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  1. Plus we've had 50+ years of medical advancements since then to get better at, you know, keeping people alive when they get sick. To ignore these points shows a bit of an agenda and ignorance.
  2. Not "sort of", not at all. That's the absolutely farthest stretch I've ever seen to justify posting something to the Bills forum.
  3. If the owners stand to make money from the exclusivity, they'll naturally vote to keep it. These pay to win sports games are a huge cash cow for EA and they surely pay a big kickback for the privilege.
  4. $40m seems like a bargain compared to Dak in a similar sense that we "overpaid" for Diggs compared to BOB's shenanigans. I think the NFL should adopt an NHL style individual player (at least QB) salary cap.
  5. It's not 45 PER year (as in 180 for 4 years), it's 45 for A year. Specifically the last year of the 4 year deal he wants and less than 45 for each of the first 3 years. Still ridiculous, but get it straight.
  6. He says we have a friendly schedule but all I've been hearing since the schedule release is how tough it is.
  7. That attitude of "comon who hasn't engaged in a bit of light felonious action" to defend their favorite celebrities is surprising common on social media. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't think military service should be the automatic pass to esteem and hero status that most seem to feel. The military spends a crap load of money advertising to reinforce the idea that service is still the pinnacle of nobility and necessary to our safety (hasn't been for decades) because they make that much more money in return.
  8. If Joe Rogan can get every guest on his podcast tested (and himself twice a week), then the financial juggernaut that is the NFL can pull it off "for teh economy". Rogan just gets it done through a non FDA approved facility. In the months to come I'm sure testing protocols will be expanded as well.
  9. First thing my mind went to. Radio, tv, and especially internet streams are all going to have different delays. Probably the only way to not make a mess of it is to restrict the fan interaction to a specific controlled live internet stream with a low latency like Twitch (which already has similar embedded interactivity functions). Then they could advertise this exclusive feature and possibly monetize it.
  10. My favorite watch is an old digital Casio I picked out of a junk box for $5 at a local auction, and it amazingly still worked. If I was given a $15k watch, I'd sell it to buy a new gaming computer, fix up and upgrade my car, and have plenty left over to pick up a good used winter car.
  11. LMAO at ignoring the parts about it being the playoff teams of which there wasn't a lot of Florida representation...
  12. A mountain is kind of just a big wall of rock. Also, oh good this thread again.
  13. So give us 0.5 for the TBD Denver game, and 0.5 for the higher profile Vegas game, and that's basically 5 primetime games.
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