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  1. Bills got snubbed all over the place. Agree with most of the above. I'll add Edmunds and Milano to the list. Love Lorax, but he's not our best LB. Also noticed Allen's athleticism and running skills match up with guys like Mitch Trubisky. Seems quite low to me. I can live with having the lowest Awareness of all starting QB's, but the rushing skills should be elite.
  2. Not sure how Dallas is going to pay Zeke, Dak, and Amare. It's a bit of a catch 22, with the O-Line being a big reason for their success, but also taking up a good chunk of the cap.
  3. What strikes me is how Barkley looks like a smurf out there in comparison to Josh and Tyree.
  4. Not that I advocate spending that much on a DT (one that would seem to fit at 3 technique and block Oliver), but if 10 teams (hard to believe) are in and the money is getting that big, doesn't that eliminate many OTHER teams that just don't have the space? I mean, in theory, we'd be one of the teams able to absorb that pretty easily on a short term deal. All that said, seems like an agent putting that buzz out there to try and create a bidding war. If everyone is so hot for him, why not offer up a late round pick over the last couple of months? Then you've got the guy signed and don't need to compete with others to get him in your building. Agree. Doesn't make much sense. I guess it's ultimately a scheme fit thing, with them moving to a 3-4 and Suh having played 5 technique last season. Still, looking purely at skillset, you'd think McCoy could just as easily fit as a 3-4 end, doesn't carry all the baggage Suh does, and from all accounts was a leader in that room. Must be something else we're unaware of.
  5. So if I'm reading this right, this year is pretty much all guaranteed, and $1M next year guaranteed? So a total of $4.5M? And only $1M past this year. Once again, leaves us flexibility should it not work out.
  6. Not McCoy related (directly), but Rapsheet is reporting that Suh is nearing a 1 year deal with the Bucs.
  7. Liked Kelso, but happy to have Wood a part of the team.
  8. Breaking...haha... Crappy news for him and the team. His best shot at starting, at the very least it seems he'll miss most of the offseason. I guess a positive note is more opportunity for Knox or some of the other young guys to step up.
  9. Can't see this happening for a myriad of reasons. Namely optics. The Jets sign this guy to huge money in FA, he doesn't show up for OTA's, then send him to a division rival? Would be flat out odd. Not to mention that we just drafted a back, and already have 2 potential HOF candidates in the backfield already. Really not sure there would be a market for Bell, even with his signing bonus paid. The guy just sat out a season, his teammates didn't seem super supportive. Then he knows shows OTA's after signing a big deal with his new organization.
  10. Definitely a great move, one many have been calling for. It almost feels surreal to have a front office making what seems to be the right move all offseason. I think I could get used to this. Go Bills!
  11. Very sad. Thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.
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