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  1. Believe me the car ride home will be an interesting one which ever team wins lol I was thinking my Dad should wear his Dalvin Cook Jersey and I could get a James Cook Jersey that would be cool! I’m due for a new Bills Jersey lol
  2. Hey guys thanks for the info this was great, one more question we’re going to go to the Sabres vs Bruins game also now the night before, is it best to get a hotel room right in downtown Buffalo or closer to Orchard Park? also how bad will the old man get harassed for wearing a Vikings hat at the Bills game lol
  3. Thanks for the advice! Sounds like club seats are the way to go
  4. Hey guys my Dad is turning 70 and never been to a NFL game before so I’m going to take him to the Bills Vs Vikings game cause he is a Vikings fan. I’m from Canada and only been to 1 bills game before in the nose bleeds and I was wondering what are the 200 level club seats and why are they so costly? Are they better then 100 level? This is kind of a bucket list thing for my dad so I want to get great seats, thanks for any advice!
  5. Have a feeling we trade AJ Epenensa plus a pick and grab Hall, and keep our original 2nd for o-line help. Our d-line room is crowded and I feel AJ won’t see the field much.
  6. Because the team you jumped had no need for that position you could have waited three minutes and still have your 4th round pick seems pretty clear to me
  7. Trading up anytime is ok except to jump a team that has no need for the position you want why just throw the pick away? No reason to do it whatsoever
  8. Still makes zero sense to throw away a pick no matter how you try to rationalize it
  9. For people saying they don’t mind trading a 4th…..what? Why just give away any pick? You could have used that 4th to move up in the second round, there was no way that Dallas was going corner. Bean just got nervous and ***** up. I like Elam but that just made zero sense
  10. Just wasted a 4th rounder no way Dallas was taking Elam
  11. If we moved up to take Breece I’ll be pissed
  12. ***** not enough they beat us in the playoffs every year now they sneak ahead of us and grab trent
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