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  1. Nah. I don't have an issue with the penalty call, but I don't think he was trying to throw a shoulder or hit him in the head. I don't think there was any ill intent. It's just one of those things that happens sometimes.
  2. Well, he IS a 7th round pick. I'm not saying he's HOF material or anything, just that he seems like a nice developmental guard here in R7. As far as his athleticism is concerned, I'm basing that solely on a cursory look at his pro day numbers, which seem to lean much more positive than not. Now maybe that doesn't translate to the field, but at least it suggests there might be something there the Bills coaches can work with.
  3. On the bright side, it could have been worse. They could have had the Bucs QBs from 1977.
  4. I'll admit to thinking Erik Flowers was going to be pretty good. The rest of that mess? Not so much. My worst Bills take has to be thinking that Rob Johnson was going to be good. Well, he almost was, except I wasn't expecting that he had the absolute worst pocket presence of any QB I've ever seen in my life and worse, the front office made no attempt to put a decent OL in front of him to even try to compensate.
  5. I'd rather the GM stick to his board than reach for need. I've seen enough of that with guys like Maybin, John McCargo and Travares Tillman over the years.
  6. Feleipe Franks. You can either let him compete with Fromm or move him to TE.
  7. On paper, this seems like a really good pick. He's a four year starter in a major conference, is fairly athletic for an OG, and grades out well in pass protection.
  8. Him or Maryland RB Jake Funk. Good speed, but again, better name.
  9. I'm guessing Kary Vincent and some small college CB no one has ever heard of.
  10. Close enough. At least it's a WR with some speed. Don't know anything about him, but he was fairly productive.
  11. Shi Smith still on the board? If so, I'll go with that again. Granted, the Bills seem to be leaning heavily toward BPA over need, so who knows.
  12. The talent isn't going to get better, but the value very well might. It's the same reason any team trades down.
  13. For the Bills to trade out so early, I think it says something of their opinion of the available talent at that pick. Either that, or they're stockpiling picks hoping to trade for a veteran or two.
  14. Not my first choice, but I'm not going to complain if they want to throw picks at their lines.
  15. Showing now that the Bills have three 6th round picks. 203, 212, 213.
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