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  1. I'm thinking Jojo Domann here. The Bills like undersized LBs that can cover, plus depth and special teams are always a factor in late picks. A possible wildcard, just because they can afford to take a flyer on a developmental prospect...QB Carson Strong.
  2. I'll trust their judgment on this one. If there's one thing this staff has proven, it's that they know how to scout and coach up defensive backs.
  3. Dohnovan West is available? I think I change my guess for this one.
  4. I don't mind taking one in R6 or 7. Just don't give up two picks for one. Thankfully, they picked the guy I wanted here, Khalil Shakir.
  5. I'm hoping for Khalil Shakir, but I'm expecting someone none of us have ever heard of.
  6. With all these WRs going earlier, it may just be that most teams are done at WR and there's more supply through the mid rounds than demand. That could be good for the Bills if they want to take a WR in R5 or trade up at some point.
  7. Agreed. I would not be surprised at all if they burn a late pick on a more traditional RB to challenge Moss and be a short yardage type.
  8. He could be an every down player if used more like a WR (and that's probably how they'll use him), but I wouldn't expect him to be a 15-20 carry per game kind of guy.
  9. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see them take another one later today to serve primarily as a short yardage and goal line specialist, assuming that Moss is on the way out.
  10. That's exactly how I think the Bills will use him.
  11. Note also that the guy he burned on that play was Christian Harris, who went about a dozen picks after Cook. Cook just ran right by him and actually had to slow up and wait on the ball. I'd also add that this play isn't a fluke, either. He had one just like it against Michigan in the Orange Bowl.
  12. He's not a RB in the traditional sense. He's more of a RB/WR hybrid. He's going to be deadly on third downs and long yardage situations.
  13. Go look up his 82 yard TD catch against Alabama in 2020.
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