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  1. It is although I’m more concerned it’s a traumatic brain injury rather than a spinal injury.
  2. Level 1 is the most serious. But they said it’s near the stadium so he might not be a level 1 trauma.
  3. I’ll throw this out there. Crisis services is a great organization. This situation has led other Bills fans to spread their numbers and support them. So I’ll leave this here. https://crisisservices.org/donate/
  4. New west herr commercial needs to be Allen throwing it to Araiza and Araiza punting it back. Then the camera zooms out and they are on opposite sides of the falls.
  5. If Kyle Brandt had announced the Punt God I never would have recovered The best moments of hype in the whole draft was the announcement of our third round pick and our 6th round punter pick. What a time to be alive.
  6. I’ll say it, I like Tampa Tom dude has a personality and seems like a fun dude. I now blame the hoodie for 100% of New England being so darn obnoxious.
  7. I guess even being on the same lake as the guy is inspiring some people to make 22$ donations. https://crisis-services.networkforgood.com
  8. The UK has the best example of why this sort of tolerance for celebrities is so awful, the UK has Jimmy Savile. Accusations first came out 50 years before he died and were ignored for the rest of his life. After his death investigations started and hundreds of people have co e forward to share their stories of being harmed by him.
  9. Reason 78678 why I love Josh Allen, he made it so that Bills fans never had to worry about Watson becoming a Bill, thanks again Josh.
  10. I didn’t get it the first 6 times but the 6th really clarified things. 😀
  11. No. No, man. Heck, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.
  12. With all the Brees comparisons he drew at the draft the Saints would love him
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