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  1. Tyrod But Id take Fitz too.. its tough. Fitz is great 50% of the time.
  2. Bean address TE in offseason how do you know he isnt satisfied **edit** looks like we address TE after all see what is to complain about?
  3. There is barely a difference between made up posted times like 4.46 and 4.61 certainly nothing your eyes can "see" on tape. He is supposed to be fast and shifty we will see. We needed an RB we took one. Not every pick gonna be every ones favorite and cant grade them all in isolation
  4. OL->LB/DL->WR/TE -- Got to take a shot on a young RB some place in this draft. but I would do that in the later rounds
  5. This could be true... following
  6. Frank Gore is a straight up ANIMAL. He is one of the toughest backs to ever do it EVER. On top of that he is coming off a pretty great season. He can block. Hes an all pro, hes got enough speed and shiftyness to break them when combined with how hard he is to take down. Whats not to love? We are cutting someone though its not possible ivory and mccoy both stay so im guessing ivory is packing. We def draft a RB mid to late
  7. He aint *****. You never are until you earn it/prove it. Welcome to the NFL RAY RAY
  8. To be honest schefters reporting from espn makes it seem like rapaport is just an amateur and got the story wrong and jumped the gun. Bean had to come out in the AM and release a statement as we were being flamed nationally throughout the night. Rapaport tried to save face and continued to act like a deal was ALMOST THROUGH but just fell apart at last second because the alternative was that he was completely wrong and premature. Personally, i feel like he should be fired. I dont believe bean ever had any interest in giving AB a max deal
  9. Because rapsheet never guaranteed the trade to begin with. He said they were "close" and then a little while later said AB could still torpedo the trade by refusing to report etc. How do we know AB didnt call up his agent and throw a fit? Even NFL.com says now at bottom of article that AB could still sink the deal if he doesnt want to play in Buffalo.
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