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  1. Money isn’t everything. MILLIONS of people live off of way less then these people and are just fine, like myself. Greed is a terrible thing. And this is not just about Milano, all these players making MILLIONS playing a GAME and having the nerve to complain about money.
  2. No, they are just getting flagged for def holding, unlike last week. but Frazier needs to go regardless.
  3. NFL is a joke. After what the Bills receivers went through 2 weeks ago and NOW they are throwing flags. NFL needs to change to NFE.
  4. NOW they flag Jones, league is a joke. They wanted this game and I’ll go as far as saying they want Brady to win it.
  5. And this will prove that NE was good because they caught lighting in a bottle and will suck again for years to come.
  6. Yep, and that didn’t happen last week. KC was allowed to do what they wanted, including throwing punches. Don’t know how you win like that.
  7. Well considering they called nothing against KC 2 weeks ago and they are actually flagging them now, I don’t see what the Bills can do to be better at getting flags thrown when they should be.
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