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  1. Woods was never the problem, it was the QBs throwing him the ball, or trying to.
  2. I was reading the comments on that video and apparently the only reason Allen was drafted so high was because he is white.....
  3. Looked like Peterman on that throw.
  4. I need more updates from on the field....
  5. Chargers were supposed to be real good with TT. Don’t forget he was going to shine in this real opportunity. I just think they don’t want them to leave the NFL again so they always talk them up?
  6. 30 seconds left and he throws a six yard pass. Same ol TT.
  7. looking like no parker for the phins next week....
  8. Jets were playing to injure the Bills players.....
  9. Im reposting this here, did I miss something, TT only had 289 yards in the 2016 game vs the seahawks.. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=400874591
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