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  1. I think it's actually good marketing. The plans are not 100% final - I believe that was stated right up front. Folks have been waiting with anticipation for awhile, so letting out a couple of renderings starts to give folks a sense that it is a real thing. As I've looked thru the comments I get the feeling that MOST (not all) of the folks on THIS message board in fact like it. Of course folks have questions - that goes with the territory. After being in marketing for over 30 years, I think it was smart to give out a little taste now instead of letting out ALL the full details (that you may want), when in all likelhood, a lot of those details aren't even complete yet. Have patience my friend - we'll all get what we want in the end. Personally, I think the direction they went is spot on. Hope they keep the 3 large buffalo out front - awesome touch and that should become an iconic scene evetnually....
  2. Love it!!! Looks modern, but not over the top. I think the interior is a good compromise between maintaining the outdoor stadium feel and more of a dome-ish approach. LOVE the 3 huge buffalos out front - sweeeeet!!
  3. Yup. While Bills fans may be some of the craziest fans, here's another example of why they are also the kindest. Nice job to those who helped this guy up the steps. You Rock!!!
  4. Geez! Thanks for making my heart stop! Had no idea he had gotten hurt on that play, didnt' see anything until your post. Hoping it's just a cramp as well. Great victory last night but this rash of injuries is getting to me. Ugh!!
  5. Gonna need the Dline to step it up since our secondary is definitely less than 100%. If Von performs up to the hype, I feel like the Bills will have a good shot this week. If not... our secondary might be in trouble.
  6. PLUS... Josh is playing in Cali. Close to home, tell me HE ain't pumped for this game too!
  7. Great stuff! I've always liked him (even before you did) 😉 but seeing how he has produced consistently the more time he's been given, I don't see why he can't have a truly amazing career if they can keep him around with Josh. Gonna be a very expensive roster after they win the you know what.
  8. I especially like that the last scene in that clip was Mahommes looking all dejected! An omen ... ???
  9. Watched a few videos on Martin and he seems like a good kid. Likes to be outdoors, fish, etc. Betcha he'll fit right in. I'll take really good (but not Great) ... with consistency... any day of the week. No more 70 yarders then 5 20s and 2 shanks. A reliable 40+ yards is all this team should need this year.
  10. Wow! Well that's not a bad thing for the Bills for sure.
  11. Direct TV streaming is not available at my address and have NEVER wanted to get DTV anyway, so this is VERY welcome news!!
  12. Yeah, there was zero chance this thread was going to go off the rails quickly.... said NO one!! 😉
  13. It's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere right?
  14. Whew!!!! Was worried about this one.
  15. OUT with new Bengals, IN with the old Bungles. Stay classy Cincy!
  16. One player (yes a good one) won't change Miami overnight. They still have Tue (I guess?) and a less than stellar O-line. Will Hill make them more competitive? Maybe, but proof will be in the actual production. That organization is light years behind where the Bills are at.
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