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  1. Did Goff put up a tyrod 3 burger in that superbowl? I can't remember🤔
  2. Thats because the fans pay a lot closer attention and know a difference maker when they see one. National media talking heads say stupid, uninformed drivel. Mostly for "click bait". Now THATS irony!
  3. Hope its not steroids or anything like that
  4. Baker Mayfield is a hobbit quarterback and quite frankly not fit to hold JA17's jock strap. But other than that, how is everyone doing?:P
  5. And in case you guys dont remember what its from.... BILL SCHWARTZKI'S SUPER FANS lol https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/bill-swerskis-super-fans/n10094 Except, ya know.. daaaaaaa bills!
  6. Well I could have made a post like baker mayfield is better than us or some other lose crap but I decided to go with this;)
  7. And gentleman, the only question is not will they repeat, but how many times? You know, I don’t think we're talking a repeat, a three peat, or even a four peat. We're talking a minimum eight peat!
  8. I think you are repeatedly missing the point but okay! I think you are repeatedly missing the point but okay! I think you are repeatedly missing the point but okay!
  9. Tua sucks IMO but flores must believe in him. Guys can improve so who knows maybe tua will. Miamis defense is pretty solid though mostly. Bills destroyed them but lets be fair the bills have Josh Allen so
  10. The NFL is the one that is making it this way. The NFL IS THE ONE WHO TOLD THE BILLS THAT THEY CAN HAVE NICE THINGS IF THEY HIT A VACCINATION THRESHOLD. Now NFL wants teams to entice players and educate them "to getting vaccine" so team can have "reward". Of course Beane said what he said. The NFL made it this way. And regardless of why teams might say the cut player xyz, all players must now be thinking "I need to get vac or I am at best hurting my team or at worst gonna lose my job."
  11. I wanted the other josh because 3 days before the draft I read some dumb articles from dumb sports writers and listened to some dumb radio jocks and thought I knew what was what! My dad of course loved the pick so we immediately bickered that evening about the bills being billsy and drafting the wrong josh. To be honest, I hopped on the band wagon in under 48 hours but my dad still brings it up at least twice a season LoL. ill let him have it;) Obviously I wasnt alone!!!
  12. Really? Thats all you got? Ed isnt even a proven comodity yet.
  13. Nice breakdown. I still think a lot of people always assume everyone elses draft picks are day 1 contributors that will instantly improve our competition but for our own draft picks its always "itll take 2 to 3 years!!!"
  14. "Here is a bunch of ways in which the other teams improved" *draft picks draft picks free agents* all unknown commodities. Yet when you get to reviewing the bills roster moves you don't even mention any of their draft picks? I mean what the f? Our oline was so-so and suspect at times especially in the running game and especially with injuries. We attacked it aggressively and brought a nice prospect in from the third round. Our D-Line sucked major and couldn't get pressure on anyone which meant even when allen was putting up 30 the other team was always in the game. Hail mary's galo
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