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  1. McDermott does just enough to stick around. We're totally screwed=p
  2. Mcdermott is a meathead what do you think
  3. The chiefs got the best oline in the league and the besr defense and what do we have exactly? Josh. Thats it. Mcdermott/bean are frauds
  4. Because its so smart to give contracts to punters like that....
  5. He has suckdd all season its not really a new development should have been handled before now Blah blah blah excuses another wasted season
  6. It wasnt a terrible performance and that helps but at the same time we also expected this team to not even make the playoffs at 6-6 so in a way it felt like we over achieved. Still, McDermott ball sucks.
  7. It IS on Mcdermott though... tbass has been terrible alllllll seassssoonnnnn why did we pay this guy so much money and why oh why didnt we can him snd hire a guy off the street mid season?
  8. might not be in the playoffs at all if we didn't get them to fire dorsey.
  9. Is it not possible they simply came to an agreement outside of the courts and withdrew the cases?
  10. A great QB is of course required but a great Coach is also required if you are going to win as much as they did. Right now he could be the greatest coach in all of football but a mac jones led team aint getting it done. For the 'dynasty' type stuff you need both, great QB and coach. For a flash-in-the-pan Superbowl you probably just need 1 or the other.
  11. Tyler dunne said everything that needed to be said about Mcdermott. What a lot of players themselves have probably been thinking but couldnt speak it. Was it a hit piece? Yes. Did it go too far in attacking McDs character as a person? Yes. Was it necessary? I think so yes. First of all, it let mcdermott read/hear about his shortcomings -- it WILL make him self reflect. Some of the stuff may have been outlandish but a lot of it was quiet salient. Second, it probably relieved some players from feeling like its been their fault (Josh Allen, McD has low key been sliding a lot of blame his way durring pressers). I know josh allen probably agree with at least half of what he read in the article. But now he doesnt have to say it. Tyler dunne did. McDermott can reflect on it now. Third, it bring team together as they will rally behind their coach -- and hopefully their coach will take SOME THINGS from the article to heart and, in turn, be better for his players moving forward. To be honest i saw it on Sunday. McD was a little more aggressive and had a little more faith in his QB. I hope that trend continues for Sean.
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