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  1. I thought that too. Unfortunately it was a highlight show. They took clips from previous shows.
  2. That would be an awful deal for the Ravens, and the Browns would need to flip him then too.
  3. Try to look at it this way…where did being disregarded, disrespected, and an afterthought get us? Perhaps this is the juju we need?
  4. In this case he was asked and presented his own opinion
  5. They all won a SB Ultimately, he’s fine to think that, but it’s not smart to say it.
  6. Bates filled in at C a couple years back and I believe can play anywhere on the line. They’d probably slide him over and bring Ike or Cody in at RG (or even Quisenberry).
  7. To be honest, happy to hear he said that. Saw him draft night and then his interview the next morning. Didn’t come across interested or excited either time. My wife even asked if he was high. That said Bernard’s interviews were definitely impressive.
  8. I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t get those vibes from James Cook at all. So it’s not EVERY kid they bring in.
  9. Doubt it happens, but would LOVE to get Burks at 25. Reminds me of AJBrown
  10. Maybe, but we also signed Duke Johnson presumably for that role. I wouldn’t be shocked if we DID take Hall given all the the talking heads seem to think we will, but Hall would be drafted as a lead back. That’s not the role they were signing either McIssic or Duke for.
  11. For sure. But they aren’t smoke screens to get other teams to back away. Every team thoroughly reviews the medicals and makes their own assessment. I’m just saying teams aren’t influenced by these reports in any way. Only impacts the mock drafter’s.
  12. Am I the only one that puts absolutely zero stock in these medicals smoke screens? What I mean is, it’s all fabricated for the media and for us. Each club has their own medical evaluations on every player. If the Bills are scared off of Booth it’s because of their own medical reports, not some media rumour.
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