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  1. Have to wonder if we're really in on this, or Beane is just doing his diligence? He strikes me as the type of guy who checks in on EVERYTHING, to understand value and acquisition cost.
  2. Unless they plan to add through FA, then getting any pick now may be advantageous.
  3. It's not a NEED, but if it's for a mid round pick, we have the cap space, why not? I love Gore, but it's not like he's the answer. A Singletary/Gordon backfield would be more than solid moving forward. I'd like to think we'd come to terms on a reasonable extension before pulling the trigger though.
  4. Agreed. At this point, if they are going to make an addition, it should be an impactful WR or DE.
  5. I'd be all over Leonard, but why would they be willing to move on from him? I suspect the acquisition cost would be too high for us.
  6. Folks shouldn't underestimate how cheaply the Bengals are run. They aren't winning anything this year. Getting a 3rd instead of a comp pick not only gets them a slightly earlier pick it saves them about $8M in salary this year. That money could very well play a factor. I really like both players, and any other season I'd be thrilled at the thought of acquiring them, but we're pretty much overloaded with TE's right now. And the young guys look pretty good, so I'm not sure I'd want to give up an asset and a roster spot for another one (even if they are a clear upgrade).
  7. I think Green is the much better fit IMO. No idea if we're actually in on him, but Sanders seems a bit redundant with Beasley and McKenzie on the roster. To me, AJ is the perfect compliment. Size and speed to play the outside opposite Brown.
  8. I was so sure he was the "right" Josh...thank god I'm not making these decisions
  9. I think they won one of the games I attended, but it was more about the atmosphere. Very sterile in Toronto. Filled with "NFL" fans. Not nearly enough Bills fans. And no tailgating. I'd much rather make the trip to Orchard Park and enjoy a true NFL experience with the best fans in the world.
  10. I'm from Toronto and attended those games, and have to whole heartedly agree. The experience at the Ralph (ok New Era) is SOOOOO much better!!!
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