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  1. NastyNateSoldiers

    Who Will Be The Buffalo Bills Comeback Player Of 2018-2019

    I agree they fall under most improved player.
  2. NastyNateSoldiers

    Who Will Be The Buffalo Bills Comeback Player Of 2018-2019

    Benjamin should of been on this list.
  3. NastyNateSoldiers

    The media vs Josh Allen (QB First Impressions article)

    I was thinking the same things plus maybe the Buffalo media is trying to sugar coat it a little with Allen also. We all know they've been known to do this on occasion.
  4. Hows that old saying goes put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig. Well u get the pt. We have the worst wr core in the NFL.
  5. NastyNateSoldiers

    I miss Rex.

    This is true . Plus the injuries we had were brutal.
  6. NastyNateSoldiers

    Edmunds Signed.

    I like the comp but rather say Julian Peterson.
  7. NastyNateSoldiers

    Which Bills Decision Infuriated You?

    Were should i start and where should i end. Let's just say from 2000 to 2017 wasn't a joy ride.
  8. NastyNateSoldiers

    John Ledyard on with Schopp & Sal today

    This is why a 3rd of the NFL GMs are fired on a yearly basis.
  9. NastyNateSoldiers

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    We will find out when he plays how well Palmer has done with him. Mof Palmer could have done everything he needed to do for Allen but the one thing that can set him back is natural instincts for the position. Knowing how and when is gonna be the biggest transition for Allen.