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  1. Shelvin in the 5th, please. Not sure he'll last that long.
  2. Shelvin and Slaton by a mile.
  3. Dead-on! This drives me nuts as well.
  4. This. I would support this as well.
  5. Thanks to all of you for reading and for your comments. Today was a tough one, but it actually helped to share this with someone. I'm going to try several of the suggestions in this thread. Trying to tough it out has not been a fruitful path for dealing any better with this.
  6. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mom's death, and it's hitting me like a ton of bricks. Lost my biological father (never really knew him) a few years back, so it didn't hurt as much. I didn't expect to be without both of my parents before I hit the age of 30, but that's exactly what happened. Have had other things happen within the past couple years that definitely haven't helped (covid layoff last April, coming up on a year of unemployment), but my mom's passing has really hit hard. Any advice for getting through the death of a parent, or tough times in general?
  7. This. He should've been behind bars the past 15 years. My most hated player in football.
  8. Did you read the accompanying exhibits? The first email from Marco indicates he intended to name the "new purchasers" before he knew that Tre White was that purchaser. He asked the selling agent for their identities. He always intended to name them. Then in the second email he is confirming that it is Tre White, and in that email he does confirm he intended to go to the media.
  9. https://roncroftrealty.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/175/2019/11/Contract-of-Sale-Eff.-3_01_18-1.pdf This is the standard residential real estate contract used in Erie County, and likely the one executed in this transaction. I've only ever used this one in practice.
  10. This. I have a unique perspective - I had the misfortune of working directly for this attorney (Cercone). One of the worst human beings I've ever had the "pleasure" of meeting, let alone working for.
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