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  1. You sure about that? Titans beat NE in Foxborough, something McDermott has never been able to accomplish (even at home). Also bills beat TN in a rough outing early in the season, but it's a whole different team with Tannehill, not that their winning because of him, but they are better with him.
  2. That also makes them look better then they are really.... Just saying, I'd keep hyde but don't know about poyer.
  3. Isnt' there a federal minimum for cocaine? *EDIT* guess not... Not for the rich and the famous anyways.
  4. What makes you so sure he wasnt? That hit surely rattled his brain
  5. He gave himself up by downing the ball,something the punt returner did not do
  6. Tre white went down to the ground first though. Thus giving himself up. Nobody touched him. Quite a bit different since this player didnt go down to the ground and if he did we wouldnt even be talking about it.
  7. The lateral resulted in the ball going out of bounds and stopping the clock which the bills needed as we were out of time outs and had no way to stop clock. Personally I think that was allens true intent to get it to knox to go out of bounds. Foolish maybe, but he got it out of bounds and so it was beneficial... Why all the super analysis?
  8. You saw that too?? What even happened there.... ugh. This loss is brutal
  9. He was trying to get it out of bounds to stop the clock which he did, since we had no time outs it worked out quite well in our favor so let that go
  10. Just typical bills football nothing to see here. The entire team is to blame for that L including the coaches
  11. I mean I doubt they treated it lightly. I think the main problem is McDermott is holding our offense back because he is prone to conservative play and he doesnt trust allen fully. We play much better when the offense is not in McDerMode.
  12. Not that important for us to be so conservative. It was the patriots that had everything to lose and us with everything to gain. It should have been them playing it safe and conservative (belichick too smart for that never would).... McDermott looked foolish. Like he didnt understand the situation or the opportunity. To be honest im not sure he DESERVES coach of the year . He has done really well but he has one more step to take and I dont think he has learned how yet.
  13. Not really that important to us. We had no reason not to let it all hang out there today and to be super aggressive knowing that we are already clinched and never have an opportunity like this one.
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