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  1. I can confirm - Definitely not dry - I was there at AU during the late 80s as well. Ahhh. Clearly an Alfred State guy. I was at AU. Wonder if they ever revived those legendary snowball fights. My guess is probably not - they were pretty much done with in the late 80s when I was there.
  2. Oh no, no, no. They only get weirder...
  3. Beat places generally suck. That's been my experience anyway.
  4. Saw that earlier on another site. LOVED the commentary!!!!!! That kid has a bright future as a Jets announcer....
  5. Gugny, you HAVE to be the guy who holds up the line of cars going past an accident every time aren't you?
  6. Wow! Had to seriously stifle an awkward chuckle at that one.
  7. How would you tell someone that anyway ?? I think you made the right move hanging onto that one.
  8. One of my favorite games from the Josh Allen era without a doubt!!!!
  9. I think I found the gin your wife was thinking about.... I hear it's got nice herbal notes to it. 😉
  10. Back and to the left.... Back and to the left.
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