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  1. I would be in favor of trading up to #20 for Brian Thomas, but Nabers and Odunze would have to fall pretty far to be within range of a trade-up.
  2. I like Troy Franklin better than Legette or McConkey. Franklin can be the true deep threat that we've lacked since John Brown left.
  3. Kneeland in round 1 sounds more like a move the Raiders would make
  4. Erie County residents should already own 25% of the team considering we paid for the stadium.
  5. I don't think it makes any sense to trade for a star receiver considering we can't pay them without getting into cap hell. I'd rather use the draft picks we have to take a chance on a top wr in the 1st and have them under contract for up to 5 years for a low cap hit.
  6. I think the only safety with a 1st round grade is Tyler Nubin, but I'm confident we'll address wide receiver before safety. Kamren Kinchens had a bad combine that will probably drop him to the 3rd. I would be happy with Javon Bullard in the 2nd, but I could see Beane taking a couple safety prospects later in the draft.
  7. Getting separation is the most important component of playing wide receiver. It's difficult to tell whether Keon Coleman will be N'Keal Harry or Drake London at the next level. Josh doesn't tend to throw a lot of 50-50 balls or fades, and only throws to a guy when they're in the open. A receiver like Troy Franklin at #28 or trading up for Brian Thomas could be electric with Josh throwing them the ball.
  8. After losing Diggs, just get an easy win for the fans by bringing back any form of red helmets!
  9. Someone from the top group has to fall because I don't think we'll have 7 receivers go in the 1st round like a lot of mocks are showing. Teams also have access to prospects' medical information that isn't publicly known, which can cause a prospect to fall. I just hope Beane doesn't get antsy and trade up for a wide receiver in a draft with this much depth.
  10. I would rather take a wr in both the 1st and 2nd round than trade up to the top 15 for a receiver. Adonai Mitchell or Brian Thomas may be there at #28 and then take McConkey, Franklin, or Wilson at #60.
  11. RB - Ray Davis - Kentucky I think he may end up being the best running back in the draft. He didn't have a great combine, but he simply knows how to play ball. WR - Roman Wilson + Javon Baker The only reason they aren't being discussed much is that this draft is loaded with receivers. Both are good route runners with great hands. CB - Kamari Lassiter - Great player but his weight (180 lbs) might be scaring away some teams
  12. I'd give him a workout if released, but he's not worth giving up a significant draft pick.
  13. I doubt Benson is in the mix for the Bills considering he just had a great combine and will probably be gone by our 2nd round pick (#60) I think Audric Estime and Ray Davis are more realistic options as mid-round power backs.
  14. Mods, can you change my username to Allen2TBD
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