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  1. I'm glad we could all agree that Tre'Davious shouldn't be behaving that way and trying to hold the team hostage in public. 😅😅😅
  2. So that mean once we cut Fromm we can sign Kap?
  3. So then if Tre does decide to dig in at Josh you would completely 180 your opinion or you would hold the same line "cut em things are DIFFERENT"? At least my position for Fromm is consistent with my position on Allen. Your position is inconsistent and not palatable.
  4. Things have NOT changed. You cant have an environment where people are not allowed to apologize and to seek forgiveness.
  5. So then where does that leave Josh Allen who also made racist comments albeit at a younger age? Is tre gonna want him gone next? Where does the holding the team hostage bit end?
  6. Its always been Lets just play point 2 out to its ultimate conclusion. You are essentially saying tre white is soooo gooood that he should run the team and whatever he wants he gets. Essentially you are saying because of his talent he can hold the team hostage. Disagreeeeee
  7. Also if we not accept jake fromm apology why we accept Josh Allens?? Just saying I hope Tre aint headed there next. Hey when you got no real argument just call me racist
  8. And how is "I accept no ones apology and leave no room for forgiveness" even a good strategy for the cause?? I believe in order for the movement to succeed room for apologies and forgiveness is tantamount. If we close the doors to letting people apologize and deny them the opportunity for forgiveness then what kind of place are we heading????
  9. Thats what we are discussing because 2 hours later tre re-tweeting anti-fromm "we dont accept your apology" BS from Tyler Locket and Richard Sherman
  10. They dont "have" to do anything. I dont "have" to go to work tomorrow but if I want to keep my job I probably should. Cant let a cancer divide the locker room because of some national political issues. Thats BS anyways if Tre really wants to fight for the cause he should be out in the streets (day time, peacefully) marching along side all them white kids black mids brown kids and being part of the solution... Not Twitter warring against his own teammates and coaches. Tres twitter bull#### been going on since before the national race politics began so I dont think it can be dismissed.
  11. Exactly thank you. Les Frazier gave interview yesterday re: Fromms apology to team saying he thought fromms apology was sincere even though he doesnt know the guy. He thinks our teammates are mature enough to take that at face value and allow fromm to prove it to them and earn their respect. Acknowledged its easy for locker rooms to become divided right now. Added that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistskes especially in youth. Like 2 hours later Tre retweeting Tyler Locket and Richard Sherman re: Fromm Its just embarassing and disrespectful to team and coaches what Tre has been doing. Love the guy for his talent if you want but this will come to head as he is definitely a DIVA
  12. Also Bills Sports Media journalist refuse to ask bills brass any questions about Tre which I dont understand.
  13. I mean I see there has been a lot of discussion about Tre White in this thread. Shame we didnt have another to talk about him and the way he acts about this team and its fan base (been going on since before the protests started for anyone who actually follows his Twitter and isnt starstruck). Oh. Wait. We did have that thread... until it was mysteriously closed. Boo. Anyways -- its alsays been a problem to me that tre wont represent any bills colors on his media. Only dude on team who does that. About 3 months ago he tweeted his "favorite cosch best one he ever had" was his college coach. How rude!!! He also tweeted something along the lines of "Bills fans were not appreciative enough" of him, because some fans were questioning why we didnt draft mahommes. And he said something like "I know what I have to do, bet." Beane has made a comment at a prsser re: resigning your own guys along the lines of "Well if a guy wants to play in lousianna there is only so much you can do about that." Beane recently exercised Tres option presumably to gain some leverage.. Personally given the way tre is acting this past week Id rather they just ditch him and get whatever he is worth probably more then they spent. Anyone questioning my motives re protests can see what I said for myself in the locked thread before anyone comes at me with that bs. Tre seriously one tweet away from bringing Joshes 15 year old tweet back into the fray....
  14. Woah woah woah I make a post about tre and its 99% team related gets locked i get a warning like we can keep the world news out of these forums now today we got 28 pages about Jake $@$#@$ Fromm??
  15. Dillusional the blacks arnt turning out for trump no matter how much he says "The MAGA loves the blacks"
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