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  1. That ankle injury for Davis might be causing some issues with dropped passes depending on how painful it is.
  2. Just call up Hodgins from the practice squad.
  3. Agreed, but I think the hesitation got him, too. At that point, he had his momentum under control. There's no need to take another step or two into the QB. He might still have gotten away with it had he raised his hands into the contact and acted like it was accidental, but wrapping up sealed it. Easy call, IMO, and one that probably gets called more often than not.
  4. It hit him between the 8 and the 0. Totally uncatchable.
  5. No, because I think it says a lot more about how good and just how big of a surprise that Benford has been than anything about Elam.
  6. That's excellent news and it's good to see that they finally have a front office that values the TE position and the contribution that a player like Knox can make.
  7. I don't know, but having 13 times the overall population to draw taxes from undoubtedly helps tremendously. It's also worth noting that Mississippi didn't suddenly become poor when Republicans started winning statewide elections there in the 1990s. I can't find any information on the state house, but they elected Democrats exclusively to the governorship for a century prior to 1992.
  8. That one does surprise me a little. I thought he might be this year's UDFA that makes the roster.
  9. I was hoping to be wrong when they signed him, but this does not surprise me whatsoever.
  10. For my part, it's mainly because I think both Zack Moss and Duke Johnson are worth keeping as the #3 RB, so if the Bills can get something out of one of them rather than cutting them for nothing, they may as well try. Moss is probably the only one of the two with any trade value.
  11. Not interested in trading him or are they not interesting in trading him for what's being offered? I have a hard time believing they wouldn't consider moving a depth player if the right offer came along.
  12. If they unload him within the next day or two, yeah, it'll still go away pretty quickly. If that's their move, though, they need to get it done soon. The longer he stays, the more those lingering questions will persist afterward.
  13. It probably means that Beane knows a lot more about all of this than we do right now.
  14. He's made a good case for himself to this point. At the same time, it seems like there's always one of these guys in preseason and rarely do they make it. This year is going to be especially difficult and most likely, I think he ends up on the practice squad.
  15. They signed him a few weeks before the draft. It didn't seem like a bad bet at the time, but when they drafted Cook, it hurt his chances of being the 3rd down guy, and with Moss returning strong after a poor season last year, his chances of being the veteran backup have also significantly decreased. And now Blackshear may be playing his way into one of the last few roster spots as well. It's a good example of how fast things can take a turn for a pretty good depth player. Most years, he'd make the team and likely contribute. This year? Probably not.
  16. Pretty much. What few voters she has would otherwise mostly support Biden (or any other Dem nominee) rather than Trump and the GOP.
  17. She'll pull significantly more votes from Biden or any other Dem than she would Trump. Anyone that would vote for Liz Cheney isn't voting for Trump, anyway.
  18. He's not as bad as he looks there, but damn, that's an ugly compilation of plays from one game.
  19. Unless it becomes a specific recurring injury, or unless the team doctors think he's made of glass or something, I'd write it off as bad luck. His potential special teams contribution is an important factor, but I don't think it's all-important, dependent upon the coaching staff's view of his potential on offense and keeping in mind that he's on a 6th round contract for the next two seasons.
  20. To me, it looks like this may come down more to Hodgins vs Crowder rather than Hodgins vs Kumerow. McKenzie seems to have all but locked down the third spot and Shakir is making a strong argument for himself as the fourth guy. Do you keep an 8th year guy who has had a disappointing first training camp with the team over a 23 year old prospect who seems to be stepping up after finally getting healthy? If Hodgins has another strong preseason game this weekend, I suspect Crowder may be the odd man out.
  21. I'm not surprised by it at all. He didn't show a lot in Tampa even before the injuries. At this point, I think he's probably just a decent veteran depth player and likely not much more.
  22. It's just his first preseason game, but yeah, I thought Tenuta had a pretty rough game. As for Hodgins, again, it's just one preseason game, but if he keeps playing like that, it's going to be hard to keep him off the roster.
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