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  1. We have that speed guy we have our slot we need a big receiver that can go up and get the ball! Why is Zay out there? What does he bring to the table? I don’t see why our coaches are still putting Zay in there when Duke looked so good in pre season and still impressing on the practice squad. What do you think it will take to bring in the Duke?
  2. I’d rather go after Minkah Fitzpatrick we need another shutdown DB to cover Edelman in the slot!
  3. Kingston Ontario but have lived in Timmins, Stoney Creek, Ottawa, Prescott, and Port Dover. Also in Rossland BC too
  4. *****EN McDermott give the ball to Singletary get Gore outta there!
  5. Would a second get it done and if so would any of you give up a second for the 11th overall pick last year who had a decent rookie year?
  6. If he has started running in practice what is the timeline of his return? Maybe if Cinci wins this weekend they won’t rush him back in week 3. If they are 0-2 maybe they try putting him in against the bills to avoid a 0-3 start?
  7. I hope this doesn’t happen that’s why I think if he plays well over next 3 to 7 games he needs to get an offer
  8. He has looked good all preseason and looked good in yesterday’s game also. He is great run stuffing on first and second down with Murphy coming in on 3rd downs. I think we need to re-sign him (hopefully cheap) with Hughes getting older and Murphy being injury prone he may never live up to his 16th overall pick but I think he is definitely worth re-signing.
  9. Would you take Beasley this week or Brown? I think Beasley will get a lot of check downs and targets but Brown could pay off big with some deep shots. Which is the better pick they are both cheap. Beasley is 3600 Brown is 4100
  10. Two guys from Hagersville on here? You gotta know each other what’s the population like 500? You both probably work at US Steel!
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