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  1. Josh Allen is different than all the others, for the first time it legitimately feels like we have a long term franchise QB. For me it sank in when Chad Kelly was released and I did not even think we should sign him. We’ve spent 25 years hoping that with just might luck in to finding a gold brick in a junkyard that the next dude we bring in might just be the answer. So every time some interesting guy became available I’d think maybe he could be that secret treasure, now I do t think that way, we already struck it rich. Go Bills
  2. When I saw the ball flying 50 yards downfield I thought "alright we're getting a huge chunk play" every other year for as long as I can remember I thought "oh well, gotta keep em honest, on to the next down".
  3. These were quotes from places like football outsiders, draft dudes, pff, Jon Ledyard
  4. I think this is why Josh is moving along faster than baker as well. Baker had a will to win and heart too, but Josh is just making bigger gains because he's "younger" in his experience.
  5. I think they missed how many fewer reps he had than the other top guys. He didn't go to elite QB camps, he didn't transfer high schools to go to a better football program and he went to a sub par college program as a result. The more you practice something the more you see diminishing returns, Josh has yet to hit that diminishing returns phase and other Josh was there before the draft.
  6. I've been reading a lot of pre draft analysis this week and realized that Allen has already proven them wrong, regardless of what happens from here. Thigs like his ceiling is Ryan Mallet, the next Jake Locker or Kyle Boller, I'd rather have Tyrod as my starter for the next 4 years, He wont be ready to start for 3 or 4 years if ever, Rosen will have a far better career than Allen. All of these are already wrong. The question it's raised for me is what did all these experts fail to notice about Josh Allen? The Bills took him because they saw those takes were wrong, what did they see?
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