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  1. In all seriousness, I would have liked to see him get into the game a little earlier. He needs to have some reps under his belt if and when he ever HAS to play.
  2. I'm positive you're overly sensitive and emotional... It's FOOTBALL, suck it up.
  3. I have never been a fan of Glab's but this is might be another reason to not like her as a "journalist". Never say anything in private (or when you THINK it is private) if you wouldn't say it on the air. To be transparent, I have not been able to listen to the recording and I wish it was VIDEO.
  4. Assuming another team doesn't outbid the Bills when his contract expires.
  5. "Civ"? Short for "civilian "? Maybe you mean "sieve"?
  6. It's not like any of us are PLAYING. How much "energy" does it take to WATCH a game? You might be taking football too seriously.
  7. Don't YOU have anything better to do with YOUR TIME besides criticize successful, rich people ? Jealous?
  8. Stop with dumbass nicknames. Ever consider what the PLAYERS want?
  9. Diggs will not have 150 catches; he would need over 200 targets. Not gonna happen. And don't forget the running game could be more effective this year.
  10. The "Bills are the only New York team" contoversy is stupid and meaningless.
  11. Let's not over-hype Kincaid. Diggs, Knox, and the other skill guys have proven more than him. It might take a few games before he really shows, but ,hey, if Kincaid IS the man Monday night, good for us!
  12. 'Heavy " isn't worth reading and there's nothing new in this article.
  13. Babich said early this summer that he was ted the MLB to be a "match up" player i.e. coverage LB
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