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  1. I believe it. I think, given the competitive nature of free agency and those involved, it would upset any GM to have this happen to their team. I wouldn't think this would translate to an increased urgency to sign Miller. Perhaps I could see it holding some water if the two played the same position, but here I don't see the connection.
  2. I think it did probably tick him off that McKissic backed out, like it would any GM. I don't think it had much of an impact on his feelings with respect to trying to sign Miller.
  3. I think you're right. I'm not sure what else it could be. I thought he performed well enough with Tre out.
  4. That's a phenomenal deal for the Steelers. I'm puzzled why we didn't bring him back, assuming his demands of us were the same.
  5. Chandler Jones, Jordan Davis, Oliver, Rousseau. HALLELUJAH SAY IT WITH ME!
  6. Didn't compare. If you read my post again, it specifically notes that my opinion is from a personal point of view.
  7. This. I don't have, and never want, kids. Yet I'm stuck paying school taxes for the benefit of other people's kids. From a personal point of view (arguments for the collective good notwithstanding, and a separate discussion) I am completely on board with fronting nearly the entire cost of this stadium.
  8. I can't and won't speak for anyone else, but If I can get season tickets for those seats in the new stadium, I will pay the PSL fee that goes along with it.
  9. As long as it continues to entertain me, I won't lose interest.
  10. Thanks very much, I appreciate this!! I'll definitely be making this in the near future.
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