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  1. this play ruined my night, I knew they were going to lose after that .
  2. I’m glad someone else saw that stupid hop by brown. No need for it.
  3. Would be awesome if Buffalo comes out and scores on their fist 4 Possessions, with the defense forcing punts, and make a statement. But, this will most likely be a close game. And the team followed that up on Sunday night.
  4. My Saturday will be a lot of unboxing, just moved into a new house, till about 4:00pm then watching the game and going right back to unboxing when its over.
  5. I dont know, I wish I could pin-point exactly what it is. The white ones just look cleaner and makes the Buffalo POP!
  6. 🤢🤮. I personally don’t like the red helmets. White ones are so much nicer.
  7. One more example is how NEs Oline is never called for holding.
  8. Nobody is allowed to hold Like NEs online....
  9. Weird feeling being locked into the playoffs with two weeks left and not having to have things go just right for them to make it! Go Bills!!
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