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  1. Give me Annae, DPJ, or Fromm please.
  2. Not to mention Butler, Star, and Harry, with Q and Epenesa able to shift inside on passing downs. They’re pretty good at DT and VERY deep.
  3. There’s always tomorrow. That’s the day they usually do most of that nonsense.
  4. I HATE the Pats, but the uni's really aren't bad
  5. I read they’d be including one of their elite safety’s too
  6. Didn’t they just sign him last year to a huge deal?
  7. But Ford didn’t play guard last year? i thought Feliciano was great, but Ford has the potential to be better.
  8. Just saw him on NFL network. I've never believed we were willing to give up the draft capital plus the money to get him, but when asked about where he wants to go he talked about culture and a community that would embrace him. BOOM BUFFALO!!! Haha, I still doubt he's talking Bills, but his word choices were interesting for sure.
  9. Once again Beane has done a great job plugging holes in the lineup. I think we go into the draft truly able to pick BPA. RB is the only need left and it CAN be filled in the middle rounds.
  10. Clowney really sticks out above all the rest on that list, but I can't see it happening, not after all the investments we just made to the D-line. Also have a hard time seeing any of those 3 QB's swallowing their ego to come backup Josh. Maybe Flacco, as he's at the latest stage of his career. Maybe Hyde or Higgins? But I'd really like to see us add RB in Round 2. I think you can get a real game changer there.
  11. LOVE this!!! Not a need, so no risk. If he recovers to past form it could be a nice upgrade. If not, it’s added depth.
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