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  1. Wow! Well that's not a bad thing for the Bills for sure.
  2. Direct TV streaming is not available at my address and have NEVER wanted to get DTV anyway, so this is VERY welcome news!!
  3. Only as long as he's an "elite" holder.... 😉
  4. Yeah, there was zero chance this thread was going to go off the rails quickly.... said NO one!! 😉
  5. It's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere right?
  6. Whew!!!! Was worried about this one.
  7. OUT with new Bengals, IN with the old Bungles. Stay classy Cincy!
  8. One player (yes a good one) won't change Miami overnight. They still have Tue (I guess?) and a less than stellar O-line. Will Hill make them more competitive? Maybe, but proof will be in the actual production. That organization is light years behind where the Bills are at.
  9. Does he hold for kicks?? Just thinking about a way to free up another roster spot.... 😉
  10. That's always the best speculation in my book! Much more fun that way. uh... Yea-ah! Matt is livin' the good life for sure.
  11. Dude always seemed to bring good energy to the field - glad he's back as well! 👍
  12. I always thought fat = flavor. Maybe I've been watching too many cooking show with the lil woman....
  13. I share your hope, but man, that game is really amazing!
  14. No way! We're waaay better at than they are!
  15. that's a beautiful read. It also reminds me that some NE fans still have their souls after all.
  16. Von Miller will bring a lot of national news and coverage to the Bills. Being relevant and talked about - usually means you make mo' money. It's a smart move in my mind. There's always risk, but he can do a lot for this defense - he'll have a good impact on the team. I like the move, even though it was clearly an expensive one.
  17. Doubt that will happen now, not after Miller, but if BB were to pull that off....? Who do you defend? Who do you double team?? I'm mean, how many weapons can one offense have?
  18. Who does a defense guard now?? Who they going to double team???
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