the end of the day Araiza busted his tail to make it to the NFL and he was well on his way to a long prosperous career he reached his dream and it was crushed in a matter of days. I can only imagine how he and his family are feeling right now. This young lady better have some real proof that he did these things but it seems like that’s not the case because there was no criminal charges pressed from the very beginning.
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