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  1. Stub hub charged me ~$50 fees PER TICKET but i got my yearly trip for the Vikings games this year! Its a racket!
  2. I am confused... he would be OK losing out with the agent/player if the other team offer more, but here in this case, the agent/player went to the other team on the same deal and he's mad at the other team? Seems to me that is on the agent/player...
  3. Allen is the Thunder, if LJ is the Lightning! Go Bills!
  4. Sabres tonight (now), after midnight i'll physically abuse a few voodoo dolls that look like Jackson.
  5. This is why the Commish gets booed at the Draft and acts like he has no idea why. Looked pretty clear with the replay that he wasnt touched. I thought we were toast at that point. Hard to overcome a good opponent and the ref's with time running out. BUT we did!!!!
  6. Nothings nicer than the Ralph. Its Mecca, everything else flows from there
  7. Never seen it, they don’t ever replay it. Going to check this out! I listened live to the last 30min intermittently on a bad signal from Armed Forces radio while in Kuwait, was like 4:30 am in the dark!
  8. Oh do i remember that game.....Bottom line is our D is better and our O is better. This is what the 3rd string QB? 2nd string RB? A loss would not be good.
  9. 329 row 35, Wouldnt want it any other way. First game of the year. Go Bills!
  10. That is great! Dont think i heard that since '80, i was 9. It was a great XMAS. I remember it looked so warm and sunny in SD during that playoff loss. Despise them since.
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