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  1. Now is not the time to be a conservative tight wad now is the time to bring home a Lombardi for Buffalo. If not now, when?
  2. I just see you making a lot of optimistic assumptions here, we'll all see how it plays out but if it's a disappointing finish and we didnt' do everything possible to get this guy in our building you know there will be hell to pay lol shaq spent 10 million in 3 months... that is impressive! Insane, but impressive.
  3. Well we're allowed to be pissy about that and sling our feces about.
  4. I don't see us having "rebuilt the cupboard of weapons" it's basically the same (caliber) weapons + the rookie TE. I do agree that we have improved the OL but I may have a different opinion of that as well down the line since it's not 100% clear yet how the new group will perform and again putting too much expectation on a rookie is a bad idea
  5. but also it is true that rookie TE's never really 'smash'. I saw an article highlighting kittles first year, which was 'good' I guess but only 500 yrds receiving.. Not sure what some fans expecting from these guys=p
  6. Yeah I mean hell he might not even have to cheat. 🤣
  7. Respectfully its pretty simple choice. You rather play in january or not? I mean have you ever heard the phrase "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"? How about "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? But hey, wisdom, what is it good for? Sadly with too many bills fan it's worth absolutely nothing!
  8. Did randy moss average 85 yards per game last season? I'm confused. We're talking about one thing and you nonsensically bring up something completely stupid. Strange stuff.
  9. No, that is too small of a sample size. Half a season isn't though. But the Sample size for DHOP goes back 11 years as well so it's not a small sample size at all. It only becomes a small sample size when you try to misuse the stats (as you so eloquently put).
  10. It's easy to be great when expectations are low and you're over-achieving. It's harder when you are pegged 'super bowl favorites' #1 QB in the world with all the expectation and pressure to perform lying on your shoulders it will of course effect the young man but he also has to grow into it. Josh is human and he can make mistakes just like any other person. I have confidence that he is still the man when push comes to shove I wouldn't want any other QB on my team.
  11. What? It's not 'misuse of stats' it's average yards PER GAME PLAYED. Who would look at someone's average yardage and include games they didn't play? THAT would be a misuse of stats. There is a stat for his average yards per game: 80 and a stat for his games played/missed and both of you have a point on those valid statistics. On one hand, he's one of the best WR to ever play the game and is still capable of putting up numbers as evidenced by 80 yards per game. On the other hand, he's injury prone and has missed a lot of games for injury/suspension over the past 2 years. It's DHOP.... get it done beane!
  12. So he inherited a championship caliber team and culture is what you are saying?:P Uh compared to 20 years of irrelevancy? No, Hard disagree.
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