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  1. I hope coach Mc D isn’t stuck on playing Addison and Hughes, specially game one against a questionable Steeler O-line. I hope he gives Rousseau and Epenensa ample playing time and not just sprinkle them in to stave off the oldies. I want to see the opposite which is a ton of the youngin’s with the oldies staving them off on occasion. I’m all in on Rousseau Epenensa and even Bashem, but I feel it won’t be till midseason before Mc D really let’s them see the field a lot unfortunately.
  2. If it Asante I hope they trade back a few picks to take him
  3. I would rather see what we have with Hodgins who looked good in training camp specially since we have McKenzie who could be the speed guy Brown was at a tenth the price
  4. Why get a RB if offensive coordinator refuses to use him?
  5. The first thing Josh always says when asked how he has improved so much is that he’s been in the same offence for three years now, and his relationship with coach Daboll and their understanding of each other now after 3 years together is huge. So if Daboll does get a head coaching position somewhere. How much will it affect Allen and who is out there for a replacement? (No idea how to spell Daboll sorry if incorrect)
  6. Just think it’s not the end of the world if we don’t win the division. We would probably do better on the road vs a team like Miami then at home with our game plan
  7. As much as we want a home game, with no crowd noise, and our refusal or ineptitude to run the ball. Would we be better off playing on the road in better weather in the playoffs where we can throw 80% of the time like Daboll wants? It just seems to me that we are just plain out not going to run the ball unless we are playing the Pats. And it will get tougher and tougher to pass so much at home the later the season gets.
  8. The Pats especially seem weak against the run and very strong against the pass, we need to attack their weakness not their strength
  9. Teams have been running it successfully against the Pats including San Fran today. I hope we don’t just throw the ball all day against their pass D, or it will be a long day for Josh. can Daboll actually design a successful run game?
  10. You can’t pass the ball if you have 0 threat to run! This is going to be an ugly game, and an ugly year if someone doesn’t talk Daboll into rushing it at least 25 % of the time
  11. Offence will have the ball maybe 15 min this game and with zero run game Josh trying to pass into blanket coverage a Loss is definitely possible
  12. With 0 run game Josh is going to have a hard time the rest of the year passing into blanket coverage
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